20 Enjoy the Moment Quotes, Inspirational Words of Wisdom

20 Enjoy the Moment Quotes

Here is our collection of thought-provoking enjoy the moment quotes, to persuade you to slow down a little bit and live in the present.

Life is busy as we well know, our thoughts race as we are stuck on the treadmill of life. Sometimes we are so busy that we don’t take time to appreciate the little things that we can discover when enjoying the moment. So take a breath, pause the rat race and enjoy the moment, because once the moment is gone, it is gone forever!

    Enjoy the Moment Quotes

  1. What an illusion we live in. People make so much of this whole time thing. Time does not exist, so why do we not just enjoy the moment and let the next one take care of itself.
    Dennis G. Aaberg, Topic Bible Studies Addressing Everyday Problems
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  2. When opportunities of happiness occur, slow down and enjoy the moment.
    Geoffrey Mount Varner, Don’t Even Smile: The Other Side of Sexual Harassment
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  3. Leave the past behind. Don’t take it all so seriously. Give yourself permission to lighten up. Smile and enjoy the moment.
    Marian Olivia Heath Griffin, Meeting at the Fires
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  4. You instead learn to be calm and enjoy the moment by seeing the obstacles you may encounter and the steps as challenges.
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  5. Just be present and enjoy the moment, because it may never come again.
    Michael Sandler, ‎Jessica Lee, Barefoot Walking
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  6. When it became apparent to live life, but this does not necessarily heart. The secret is to enjoy the moment.
    New Covenant
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  7. We must acknowledge and learn to enjoy the moment and let it go with our good wishes. Then let us give and receive the new joy and happiness.
    Mangal Dan Dipty, When Our Leaders Do Bad Thingsjoy
  8. Your life can become so wonderful when you enjoy the moment without forming opinions, assessing, or expecting things to be a certain way.
    Lana H Allen, Mindfulness
  9. Just enjoy the moment like it will never happen again.
    Atela Glys Bayud, Loving Bezzie
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  10. All feels well, the world is ok with us and no harm may come to us today, free to be happy and enjoy the moment.
    Paul Baichoo, Meet the Demons
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  11. Everything we feel is temporary, when times are good, we are enjoying the moment, laughing, our souls are full of happiness.
    Baz Gale, Happier and Healthier
  12. Stop thinking about a million other things that will pass and resolve themselves and enjoy the moment because you will never have the same moment again.
    Priyanka Bagade, When Life Makes You Hit a Pause Buttonthoughts
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  13. Enjoy living in the moment and rediscover your power to live life to your full potential.
    Melody McGowan, Sweet Tea for the Soul
  14. Instead of always planning for the future, you live for the moment.
    Sandy Sulaiman Learning to Live with Huntington’s Disease: One Family’s Storyfuture
  15. Live for the moment, don’t worry about tomorrow! Sure, today is a gift to live, enjoy and be merry.
    Donald Hendrickson, The Solutiongift
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  16. I say, “seize the moment” and enjoy the moment that God has given us. There is enjoyment to be had in every moment of every day!
    Dennis G. Aaberg, Topic Bible Studies
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  17. Today I will have one moment where I release conscious control and enjoy the moment.
    Elizabeth Solomon, Mental Health and the Soul control
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  18. Let go of the past, the future, and the how, and enjoy the moment of the present. Allow you to receive the gifts from the universe, here and now.
    Clinton Fong, Secrets of How to Look and Feel Younger for the Infinite Being
  19. Be truly present, and enjoy the moment as often as you can. It’s fine to plan for the future, but you must live in the present.
    Dr. John F. Stagl, Stop the Rain Dance
    Live Life
  20. I am enjoying this moment — now. Good flows to me, good flows from me. I live a positive life and only attract the best in my life.
    Nicholas Mag, Decisive Words (1208 +) to Find Peace Wherever You Are
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