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Christmas Card Message

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  1. May God’s mercy and kindness surround you this Christmas and carry you into a blessed new year. Charles Stanely
    Blessed   |
  2. My best Christmas wish for you is that you may be moved again by the glory of the gospel, as if you were hearing it for the first time, so that Christ may really be born in your hearts as in mine! W. B. Knight
    Best   |
  3. So take this Christmas message, and pass it far and wide. Christmas is a time for caring, let’s share this message, amplified. Julie Hebert
    Sharing  |
  4. Let us make this a new birthday of kindness and love that shall endure. That is a Christmas hope, a Christmas wish. Cyrus Townsend Brady, A Little Book for Christmas
    Kindness   |
  5. “This is the time of year when we remember that God sent his only son ‘to serve, not to be served’. He restored love and service to the centre of our lives in the person of Jesus Christ.It is my prayer this Christmas Day that his example and teaching will continue to bring people together to give the best of themselves in the service of others.”Queen Elizabeth II
    God   |
  6. “In this season of hope, let’s help those who need it most – the homeless, the hungry, the sick and shut in. In this season of plenty, let’s reach out to those who struggle to find work or provide for their families. In this season of generosity, let’s give thanks and honor to our troops and our veterans, and their families who’ve sacrificed so much for us. President Barack Obama
    Generosity   |
  7. “Let us not forget that the first Christmas was a homeless one. A humble man and woman had gone up from Galilee out of the City of Nazareth to Bethlehem. There is a sense of desolation in St. Luke’s brief chronicle that Mary ‘brought forth her firstborn son, wrapped Him in swaddling clothes, and laid Him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn.'”Harry S. Truman
    Inspirational Sayings   |
  8. Christmas Message for Fathers

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  9. Dear Dad you have been my Santa Claus each year
    Each year I would ask Santa and you would hear.
    You have given me happiness and joy
    And always made sure I had lots of toys.
    From the bottom of my heart my thanks I express
    You my Father are the best
    not just at this time of year but all the rest.
  10. Our Christmases were special, you always so to that. Thank you Dad for always being there for us.
  11. Christmas Message for Mothers

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  12. Our house was filled with baking smells
    During that special time of year.
    You always decorated so well
    And, to you everyone was a dear.
    But this Christmas time I must tell you
    Your Xmas touches I never have outgrew.
    Thank you Mother for all you’ve done
    You made our Christmas so much fun.
  13. If every child had a Mom like you then every child would be happy at Christmas and the whole year through. Thank you Mom for all you do.
  14. Christmas Message for Sisters

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  15. You stole my clothes and make up too
    And often pretended you had the flu.
    But then I think of all the joys
    That we as kids had with our toys.
    A sister you have been
    But now you are a true friend.
    Merry Christmas Sister
    May you have much bliss.
  16. The days get busy, the years fly by but you my Sister are always there. Thank you and blessings I send to you at this special time of year, you are wonderful and thoughtful and I love you through and through.
  17. Christmas Message for Brothers

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  18. My brother my friend you mean so much
    You always stayed in touch
    You are always there
    No matter how I faired
    In good times and in bad
    You always made me glad
    To have a brother like you
    Is love so true.
    May this Christmas be
    A happy one for thee.
  19. We trim the tree, we deck the halls, but you my brother are the best of them all. Wishing you a Merry and Happy Christmas.
  20. Christmas Message for Grandmothers

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  21. Grandmothers are sweet and special too
    But you my Grandma are better than Pooh
    The Christmas poems that you read me
    While sitting on your knee
    Bring back happy memories.
    Days of young, days of care-free
    You my Grandma will always be special to me.
  22. A Christmas wish to a special lady in my life; one who always has time for me; one who has always made me feel special and loved, you Grandma are the best.
  23. Christmas Message for Husbands

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  24. God’s gift to me was you
    For that I will always be true.
    He blessed me with a special guy
    One that money could never buy.
    Oh, I am so thankful for that gift
    I pray that we will never drift.
    Our love continues to grow
    It is stronger than all the snow.
    Merry Christmas my Husband dear, Happy New Year too
    Always remember my love for you.
  25. Christmas Message for the One I Love

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  26. You make me laugh, you make me smile
    You make my life all worthwhile.
    The day you entered into my life
    It took away all my strife.
    Your kindness and gentleness gives me peace
    And just causes my love for you to increase.
    A Christmas greeting I send
    to tell you my love for will never end.
  27. Merry Christmas to the one I love. Life with you is like Christmas every day!
  28. If I could write Christmas Poems for you
    they would express my love for all you do
    they would tell how much I care
    when I’m with you I feel secure and not scared
    I would tell the world you are the best
    You are better than all the rest!
  29. Christmas Message for Family and Friends

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  30. May your house be filled with laughter, may your tree be filled with gifts,
    But may remembering the reason for the season give your heart a lift.
  31. I was blessed when God sent you as a friend. I appreciate you and all you do – your kindness, your laughter, and your always being there.
  32. Holidays and surprises make this time of year special. Children and Santa bring a special twinkle to all who are near. The birth of our Saviour is foremost in our minds. This message is sent to remind you of all these times.
  33. The miracle of Christmas comes every year, and at this special time we hope life has been kind. That you have all things that Santa may bringand happiness is with you not just today but the whole year through.
  34. From our house to your house, blessings of the season to you. May your home be filled with the warmth of family and friends and happiness and peace be with you.
  35. In this beautiful season our wish is that you may you be happy, healthy, and merry.
  36. Wishing you positive times, good friends, and a world of happiness.
  37. May your Christmas be full of great surprises and good cheer. Our Christmas wish is for you is one filled with happiness and love.
  38. Best wishes, family love, and warm memories to a person we appreciate.
  39. May God bless you and give you much peace and happiness this Christmas. Wishing you peace and blessings!
  40. A message for you my friend, trusting God that your Christmas will surround you with those you love and cherish.
  41. Peace to you and your family. The one day of the year that the world stops and reflects. Our prayer this Yuletide and for the coming year is peace for one and all.
  42. We all face challenges and difficulties, but during this season it reminds us that we are to have faith and hope.
  43. If I had one wish for you this season, I would wish that the love of God and the brotherhood we all share be with you.
  44. Christmas is a time when everything stops; everything closes, everyone is home. My message to all my friends and family this year is for you to take the time and reflect on why this happens. At no other time of the year does everything come to a standstill. In a sense it is a miracle in itself.
  45. Be of good cheer – you are blessed. Take the opportunity to help others – you will be a blessing. And be thankful for all you have during this wonderful time of the year.
  46. God was sending us a message of love when Jesus was born. A message of forgiveness for those who believe.
  47. During this Christmas we give thanks for all we have. And you are one person in our life that we are thankful for. Thanks for your love, your support, your encouraging words, for just being you!
  48. From sparkling eyes to twinkling toes, may this Christmas bring you lots of snow!
  49. May the miracle of Christmas touch your heart this season and may the wisdom of God be with you this coming year.
  50. I hope Santa gives you all your wishes, may he fill your tree with more than dishes.
  51. Christmas comes but once a year and we hope yours is full of lots of cheer! Relax, have fun, celebrate, but always remember the true meaning of the season, my dear.
  52. May the spirit of Christmas touch your heart and may all your wishes come true.
  53. Merry Christmas to a special friend! Friends like you make not only Christmas special but the whole year through.
  54. A magical time of the year, a time for festive fun, but also a time to say we appreciate you and all that you have done!
  55. At this special time of year we want you to know we are thinking of you and we are sending you this note to wish you all the best all that life can be!
  56. May the birthday of Christ remind you of the miracles of this season. Wishing you many miracles this Christmas.
  57. Blessings and peace are my wish for you during this Yuletide season.
  58. Thanksgiving and Christmas a time to reflect and be thankful for all we have. And, you are always on my list of blessings. This message is one filled with thanksgiving and love.
  59. May your heart be filled with joy and hope this Christmas time as you celebrate the birth of our Saviour.
  60. My wish is that your Christmas be bright and merry. And may our friendship never change.
  61. My this message of love and peace fill your heart and your home this Advent season.
  62. Christmas is a time of holidays, wise men, and presents; but never let us forget to have faith and remember the reason of this season. Wishing you all the best this Christmas.
  63. Our wish for you this Christmas is that it will be one full of all of your favorite things and may the kindness of the season fill your heart.

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