Christian Christmas Poems

Christian Christmas Poems

Let these Christian Christmas poems be ones that you share with family and friends to remind the of the reason for the season – the birth of Jesus.

Christmas is a time of year Christians around the world celebrate and rejoice! Over 2000 years ago Jesus was born, Dec 25th is is the day Christians give thanks for the Saviour’s birth.

The Christ In Christmas
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2017

How can you take Christ out of Christmas
What meaning would there be
For truly it is Jesus who is the reason
for this special season you see.

Those who want to say happy holiday
should be reminded this I say,
you can find Holy there
and that should be our prayer.

And further still you say, Santa Claus,
well, he was a Christian leader too
by the name of Saint Nicholas
who helped others all year through.

So as hard as you may try
There is no reason why
we would have Christmas time
without Jesus in our mind.

Christian Poems about Christmas

Christmas Time
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, @ 2016

Let Christmas be the time of year that you spend with people dear.
A time for joy for all girls and boys.
A time to sing and hear the church bells ring.
A time to share and show you care.
A time to trim the tree and dance with glee.
A time to feast and share with the least.
A time for gifts and walking in snowdrifts.
Let Christmas be the time to remember Jesus paid the debt.
Take the time to praise God and stand in awe!

Rose Terry Cooke

Here comes the Christmas angel,
So gentle and so calm;
As softly as the falling flakes
He comes with flute and psalm.
All in a cloud of glory,
As once upon the plain
To shepherd-boys in Jewry,
He brings good news again.
He is the young folks’ Christmas;
He makes their eyes grow bright
With words of hope and tender thought,
And visions of delight.
Hail to the Christmas angel!
All peace on earth he brings;
He gathers all the youths and maids
Beneath his shining wings.

Here comes the little Christ-child,
All innocence and joy,
And bearing gifts in either hand
For every girl and boy.
He tells the tender story
About the Holy Maid,
And Jesus in the manger
Before the oxen laid.
Like any little winter bird
He sings his sweetest song,
Till all the cherubs in the sky
To hear his carol throng.
He is the children’s Christmas;
They come without a call,
To gather round the gracious Child,
Who bringeth joy to all.

But who shall bring their Christmas
Who wrestle still with life?
Not grandsires, youths, or little folks,
But they who wage the strife
The fathers and the mothers
Who fight for homes and bread,
Who watch and ward the living,
And bury all the dead?
Ah! by their side at Christmas-tide
The Lord of Christmas stands:
He smooths the furrows from their brow
With strong and tender hands.
“I take my Christmas gift,” He saith,
“From thee, tired soul, and he
Who giveth to My little ones
Gives also unto Me.”

The Nazarine
Poet: Louis Alexander Robertson

A manger-cradled child, his mother near,
And one they call his father standing by,
Shepherd and Magi, with the gifts they bear,
An angel chorus rolling through the sky-
Once more the sacred mystery we scan,
And wonder if the Christ be God’s best gift to man.

Pale, patient Pleader, for the poor and those
Whose hearts are homes of sorrow and of pain,
Thy voice is as a balm for all their woes;
Through twenty centuries it calleth plain
As when it breathed the invitation blest-
“Ye weary, come to Me, and I will give you rest.”

Reason may seek to ruin, science scorn,
But that great love of Thine hath made us wise
In wisdom not of understanding born,
That bids us turn to Thee with longing eyes
And outstretched hands. We know that Thou art He.
Nor do we seek a sign as did the Pharisee.

Sweet festival that bringeth back once more
The golden dreams of childhood, let us turn
Like little children to the Christmas lore
That once did hold us spellbound, till we learn
Again the lesson of Thy love; for we
Must be like children, Lord, ere we can come to Thee.

Oh, Mary, How Could You?
Poet: Greta Zwaan, © 1991

“Oh, Mary, how could you? I trusted you so!
I thought that you loved me, but now I don’t know.
I’m anxious, I’m worried, I’m angry, dismayed;
I thought you’d be faithful, but somehow you strayed.

Why didn’t you tell me you’d found someone new?
Instead of pretending ’twas just me and you?
The plans that we worked on, our future, our life,
To share them together, a team – man and wife.

My heart felt so joyful when I thought that you cared,
My pride lifted upwards in the dreams that we shared.
Though I’m just a carpenter with no wealth or fame,
Oh Mary! My Mary! I’d give you my name!

I’d give you my love and all that I own,
If you had been faithful, not left me alone.
Was it not enough that I pledge you my all?
Was it something I did that caused you to fall?

Oh, Mary! My Mary! I’m hurt through and through,
My life has been shattered, destroyed without you!
Yet, we cannot wed, not when you’re with child,
‘Tis mockery the thought, a union defiled.

I’ll take you away to where you’re not known,
To save you disgrace, where compassion is shown.
We’ll not meet again, not after this day.
It’s better we part, each go our own way.

I’ll not love again, that’s a chance I’ll not take,
I’ll try to forget you, ’tis best for your sake.
I’m sorry, so sorry! That things turned out so,
But Mary, I think it’s best that you go.”

“Oh, Joseph! Dear Joseph! You don’t understand!
It’s not what you’re thinking, all this has been planned.
The prophet Isaiah foretold this event,
All through the ages this news has been sent.

One day a Messiah would come to the world,
Salvation’s great plan would then be unfurled.
For centuries each woman in secret did pray
That God might select her to help in this way.

To bear the dear Christ-child, so holy so pure,
To hold to her bosom, protect and secure.
Dear Joseph, believe me, there’s no other man!
I love you, I’m faithful, but this is God’s plan.

I too was amazed when the angel appeared;
My heart throbbed, I quivered, and oh! How I feared!
Yet the angel said, ‘Mary, you need not be afraid,
It’s news that I bring you for which long you have prayed.

The God of all glory saw deep in your heart,
And you’ve been selected this joy to impart.
God knows you’ve been faithful, He knows your strong love,
He sent me to bring you this news from above.

You’re chosen, dear Mary, to bear God’s own Son,
The Holy, Eternal, Beloved, true One.
The Spirit’s anointing will come upon you,
The power of the highest who makes all things new.
The mother of Jesus, your Saviour, your King.
Yes, Mary, that is the great news I now bring.’

So, you see, Joseph, dearest, the child that I bear
Is the plan of salvation the whole world may share.
Our love for each other will still be the same,
With God’s added blessing! Oh praise His dear name!”

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