33 Dignity Quotes Inspirational Words of Wisdom

33 Dignity Quotes

Be inspired by our collection of dignity quotes. Dignity for me means more than just how I hold my head, It is so much more than that, it’s the foundation of human rights and the prime directive of self-respect and freedom. Without either of those fundamental values, there will be no dignity. Without dignity, the world would be a very sad place indeed.

Did you ever think of Dignity as being about free will? Neither did I, until I started reading more about what makes humans so special. The ability to choose our own path, to be ‘sovereign’ as an individual, to not be given any label (or grouped in with other people) – that’s true dignity.

God gave us the dignity to choose Him when He gave us free will. And with that power – to choose – we have the right to love Him, or reject Him, or just ignore Him. Our ability to make choices – to be free and have true personal liberty – is one of the most precious things we can have. With real freedom comes true dignity.

God shows us the way by giving all of us the power to choose; to be free to do what we think is best. And that’s how we should be with other people – show our fellow humans (our neighbors in Christian terms) – show them grace, give them the ability to choose, treat them as the precious wonderful individual who is loved by God. That’s dignity.

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    Dignity consists not in possessing honors, but in deserving them. Aristotle

  1. Dignity consists not in possessing honors, but in deserving them.
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  2. Dignity is often a veil between us and the real truth of things.
    E. P. Whipple
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  3. Dignity is not always easy to define, but it’s easy to detect. We know it when we see it, and when we experience it.
    Robert W. Fuller, Dignity for All
  4. Dignity is here an inner possession that one cannot lose, buried so deeply in the self that nothing that befalls a person can touch it.
    Colin Bird, Human Dignity and Political Criticism
  5. A wise man has dignity without pride; a fool has pride without dignity.
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  6. For the sake of your dignity, you are willing to sacrifice your life, but it is not your life that the gunman wants—it is your dignity.
    Keith Doubt, Understanding Evil
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  7. Personal mastery enriches your dignity. Personal mastery enriches your prosperity.
    Dr. M. Sarada Devi, Legendary Living
  8. Maintain your dignity? Being married to me—that has no dignity? Preparing meals for me, taking care of the house, washing the dishes, cleaning the floors, making the beds, throwing out the garbage. That’s dignity!
    Karen J. Harvey, Sid Caesar and Your Show of Shows:
  9. The builder is your own self-worth, and the materials you are using to build love are your dignity and compassion.
    Mario Martinez, The MindBody Code
  10. Pride gives itself a shot of dignity by emulating the deeds of the great. Magoon

  11. Pride gives itself a shot of dignity by emulating the deeds of the great.
  12. You are born with your dignity; you are the owner of your dignity; you can keep it or you can lose it, but nobody can take it away from you—not your wife, not your children, not your friends, not your foes.
    Pietro Colonna-Romano, The Life of Ann Mcmahon
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  13. Whoever has fallen from his former dignity is in his calamity the scorn even of the base.
    Plato, Phaedrus
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  14. The generous mind adds dignity to every act, and nothing misbecomes it.
  15. Correct people’s mistakes without compromising your dignity or theirs.
    Michael K. McFadden, How to Maximize Your Potential as a Student Leader
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  16. Anger is your dignity emotion and you don’t have energy if you don’t have dignity!
    Maurice “Mo” Murray, Just Snap Your Fingers And…bingo You’re Sober!
  17. My human rights exist only because I am prepared to recognize that you also have rights founded upon your dignity as a human being.
    Mary Anne Waldron, Free to Believe
  18. Spend a few minutes today reflecting on the gift of your own life. Reflect on your dignity and worth, which is based on nothing more than your creation by the one living God.
    Mia Crosthwaite, Go and Do Likewise
  19. Treat all men with dignity and if a man is due a chewing out, give him a private session.
    Infantry – Page 41
  20. Keep in mind that you don’t have to fight a battle every day in class to maintain your dignity and self-respect.
    Vernon L. Farmer
  21. It is easier to add dignity than to begin with it. Laberius

  22. It is easier to add dignity than to begin with it.
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  23. Human dignity is… the value that belongs to every human being simply by virtue of being human.
    Sarah S. Willen, Fighting for Dignity
  24. Dignity and love do not blend well, nor do they continue long together.
    Love and Life
  25. True dignity is blended with the most placid mildness and condescension.
    J.M. Seawall
  26. Ambitious men raised once to dignity, accuse afterward all other estates of insufficiency.
  27. Dignity of manner can only result from a lofty sense of superiority, either mind of position.
    C.W. Day
  28. There is a great deal of dignity in this world, that is composed entirely of dignity, and nothing else.
    H.W. Shaw
  29. Dignity, in private men and in governments, has been little else than a stately and stiff perseverance in oppression.
    W.S. Landor
  30. Dignity of position adds to dignity of character, pretty much as it does to dignity of carriage; give us a proud position and we are impelled to act up to it.
    Christian N. Boree
  31. Those people who are “sticking on their dignity” are continually losing friends, making enemies and fostering a spirit of unhappiness in themselves.
    D. Hartley
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  32. Place confers no dignity upon some men; like a balloon the higher they rise the smaller they look. G.D. Prentice

  33. Place confers no dignity upon some men; like a balloon the higher they rise the smaller they look.
    G.D. Prentice
  34. Natural dignity of mind or manners can never be concealed; it ever commands our respect; assumed dignity, or importance, excites our ridicule and contempt.
    J. Bartlett
  35. We never attribute dignity to any action but what is virtuous, nor meaningless to any but what is faulty; every action of dignity creates respect and esteem for the author; and a mean action draws upon him contempt.
  36. In regard to our intercourse with men, we should often reflect, not only whether our conduct is proper and correct, but if it is urbane and dignified, A trifling air and manner bespeak a thoughtless and silly mind but a grave and majestic one is, as it were, the palace of the soul.

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