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30 Yes Quotes

Be inspired by our collection of YES Quotes. Who could know that a three-letter word could be so powerful? Not me until a few years ago, that’s for sure. That three-letter word has changed my life drastically, along with a few no’s chucked in for good measure; I mean, let’s be honest, if you go around saying yes to everything, then you will end up running down the street naked at 1 am after a few drinks… and no one wants that!

Life is no fun when you don’t take risks. If you learn to say yes to life’s critical and not so critical decisions, you will live a much more meaningful and complete existence. You won’t just be cruising through life in 3rd gear; you will slowly start to increase speed and enjoy yourself a bit more! I took that risk when I decided to work on wow4u . I also took that risk when my wife told me she wanted a baby.

A few years ago, out of the blue, my friend asked me if I wanted to travel to Scotland with him. He was leaving a few days later, and of course, I immediately shut him down, saying I can’t just go away with only a few days’ notice! I thought about it for a few hours and then decided, YES, let’s do it! I honestly had the best vacation of my life; I came home feeling refreshed and inspired. And I learned that spontaneously saying yes to something can lead to really great things.

The power of YES is so underrated. It means you never miss an opportunity to gain a new skill or have a bit of well-needed fun. Who knows, that after-work beer you always miss out on could lead to something great! You just don’t know until you try, so just say yes!

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Yes Quotes

Published by: Ben Gillison

    Yes Quotes

    Try saying yes to things on impulse. Don't plan too much. Expect nothing and be ready for everything. Linda Cruse, Leading on the Frontline

  1. Try saying yes to things on impulse. Don’t plan too much. Expect nothing and be ready for everything.
    Linda Cruse, Leading on the Frontline
    Positive Quotes
  2. How will you be able to say yes to death if you cannot even say yes to life and joy?
    Osho, I Say Unto You (Vol -I)
    Life Quotes
  3. Have the courage to say yes to new opportunities, even if you don’t think you can do it.
    Frederic P. Bemak, ‎Robert K. Conyne, Journeys to Professional Excellence
    Courage Quotes
  4. We can learn to say yes to things that feel good, to what we want—for ourselves and others.
    Melody Beattie, The Language of Letting Go
    Learning Quotes
  5. Learn to say yes, and mean it.
    Melody Beattie, More Language of Letting Go
    Positive Attitude
  6. Just say YES and see where it takes you.
    Joel Saltzman, Shake That Brain
    Positive Life
  7. The old, habitual, seemingly automatic ways our minds function out of fear are what keep us from saying yes to Life.
    Lee Jampolsky, How to Say Yes When Your Body Says No:
  8. Surrender is the shift from saying no, to saying yes to life. When you say yes to life, you are allowing life to flow through you instead of happening to you.
    Dr. Russell Clayton, The Greater You:
    Positive Thinking
  9. You can hold a current position by saying no, but you can only move forward by saying yes.”
    Marshall Sylver, Passion Profit Power
    Moving Forward
  10. Saying yes to new ideas, yes to possibilities, and opportunities is the foundation of thriving.

  11. Saying yes to new ideas, yes to possibilities, and opportunities is the foundation of thriving.
    Tal Ben-Shahar, Happier, No Matter What
  12. For many of us, saying yes is as difficult as saying no. What I mean here is saying yes to help ‒ yes to being on the receiving end of favors rather than always being the giver.
    Sandra Dawes, Embrace Your Destiny
    Put Yourself First
  13. Saying yes opens up all sorts of new opportunities. Learn to choose your attitudes . Then you will really have the power and freedom to be your own person, capable of determining and achieving your goals and dreams. YES !
    Phillip P. Andrews, Thriving on Change in Organizations
  14. Find that courageous yes. Fight for that confident no. Know it. State it. Own it.
    Lysa TerKeurst, Embraced
  15. Say yes with a smile, not a caveat.
    Patricia Wentworth, The Amazing Chance
    Beautiful Quotes on Smile
  16. When something good comes into your life, say Yes!
    Louise Hay, Mirror Work
    Motivational Quotes
  17. Yes, and when you give a dishonest yes, you lose respect for yourself. The next time that happens, you’ll feel the lack of respect. And in that moment, you can change your mind if you want. You’re free.
    Byron Katie, Who Would You Be Without Your Story?
  18. But the more you say no to the things that don’t matter, the more you can say yes to the things that do. This will let you live and enjoy your life – the life that you want.
    Ryan Holiday, Stephen Hanselman, The Daily Stoic
    Enjoy Life
  19. Remember that every time you say yes to something, especially when you are half-hearted in agreeing, you add stress in your life.”
    Philip Vang, Organization
  20. The secret to living life to the fullest is to say yes to opportunities for new experiences.
    World Astrology, ‎World Astrology Staff, Capricorn 2003
    Live Life
  21. Saying yes, opens the pathway to discovery. Patti Diamond, Life Long Learning

  22. Saying yes, opens the pathway to discovery.
    Patti Diamond, Life Long Learning
  23. When you are joyful, when you say yes to life and have fun and project positivity all around you, you become a sun in the center of every constellation, and people want to be near you.
    Shannon L. Alder
  24. We can stop saying “no” and maybe force ourselves to say, “yes” once in a while. Yes to something new. Yes to signing up to run a race. Yes to meeting a friend for dinner on a specific date each month
    Kelly Martinsen, A Year of Inspired Living
    Motivational Quotes About Life
  25. Saying yes opens doors—for us and others. Leading is not about saying no. No only appears to be a shortcut to leadership. True leadership is saying yes to people, affirming them, giving them resources, your trust, and clear purpose.
    Howard Behar, ‎Janet Goldstein, It’s Not About the Coffee
  26. It’s a simple principle that all improvisers learn: saying “no” closes doors, whereas saying “yes” opens door and moves the story forward.
    Mark Jane, Creating Improvised Theatre
    Looking Forward
  27. Saying yes opens the door to genuine trust, confidence, and healing.
    Tara Brach, Radical Compassion
  28. Saying yes opens the way to believe what I can’t see.
    Maurice Siegel, Potpourri
  29. By saying yes more to life, we go with the flow. Things become more enjoyable and positive, less stressful and anxious, and often the situation turns out for the better regardless. So, SAY YES MORE.
    Karl Moore, The 18 Rules of Happiness Pocket Guide
    Go With The Flow
  30. Το appreciate the importance of saying yes, we must understand the consequences of saying “no.”
    Understanding Quotes
  31. It is easy to say Yes because it is less confrontational and unpleasant. But if you don’t mean it, don’t say it.
    Ronnie Letshabo, No Limits
    Be True To Yourself
  32. Flow with the motions, go with the flow. Eric Edmonds, After the Fire

  33. When you dare to say yes, you make your life more full and complete. Your entombed self comes alive again, your senses awaken, and you see and feel delight all around—and within. Yes, yes, yes!
    Devi B. Dillard-Wright, Self-Love
    Self-Motivation Quotes

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