Courage Or Not

Courage Or Not

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What is it to show courage? Most people might at first think about courage in relation to soldiers during battles. But, there are other types of courage that speaks more about the human spirit than courage that is shown on the battlefield.

A Friend Of Mine
A good friend of mine was a major drug addict. He told me recently about some of his drug use, its severity; it’s all consuming hold on him, which drove him to the point of attempting suicide on three separate occasions. Two of these attempts at suicide were using heavy doses of drugs, but both failed and the last attempt was with a rifle albeit he couldn’t follow through with pulling the trigger.

How Does My Addicted Friend and Courage Relate?
You may have noticed that I referred to his drug use in the past tense and that means that he is no longer a user. But, as some of you would know when working with addictions, once an addict, always an addict just the same as once an alcoholic always an alcoholic.

The reason I refer my friend as showing courage is more about the fact that he did not attend a drub rehabilitation center. The major component of his change to clean himself up was not from anyone’s influence but his own. He decided to make a major change in his life, a major change to a former lifestyle that he had been trapped in for many years. His was a hard fought battle, and not a battle that was ended in one short period. His battle raged on for several years.

His courage was self-inflicted; it was a courage shown that saw him through pain and through bouts of depression. It was not a battle like a battle hero where one action told an eloquent story.

This was an ugly battle with all consuming desire to return to drug use, and a use that was more comfortable and where the highs were enjoyed beyond what the battle gave him in return.

Not An Easy Battle
It is not an easy battle to turn away from something that has previously consumed your mind, thoughts and actions. But, with desperation and fear comes the way to return to a normal and fulfilling life. This avenue of return requires action that is so bold and foreign that there may be times of great temptation to stay with drugs because it is comfortable.

But, one does not change without pain and it is this recovery from pain that ultimately reminds a person that they are in control.It was his courage to change, to lead a life that was devoid of letting drugs control him, and one where there was hope to lead a life where he could have his own home and a real relationship.

He brought his courage along with him when he started to develop a craft that saw him locked in his little room for a week at a time not allowing his attention to his new craft to falter.

It was a craft that eventually allowed him to rent his own apartment, and to later buy his first home. It was his courage today that keeps him from returning to drugs when he recently lost the love of his life – his wife of nine years.

Courage comes in many forms and it is the courage that can see people through devastating odds, or death, or calamities.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“Don’t you ever say that you have no courage to do anything, as this is the best option available with you. You cannot be victorious without having courage.” C. Sponias

“Fear often rears its head when you’re ready to make a change in your life.” Cat O’Connor

“If there is one great need of mankind today (for both Christians and others) it is hope.” M. A.Dixon

I’ve noticed two opposite responses in most individuals: first, they desperately want to overcome their fears and live with courage, joy, and freedom, but second, they fiercely resist the necessary changes. Garrett Gravesen, 10 Seconds Of Insane Courage: How To Unlock Your Courage To Unleash Your Potential

There’s absolutely no way to save people from the things in their eyes. They must gather the courage to do it for themselves. Alvin Lester Ben-Moring

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