Faith Quotes Page 5

Faith Quotes Page 5

Faith means doing what you know is right even if you aren’t sure God is there to cheer you on. C. P. Fagan, iDoubt: When Faith Falters

Discoveries will come that seem to undermine faith. Faith will not be fazed. It will emerge stronger, wiser, and deeper. Randall Stewart, 5 Reasons: Why I Still Believe in God

Those who put their faith in this great mystery of God’s consolation carry their joy in the midst of their sorrows. Camille Alice, 2010: A Book of Grace-Filled Days

Children who see parents model care, love, respect, generosity, self-control, integrity, and faith in Christ are much more likely to exhibit those traits in their own lives. Mark J Musser, Parenting Essentials

Be ready at all times to give an answer to anyone that asks you of the faith in you. Archbishop Gloria Grace, The Heartbeat of God: Salvation of Lost Souls

The more time you devote to the hearing of God’s Word, the more your faith will grow and the stronger you’ll become. Wayne Davies, Top 10 Reasons to Read the Bible Today

How important it is that we show the reality of our faith and of our walk with the Lord, by sharing the good things of His Word with each other. Brian Johnston, Healthy Churches – God’s Bible Blueprint For Growth

God is the author and finisher of our faith. Faith is something He gives us through His Word and in proportion to our readiness to receive it. K. P. Yohannan, A Life of Balance
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Just as you trust Him by faith for salvation, He wants you to grow in faith day by day – learning more of His love, His Word, and His plan for your life. Cary Schmidt, done.: What most religions don’t tell you about the Bible

Faith in living does not ask why. Faith in living asks how and does it. Anne Wilson Schaef
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Don’t put your faith in religious institutions, preachers, teachers, or any other human beings. Why? Because you will eventually be disappointed in all of them. Instead, put your faith in Jesus. Britt Gillette, Coming To Jesus: One Man’s Search for Truth and Life Purpose

If we say we have faith, but the workings of our life don’t reflect that faith, that faith is either asleep or dead. Ted Dekker, Waking Up: How I Found My Faith By Losing It

The Creator of Heaven and Earth now revealed in Jesus Christ who indwells each believer by faith. Sterling Carroll, Gospel Powered Apologetics
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If we say we have “faith”, then we must live like we do. And the “waiting place” is precisely the “place” God uses to examine our faith and see if it is genuine. Cherie Hill, Waiting on God

Belief is not the same as faith, just as religion is not the same as spirituality. Stephanie Gunning, Audacious Creativity

Studying God’s word helps prepare us to share our faith more effectively. Clive Nicholson PhD, Baptism: let’s not water it down!

Without faith we can’t hear what God is saying Faith operates from a higher law than the natural laws of matter, space, and time. Bill Vincent, Glory: Revival Presence of God
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Keeping a prayer journal is a lifelong habit of many women of faith. LuziAnna Georgia; Hattie Bethan-Yaad, Deacons Wives 22

Trust God throughout your day. Relinquish control to Him each day. Have faith in what God can do. Dawna Hetzler, Walls of a Warrior: Conquering the fears of our hearts

Unfortunately, scripture doesn’t go into detail about what happened in the lives of these individuals who were witnesses and beneficiaries of Jesus’ miracles. It’s reasonable to conclude though that their faith grew much stronger in the Lord. Ramsey Coutta, Faith Surge

Have faith in an age-old success system of purpose clarification and goal setting, then plow forward to set your goals for your charmed life. Linda Drevenstedt, Life Path by Design

If you know that you are working hard, then you also need to have faith in the work you are doing. Like they say, “Best things come to those who wait”. Brandon Cutt, Positive Thinking

Doubt is part of healthy, authentic faith. We must face our deepest questions about God if we are to have a faith that is genuine. Jeremy Harrison, Rethinking Depression

There are many such stories in the Bible – Moses, Isaac, Jesus, and more – stories of children who overcame great odds and parents with steadfast focus and faith who raised them so that they changed the world. Marianne Clyde, Peaceful Parenting: 10 Essential Principles

The word then shows us how to receive the forgiveness of God. When we follow its instruction and we repent and call on God in faith, we experience the reality of being forgiven. G B Woodcock, One with Christ | Series One

The Lord is willing to teach us how to know the difference between our own anger and His. Our part is to believe and step out in faith. Carolyn Molica, Wings

God credits you with Jesus’ righteousness through your faith in Jesus, and what he has done for you in his life, death and resurrection. Robert Medlin, Pleasing God

The health of your ministry to the community at large is directly connected to the health of those within “the household of faith.” Jonathan Daugherty, Purity 301: Serve

Knowing God’s word is how we acquire faith. Mark S. Taylor, After These Things Path to Discipleship
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But faith relates to our dependence on Him. It alludes to convincing Him we want to depend on Him, so He will place His Spirit in us, thereby, baptizing us into the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Russell M. Stendal, The Morning Star
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Joining God’s forever family through saving faith in Jesus Christ is the first step to a truly happy and blessed life…eternal life. Michael Faber, Keys to a Happy Life

When branches are connected to a nutrient-rich vine, they produce grapes. It’s inevitable. And when people are connected to Christ through faith, they produce obedience. It, too, is inevitable. Preston Sprinkle, Charis: God’s Scandalous Grace for Us
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I want my children to have a strong foundation, to help them maintain a faith in God throughout their life. They are growing up in a world that is quickly turning away from God. Dennis Lominac, My Family is My Life

They give up and quit, when just a little more determined hanging on, just a little more faith and perseverance – just a little more STICK-TO-IT-IVENESS – would have turned apparent certain failure into glorious success. Herbert Armstrong, The Seven Laws of Success

Don’t hide your faith; be proud of it. Pat Gelsinger, The Juggling Act
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Of course, the bible is also there for our comfort and to help increase our faith. C. L. Griffin, Practical Daily Devotions
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In other words, if we say that we have faith in God, but we are not doing God’s works, the work that God has called us and empowered us to do, then we are just playing games Russell M. Stendal, God’s Plan for Spiritual Battle
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God is trying to build faith in us, and that is not easy. In order to achieve that, He has no choice but to put us through challenges and difficulties. Gerald Flurry, John’s Gospel

God invites you to trust Him, and to add light and life to your faith through the Bible, which is God’s word to us. Pinkie Bagele Taolo, The Letter: Destiny revealed

Sometimes, faith means jumping in when it doesn’t make sense just because that’s what God has asked you to do. It means allowing Him to work even when you can’t understand what He’s doing, knowing that that’s what it takes to belong with Him. A Kilbourn, Walking with Peter
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However, there is one thing that needs to be said: if we do pray at the start of the day, we will have more faith to recognise and appropriate the blessings when they come. Rob White, Teach us to Pray
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In all honesty, if we’re truly going to keep our faith in an upsidedown world, we must sincerely acknowledge God in all our ways – not through mere lip service or frivolous Christianese banter. We must adopt, as our core value, the determination to allow God to take the reins of our life, to lead, direct, enact, and control our lives at His discretion. Sarah Bowling, How to Keep Your faith in an Upside Down World

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