Experiences Throughout Life

Experiences Throughout Life

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In the morning, the dawn peeks through the shaded window, and the cold is still there seeping around the window edges. The morning starts out with a hot cup of coffee, putting the dog out to do her business, and putting on the eggs for breakfast. All of these daily experiences seem to develop into a pleasant routine without interruption.

Our Normal Routine
Most days, we all go about our normal routine without giving it much thought. We know that we can depend on our routine to start our day the way we want with control firmly in our hands. Part of our satisfaction and part of our security is to know what to expect, what to look forward to and it is this safe expectations that firmly ground us to face a new day at work or whatever we venture to.

As we leave our secure home environment, we thrust ourselves into a whole new world where our security and control are limited. We put ourselves at risk as we drive, as we walk across the street, or as we take a plane or a train. Each one of these experiences has little personal control. We cannot control the traffic around us, or the drivers, or the bus drivers, or the pilots or train engineers. We put ourselves into a world that erodes our sense of being secure.

But, What Do These Experiences Tell Us About Life?
These experiences tell us plainly that we have to be aware of our surroundings and to take whatever prudent measures we can to maneuver through all things that is out of our control. Experiences also tell us that we cannot incapacitate ourselves with worry – the kind of worry that prevents us from going about our daily requirements. It also tells us that we should live each day wholesomely, with a positive disposition, with kindness and definitely with laughter and thankfulness. It tells us these things because we never know when our time is up, when we may cease to exist on this earth.

Life is meant to be experienced but not just through shuttered eyes with blindfolds preventing extended and complete vision. Life is to be valued, shared, where continuous appreciation for what we can do when we want, for all those things that we take for granted but do not make a big impact in our lives because we are spoiled and come to expect them, or believe they are our rights.

Each one of us has an obligation to review our lives through the veil of what the world sees as have and have not. For those of us who live in a democracy, we need to appreciate what that freedom entails compared to millions of others who live in fear, reprisals and tyranny.

We also have the option of seeking a better education whereas millions do not even have a chance to learn how to read or write let alone obtain higher education. You also need to appreciate the value of the opportunities to establish a life you want without limitations or prejudice where millions of others in the world suffer from severe penalties for moving outside a very narrow and strict definition of rights to do as they want.

Life Is An Experience
Our experiences can be used much better if we keep our eyes, ears and minds open to what is really happening around us. All of our experiences can lead to a much richer life if we allow our minds to carry forth these experiences and build on what is good and work to eliminate what is bad.

Life is an experience as seen through only your eyes and through your mind. You have complete control about how you perceive and value that which comes across your path each day – you can see value or you can see loss or negativity – which you see is up to you.

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