31 Coronavirus Quotes, Inspirational Words of Wisdom

31 Coronavirus Quotes

Read these Coronavirus Quotes (aka COVID-19 Quotes) from a sad time in world history. This collection of quotes from scientists, politicians and eminent personalities from around the world will help you understand this unprecedented change in daily life for most of the world’s population. Now-familiar phases such as social distancing, flattening the curve, R-0, self-isolating, pandemic and daily death rates are all connected with this new reality. Read these quotes and know that there can inspiration and hope, even in the darkest of times.

  1. We are all one kind, the humankind. Gianni Infantino
    We are all one kind, the humankind.
    Gianni Infantino, President of FIFA (Interview About Coronavirus)
  2. When you feel like you are surrounded by darkness, remember that you hold endless light within your own beating heart. Remember that you hold this light even when it feels like your world is falling apart, even when you feel like you can’t keep it all together for another moment.
    Nikki Banas, Shine From Within
    Inspirational Quotes
  3. Science is on our side. The very fact that we can be ready for the next epidemic, it’s very clear how we do that.
    Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft Corporation (Interview About Coronavirus)
    Positive Thinking
  4. Its really important that people feel a sense of empowerment, that there is something they can do individually.
    Dr. Maria Can Kerkhove, American infectious Disease Epidemiologist(Talking About Coronavirus)
  5. Now is the time that health workers all over the world need our support to do the job they do, they are our heroes and we are here to support them.
    Michael J. Ryan, Surgeon
  6. In this time of need, I know that every American will do their patriotic duty and help us to achieve a total victory.
    Donald Trump, Coronavirus Task Force Briefing 04/01/2020
  7. This is a really important time to understand how strong America is. We have extraordinary resilience. We are the strongest country in the world.
    Gillibrand, CNN Transcript 03/23/2020
    Strength And Courage
  8. The second one is you and me, my brother and sister. We’ve got to do the right thing. You know that we have to keep a distance right now. We’ve got to keep it cool. That’s how we’ll get through.
    Andrew Cuomo, CNN Transcript 03/26/2020
    Support Quotes
  9. We are not prisoners to statistics. We are not helpless bystanders. We can change the trajectory of this pandemic.
    Tedros Adhanom, Director-general of the World Health Organization
  10. We are all facing a common threat and the only way to defeat it is by coming together as one, because we are one, one human race.
    Tedros Adhanom, Director-general of the World Health Organization
  11. We need to be guided by equity here because in this situation like many others, equity is actually in our own self-interest.
    Alanna Shaikh, International Development Consultant (Ted Talk About Coronavirus)
    Self Worth
  12. I’m very positive that this will draw us together, we will get out of this and then we will get ready for the next epidemic.
    Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft Corporation (Interview About Coronavirus)
  13. Love brings people together, fear tear people apart.
    Lavendaire, Blogger
  14. Physically distance and socially connect. That’s what the Internet was built for.
    Chris Anderson, Head Of Ted Talks (Ted Talk on Coronavirus)
    Inspiring Others
  15. This is the first pandemic in history that we can potentially control depending on the actions that countries take.
    Dr Maria van kerkhove, American Infectious Disease Epidemiologist (Talking About Coronavirus)
  16. When so many of us are facing fear and physical isolation, it is essential that we find ways to connect with others and share our collective knowledge of solutions.
    Christine Hannah, American writer
    Alone Quotes
  17. Just because we cannot be physically present in each other’s lives doesn’t mean we have to lose our sense of kinship and interdependence.
    Naoise O’Faoláin, poet, writer
    Positive Life
  18. I trust that if you surrender your lives to him, obey the rules that are given to us today, God will heal our land. God bless you.
    Dr Charles Stanley, Pastor
  19. It takes the same amount of energy to worry that it does to pray. One leads to peace and the other leads to panic. You make your choice.
    Dr David Jeremiah, American author
  20. With a real commitment to sheltering in place, and a whole lot of patience I know that we will get through this together and find a way back to the way we used to live.
    Dr Emily Landon, MD is an infectious disease specialist in Chicago
  21. It’s a great time to re-instill your core values, to have some devotion or meditation during this time. To check on the people you love whether you do it by phone or by text.
    Bishop T. D. Jakes, bishop, author and filmmaker
  22. This is an opportunity for Christian people who say they trust in the Lord and they put their faith in Jesus Christ, to demonstrate that by being stable and even hopeful and joyful. The kingdom of God is joy in the holy spirit.
    John MacArthur, American pastor
  23. We are going to live day to day, we are going to watch what’s happening. We’re going to pray for wisdom and we’re going to make the best and most wise decisions as possible.
    Craig Groeschel, Pastor
  24. If we use wisdom we will send this virus packing! We will send it away, and we will wipe it out.
    Sheryl Brady, is a lecturer, recording artist, and pastor of The Potter’s House of North Dallas.
    Words of Encouragement
  25. There is always hope in Jesus! He is our Hope in the presence of the enemy.
    K.A Seeforth
    Gods will
  26. As we listen to God, we find He is throwing us a rope of hope to pull us into the future. If we embrace slowing down and stepping into silence with God, we will grow in our confidence of tomorrow’s reality and take hold of hope. Furthermore it is not just hope we find; we find God, the source of all hope, in our silence.
    Jason Peaks, Pastor
    God Is Good
  27. Remember that God is in control! He is the Lord of history and Creator of everything which exists. There is nothing which escapes Him. Not a drop of rain falls nor a blade of grass buds without Him knowing it.
    Fr. Theodore Trinko, National Shrine Of St. Elizabeth Ann Seaton
    Belive in God
  28. From a Christian perspective, there is an opportunity in this. When we come to the end of ourselves and our power, we encounter the mercy of God. We find permission to be afraid, dependent, and uncertain, because He is infinite, dependable and sure.
    Hannah King, Musical artist
  29. The COVID-19 global pandemic has understandably elicited anxiety and uncertainty. We’re sailing in unchartered waters but our ship is neither rudderless nor without a desired destination in mind.
    Jim Daly, Comedian
  30. My advice is to embrace this gift of time many of us have been given. Find ways to embrace community.
    Devon Earle, Associate Pastor at Fairlington United Methodist Church
  31. Calling this heroic is an understatement. It’s not about having the courage to stay home and do puzzles. No, we are driving our economy to the far edge of its limits in order to save our most vulnerable lives.
    Greg Gutfeld, American television producer

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