Are You Really Who You Are

Are You Really Who You Are

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Have you ever gone to a masquerade party where you dressed up as someone else with a full costume including wearing a head mask so no one would recognize you? And, while you at this party, did you take on the attitudes, manners, or characteristics of a person totally different than yourself? If you have, was this different you more appealing to you, or did it feel totally foreign?

Do You Masquerade
Well, what is interesting is that there are a lot of people who constantly masquerade in real life on a regular basis. No, I do not mean that they attend a lot of parties – I mean that they are not who they really are while at work, while talking with family, or hanging out with friends.

Why Does This Happen
So, why are some people pretending to be what they are not? Is it because they feel that they will not be accepted by their work colleagues, or their supervisor and denied privileges or promotions or merit increases? Is it to be accepted by friends so that they fit in? Is it to keep harmony within an extended family unit so that bickering or differences are minimized? Are any of these reasons sufficiently important that you would pretend to be someone you are not?

Some may argue that it is important to be someone you are not so that one can meld into whatever environment you need to, but the question is this, is it really worth it to be someone you are not? Does being someone false make you any better a person?

These questions are asked more often than you may at first think. Take many working situations, for example, a working place where you may jeopardize your job, future and therefore, your family if you are not seen to fit in.

Wasting Energy
Pretending to be someone you are not requires a lot of energy to maintain the façade, and the need to always be on your guard so that you do not reveal what and who you really are, what you really believe. This kind of pretend life requires you to believe a lie because you know who you really are.

Something To Think About
And, ask yourself this question: if you were asked by a son or daughter how they should act or behave, would you advise them to be someone they were not? Or, would you tell them to be true to themselves, to be open and honest, to value themselves for whom they are, for what they think, for what they stand for in life, to be in charge of their own destiny and not allow someone or others to tell them how they should act, behave, or be?

To live a contented life, be yourself!

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.” Harvey Fierstein

“Having good self-esteem simply means that you believe in yourself and your capabilities. It means that you evaluate yourself and your achievements honestly and realistically.”Jennifer Alison, Self-Esteem

“If you’re tired of trying to be something you’re not, then be yourself. Once you realize that you are beautiful just the way you are, you can begin to find freedom in your life and learn to look past the pictures of what the world wants you to be.”Frankie Robinson

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