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Find more Christmas Message to share with those you love. The season is a great time to touch base with old friends and to remind family and friends how much they mean to you.

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Christmas Card Message

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  1. "I hope that today is not only filled with the joy of friends and family but also with the fullness of God's presence in your life." Christine Trevino, Experience Christmas
    Friend  |  

  2. "In the spirit of the Christ Child--as little children with joy in our hearts and peace in our souls--let us, as a nation, dedicate ourselves anew to the love of our fellowmen. In such a dedication we shall find the message of the Child of Bethlehem, the real meaning of Christmas." Harry S. Truman
    Children  |  

  3. A Christmas wish . . . May you never forget what is worth remembering or remember what is best forgotten. Irish Blessing
    Irish Quotes and Sayings   |

  4. "Traditionally, the holiday season is a time to highlight the truly human qualities of peace, of generosity, and of understanding. No matter how we choose to celebrate this season, regardless of whom we share this time with, and no matter where we decide to gather, this time of year reminds us that the beliefs that unite us are far greater than those which divide us." Shawn Graham and Roxanne Reeves in their 2009 Christmas message
    Generosity  |  

  5. "May the wonder and joy of Christmas fill your heart as you contemplate that moment in time when God's Son came to earth as a baby to bring us new life."
    Charles Stanley

  6. And, yet, it is Jesus Christ's generous love and example which has inspired me through good times and bad. ... I wish you a peaceful and very happy Christmas.
    Queen Elizabeth II, 2017 Christmas Message
    Jesus  |

  7. "I sincerely hope that you and your family find the true joy and happiness the Christmas season brings." Kurt Zimmerman, 25 Christmas Traditions Your Family Can Start This Year!

  8. Christmas Message for Fathers

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  9. My Father, my friend, my mentor, to you I want the very best that Christmas has to offer. This Christmas reminds me of how often you've been there for me. On this Christmas Day, I send you love and the very best.

  10. Dad, may the magic of Christmas fill you with hope and joy. The kind of hope and joy that you always share with us. We love you Dad!

  11. During this Christmas Season, Father, let me recount the ways that your love and help throughout the year mean so very much to me. So, Father dear may much cheer be with you always and to you good cheer.

  12. Christmas Message for Mothers

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  13. Throughout the years, Mother, every Christmas reminds me how loving and caring you are. My Christmas desire for you is that you'll always know that my love for you never fades and I'll always be there for you.

  14. This Christmas, Mother, my message for you is plain.
    To let you know that my love for you will always reign.
    Your caring touch, the sweetness of your voice
    Will always be my first choice.
    As days draw closer to that special day, I pray
    That you will have a great Christmas day.

  15. May blessings be with you at this special time of year. We feel blessed to have a Mom like you. Merry Christmas Mom!

  16. Christmas Message for Sisters

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  17. My Sister dear
    It is so clear
    My love for you is very dear.
    You make my day so full with joy
    May this Season be filled with awe
    For you, my Sister, is the joy of all.
    Happy Holidays!

  18. May the Christmas spirit fill your life this season. Sis. May all your dreams come true and may happiness follow you in all you do.

  19. There is something you should know. To me, Dear Sister, you are brighter than the snow. Upon this Season your love shines high. May the glory of God be with you. Merry Christmas!

  20. Christmas Message for Brothers

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  21. Once you were trouble as you grew
    Now you're funnier than I knew.
    May the stars that shine so bright,
    Bring good fortune to you this night.
    And may the coming year
    Bring good health and cheer.

  22. Christmas makes us grateful and at this time of year, I send my appreciation to you, my Brother, for your love and support. You have made a positive difference in my life. Thank you, love you, and a very Merry Christmas to you.

  23. The years go by my Brother dear,
    But each thought is very clear.
    Upon this Christmas, I gaze so far
    But you're always my shining star.
    May the blessings of God draw near,
    To you, dear Brother, Happy Holidays!

  24. Christmas Message for Grandmothers

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  25. I wish I wish upon a star,
    That joy and happiness won't be too far.
    Your love and caring Grandmother dear,
    Have shown me the way for many a year.
    So I wish with all my heart,
    That you dear Grandmother will never part.
    Merry Christmas!

  26. The Christmas poems, stories and songs that you taught me have now become a tradition for my family. May this season be one that shows you how much we appreciate you!

  27. Nana you always make us feel special, we hope this Christmas we make you special. Love You

  28. Though many years have passed, I know not what will be the last. But what I know is this dear Grandmother, that you will always be like no other. Thank you for your love so deep, may God your soul to keep.

  29. Christmas Message for Grandfathers

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  30. Once upon a time, there was
    A big tall man who caused a buzz.
    He was so kind and funny too,
    My hope for you please don't come unglued.
    But you, my Grandfather dear,
    All kidding aside,
    You are the one who's by my side.
    Take care, and my Love to you,
    May good cheer and
    God's blessings come upon you. Merry Christmas!

  31. Christmas Message for Husbands

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  32. I know I may not continuously give you all of my love expressed the way it should. But, I need you to know that I love you so very much for who you are and for all the little things you do. All of these little gestures and kindnesses, your unselfishness to help me even when you are tired, or even though I haven't asked, mean the world to me.

  33. To my Husband: I would never want you to think that my love for you remains the same; my love for you grows with each passing minute. For you, my darling, may you have the most merriest and blessed Christmas!

  34. Throughout our years, one thing is for sure and that is your love for me. As well, my love for you never fades but blossoms anew with each day we are together. The sun may not shine but my love for you is radiant always. May you have a most wonderful Christmas, my Dear.

  35. Christmas Message for the One I Love

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  36. The dancing stars may twinkle, the moon may cast its' shine, but my love for you is so brilliant that nothing will compare. So at this special time of year, may every twinkle and shine of lights, remind me that I love you so and you are my delight.

  37. If only I could count the ways your love for me never fades. Your caring, kindness and love are appreciated more than you can know. Merry Christmas Darling.

  38. This message is written to tell you this
    Without you, there is no bliss.
    I need you always by my side,
    You are forever my joy and pride.
    May your Christmas be filled with holly
    And may we all be jolly
    As the season of peace begins
    We will share it with our kin.
    And memories we will make
    As we sing around Jesus' birthday cake.

  39. Christmas Message for Teacher

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  40. There are only a few people that I count as friends, and you are a prime example of one I cherish. Your encouragement, and your unending cheer, never failed to move me forward when challenges seemed to be insurmountable. I not only see you as a teacher, but a mentor, and a good friend. My hope for you this Holiday Season is that you are blessed with joy and cheer.

  41. Oh, teacher, oh teacher how I have changed,
    You made me so keen my life's rearranged.
    I find myself thinking of you
    Every time I come unglued.
    But, your encouragement taught me,
    Never to be up in a tree.
    So dear Teacher, dear Teacher, please be aware,
    How much I value you without compare.
    Merry Christmas!

  42. Christmas Message for Family and Friends

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  43. The holidays bring back memories, an appreciation of all the happy times we have shared. My Christmas wish to you is that we continue to make memories that we will cherish forever!

  44. Our Christmas message for you, at this special time of year, may your home be filled with happiness and laughter where memories are made. Good times, good memories and the love of family is one of the best we could ever receive.

  45. I am so thankful and feel very fortunate to have a great friend like you not only at Christmas but the whole year through. A very Merry Christmas to you and those you consider dear.

  46. May God bless you and your family during this festive time and throughout the year.

  47. Hopes that your home is filled with laughter, your spirit warm and gay, for this Christmas Greeting brings the hope of these things for you on Christmas day.

  48. Warmest wishes are sent to you that your holiday celebrations reflect the true meaning of Christmas - a Savior is born!

  49. Christmas comes but once a year,
    but happiness is wished for you my dear
    today and all throughout the year!

  50. It is our hope that your faith and that the kindness of the season bring you caring and sharing that will warm your heart.

  51. A special Christmas prayer that God above will bless you and your family with peace and happiness this season.

  52. May the wonder and love of this season be with you and your family not only on Christmas day but the New Year too.

  53. We hope all your dreams come true this Christmas and that you find inspiration in the wonder and glory of the season. A joyous Christmas to you and yours.

  54. Fun and happy surprises are the wishes we send to you at this holiday time.

  55. The peace of the season, may it bring harmony to your heart, happiness to your life and joy to your world.

  56. Blessings and peace are sent to you, your children, and everyone that you love.

  57. Simplify your Christmas, reduce the stress by remembering what started this day. May you have a simple but happy Christmas!

  58. The love and laughter of friends and family are wished for you during this festive season.

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