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The Perfect Christmas Song
Poet: Julie Hebert 2015

Dancing to the music,
With lights sparkling all around.
Singing Halleluiah,
Such a perfect Christmas sound.

And sometimes we play music,
That tells a certain story.
The night Santa came to visit,
Or about Jesus and His glory.

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer,
A requested favourite from my tot.
We play the festive lyrics,
Singing along at every spot.

We may dance to rocking music,
As loud as we can bare.
Like Rocking Around the Christmas Tree,
Visitors Beware!

But when it comes down to it,
And Christmas Eve is here.
I'd have to say my favourite songs,
Are those that worship with cheer!
Dancing to the music, With lights sparkling all around. Singing Halleluiah, Such a perfect Christmas sound.  Julie Hebert

A Christmas Without Despair
Poet: Julie Hebert 2015

The party has begun,
It's not just for me or you.
We celebrate our Lord Jesus Christ,
love and sacrifice so true.

We also like a party,
To bring those close and far.
family we were born with,
And the family we found, how bazaar!

A room filled with love and laughter,
The part of Christmas that I adore.
If Santa pulled up in his sleigh,
This is what I would always ask for.

There will be games, music and presents,
And food we will bless with a
How thankful we are to have each other,
A Christmas without despair.

When I Think of Christmas
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer 2017

When I think of Christmas I see -

the excitement of children awating the big day;
the lights and decorations of homes so brilliantly displayed;
the music that plays and songs that are sung;
and Xmas parades that delight the old and young.

But most importantly I think of the birth of the Son
the miracle that occured can compare with none
God so loved the world He sent His only Son
He offers us hope, peace and life if we believe what He has done.

So when you think of Christmas my hope for you
Is that you thank God in all you do.
So when you think of Christmas my hope for you
Is that you thank God in all you do. Catherine Pulsifer

Sly Santa Claus
Poet: C. S. Stone

All the house was asleep,
And the fire burning low,
When, from far up the chimney,
Came down a "Ho! ho!"
And a little, round man,
With a terrible scratching,
Dropped into the room
With a wink that was catching.
Yes, down he came, bumping,
And thumping, and jumping,
And picking himself up without sign
of a bruise!

"Ho! ho!" he kept on,
As if bursting with cheer.
"Good children, gay children,
Glad children, see here!
I have brought you fine dolls,
And gay trumpets, and rings,
Noah's arks, and bright skates,
And a host of good things!
I have brought a whole sackful,
A packful, a hackful!
Come hither, come hither, come hither
and choose!

"Ho! ho! What is this?
Why, they all are asleep!
But their stockings are up,
And my presents will keep!
So, in with the candies,
The books, and the toys;
All the goodies I have
For the good girls and boys.
I'll ram them, and jam them,
And slam them, and cram them;
All the stockings will hold while the
tired youngsters snooze."

All the while his round shoulders
Kept ducking and ducking;
And his little, fat fingers
Kept tucking and tucking;
Until every stocking
Bulged out, on the wall,
As if it were bursting,
And ready to fall.

And then, all at once,
With a whisk and a whistle,
And twisting himself
Like a tough bit of gristle,
He bounced up again,
Like the down of a thistle,
And nothing was left but the prints of his shoes.

Poet: Greta Zwaan 2011

The hope she had has been fulfilled, her life is now complete;
The joy that she had so longed for, this promised child to greet.
She prayed and fasted many years within the temple court,
She rested in God's faithfulness, His truth and His support.

She knew one day she'd live to see this Saviour of mankind,
The babe that came to change the world that lay in sin entwined.
She never doubted nor lost faith for more than eighty years,
She trusted God to keep His Word: this Child would dispel fears.
That death, which once seemed conqueror, no more could hold control,
On one who gave his life to Christ, Redeemer of the soul.

She touched this tiny Babe and knew her waiting time was o'er,
The temple, her abiding place, would be her home no more.
For glory lay awaiting her, she longed for heaven's grace,
She'd held the Child and realized, His was the holy face.

A Christmas Prayer For The Home
Henry Van Dyke

Father of all men, look upon our family,
Kneeling together before Thee,
And grant us a true Christmas.

With loving heart we bless Thee:
For the gift of Thy dear Son Jesus Christ,
For the peace He brings to human homes,
For the good-will He teaches to sinful men,
For the glory of Thy goodness shining in His face.

With joyful voice we praise Thee:
For His lowly birth and His rest in the manger,
For the pure tenderness of His mother Mary,
For the fatherly care that protected Him,
For the Providence that saved the Holy Child
To be the Saviour of the world.

With deep desire we beseech Thee:
Help us to keep His birthday truly,
Help us to offer, in His name, our Christmas prayer.

From the sickness of sin and the darkness of doubt,
From selfish pleasures and sullen pains,
From the frost of pride and the fever of envy,
God save us every one, through the blessing of Jesus.

In the health of purity and the calm of mutual trust,
In the sharing of joy and the bearing of trouble,
In the steady glow of love and the clear light of hope,
God keep us every one, by the blessing of Jesus.

In praying and praising, in giving and receiving,
In eating and drinking, in singing and making merry,
In parents' gladness and in children's mirth,
In dear memories of those who have departed,
In good comradeship with those who are here,
In kind wishes for those who are far away,
In patient waiting, sweet contentment, generous cheer,
God bless us every one, with the blessing of Jesus.

By remembering our kinship with all men,
By well-wishing, friendly speaking and kindly doing,
By cheering the downcast and adding sunshine to daylight,
By welcoming strangers (poor shepherds or wise men),
By keeping the music of the angels' song in this home,
God help us every one to share the blessing of Jesus:
In whose name we keep Christmas:
And in whose words we pray together:

Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name.
Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil:
For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever.

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