36 Inspirational Quotes about Life and Struggles

36 Inspirational Quotes about Life and Struggles

Be encouraged by these inspirational quotes about life and struggles. We all encounter issue in life but how we react will determines if we will overcome them.

  1. Life has a way of broadsiding us with lessons that we need to learn but would rather avoid.Craig Groeschel
    Life Lessons
  2. I did not realize that saying good-bye would be the most difficult thing I had to do in my life. Kay Duncan, Saying Goodbye
  3. It�s in the �valleys� of your life that you can drink from God�s sweetest streams.Richard Daly, God�s Little Book of Comfort
  4. When we are caught in a struggle with psychological problems we often put life on hold, believing that our pain needs to lessen before we can really begin to live again.Steven C. Hayes, Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life.
  5. When you have the power to accept an emotion, no person or condition can reject you, unless you reject you.Barbra White
    Emotion Quotes
  6. Even in the most difficult of times, there is always a hidden blessing that exists under all the superficial stuff that we so frequently see. There is always a rainbow waiting to burst forth after the rain.Daniella Whyte, Thanks and Yes
  7. Not many great things have ever been done without struggling, stand up for your dream, a definite plan and burning desire can get you there.Okorote Emmanuel, Don’t Take Care; Take The Chance!
  8. My friend, you may feel that no one understands your struggles. Listen, while this may be true of man, it is not true of Jesus.Joseph Prince, Destined To Reign Devotional
  9. Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster man.But sooner or later the man who wins, is the man who thinks he can. Bruce Lee
  10. As professional as hockey is and professional sports is, we have highs and we have lows and in life it seems to be the general feeling that, unfortunately, sometimes you go to funerals and, fortunately, sometimes you get to go weddings and fun parties. Wayne Gretzky
  11. We all have to take defeats in life. Muhammad Ali
  12. A life filled with vicissitudes, uncertainty and hard lessons provides us with skills to better approach new challenges that come along. Vivian Eisenecher, Recovering Me, Discovering Joy
  13. Life requires overcoming challenges and obstacles of many types. David Weatherford

  14. Life requires overcoming challenges and obstacles of many types. Battling our struggles and fears determines who we are.David Weatherford
    Overcoming Obstacles
  15. A word of encouragement: if your foundations are in Jesus Christ, then you can weather the storm. Frank Viola, God’s Favorite Place on Earth
    Jesus Quotes
  16. Culturally, our view of adversity is pretty narrow, and most of us would go out of our way to avoid it. But, to be frank, based on my anecdotal evidence and my research, a life without challenges is not only a life not worth living but also a life devoid of meaning. Nick DiNardo, The Game of Adversity
  17. As I struggled to put together a life for myself – based on my terms and my needs, in other words, a life worth living, it all boiled down to building my self-confidence.Bill Andrews, Self Confidence
    Quote of The Day
  18. “We are all faced with challenges at some point in our life, challenges that we did not create. Challenges that happened beyond our control. The difference is how we respond to these challenges. You can adopt the attitude there is nothing you can do, or you can see the challenge as your call to action.”Catherine Pulsifer, Every Problem Has A Solution
  19. Communication skills are only half the battle in leadership and life. If we’re honest, the real struggle happens inside our hearts and souls.Nancy Duarte
  20. Encouragement is the kind of expression that helps someone want to be a better Christian, even when life is rough. Larry Crabb
    Words of Encouragement
  21. Whenever you feel life is challenging or things are just not working out, review and assess your most important values. This will help reinforce the confidence and clarity you need to improve your current situation.Brandon Stanberg, The Happiness Mindset
  22. “If there is no cure for all the issues and challenges in this life, what is one to do to counter all of these problems? One of the strongest defenses is the greatest offense. This offense is to counter all the issues pertinent to your world by spreading a heavy dose of positive thinking over and around everything that you encounter.”Catherine Pulsifer, Thinking Positive
    Positive Thinking
  23. Focused will is incredible. Yanni

  24. Focused will is incredible. If you have a dream and you don’t give up no matter what obstacles come up, then life’s problems will fall away and you will get what you want. It happens. It works. Yanni
  25. Prayer is not a last resource, it’s vital to all life;
    We ought not wait till trials arise through illness or through strife.
    Greta Zwaan,Give Praise
    Prayer Poems
  26. When we face a Life Storm, our faith is challenged most often by God’s seeming silence when we need Him the most. Life Storms help us to explore the reality of trust, when circumstances challenge our faith and tempt us to doubt God’s promises.John Krohn PhD, Holding on to Faith when God is Silent
    Trust God
  27. “Sometimes, life’s challenges are tough to deal with. You will succeed if you focus your thoughts on how to overcome the challenge.” Catherine Pulsifer, Thinking Positive
  28. I believe my life has no limits. I want you to feel the same way about your life, no matter what your challenges may be.Nick Vujicic, Limitless
    Inspirational Quotes
  29. What the life of Nelson Mandela teaches us is that life is full of challenges, hardships and misfortunes and we must forever strengthen our resolve to forge ahead and achieve our dreams in spite of the road blocks erected on our paths.Abraham Mutwol, 27 Inspiring Life Lessons from Nelson Mandela
  30. “Challenges are our biggest teachers. Nothing teaches us more in life than challenges.”Brenda Nathan, Gratitude Journal
  31. “The commonality among all these people is that they never gave up. For them, each new challenge was an opportunity to excel at life, to persevere in spite of at times seemingly overwhelming odds.” Byron Pulsifer, Problem Solving Skills
    Giving Up
  32. “David (DeNotaris) and his family, however, had a positive perspective on his problem that allowed him to face and overcome not only his challenge of blindness, but also the challenges of life which we all face at one time or another.”Catherine Pulsifer
    David DeNotaris Quotes
  33. “The true test in life does not occur when all is going well. The true test takes place when we are faced with challenges. Some people have a positive attitude towards life only when all is well. However, when the going gets tough, their attitude changes instantly, and they become very negative or are consumed with self pity.”Catherine Pulsifer
    Negative People
  34. The next time life presents you with a challenging situation, 
take a deep breath and smile. Morris Pratt

  35. Smiling is a wonderful way to get a boost of happiness. The next time life presents you with a challenging situation, take a deep breath and smile. Morris Pratt, The Secret of Positive Thinking
  36. “To people who struggle, Easter is the promise of life to the full. Easter celebrates human life, wondrously transformed, whole and entire, a full body filled with life.”Ken Untener, The Little White Book for Easter 2017
  37. “If there is one thing I have learned through my struggles in life, its todays trials will be tomorrows faded memories.” Angelique Bochnak, Guided Motivation
  38. Every marriage will have power struggles occasionally but if you’re willing to compromise and be fair to your spouse, then even the worst struggles will not impact your relationship adversely. Dianne Kane, Anger Management for Partners
  39. We can be hard on ourselves. We don’t mean to, we simply don’t know another way to respond to our struggles and failures as a parent. We need compassion, not only for ourselves and the impossible job of being a parent, but for our children too. Kim Fredrickson, Give Your Kids a Break

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