Gift Of Love In Many Ways

Gift Of Love In Many Ways

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There are many gifts that we give through the course of a year, and some of these are for special people in our lives as well as for many friends and family. Sometimes, these gifts are really no more than an acknowledgement of friendship, or those given to commemorate a special day like a wedding anniversary or a birthday.

How Many Are Gifts of Love
Have you thought, though, how many of these gifts were gifts of love? The difference is that gifts of love need not be, and most probably are not, materialistic.

These gifts of love can take many forms including the love of a mother for her children to protect them from harm, or the love shown through sacrifice of time or energy so that another may benefit from your action.

My Experience
A gift of love can occur in the strangest of ways as was experienced by my sister and I many years ago. My sister had recently bought a new car for her daily commute to and from work. She taught school in a small farming community and needed her car for her work and, as everyone else, to get to a larger town for groceries.

We lived in a snow belt and as it turned out, my sister picked me up from home to go with her to town. It started out as a pleasant winter day with only a few snowflakes falling. The roads were in good shape for a winter day and so we didn’t give any thought to our drive. And, as she knew from past experience, she had emergency supplies in the car including a heavy quilted blanket that we had often taken with us as kids for our drives with our parents. It was a great blanket and while many years old, it was fondling remembered as part of our youth.

As we drove, it started to snow heavier and heavier until we could hardly see ahead of us. Now, it was time to be concerned. The wind whipped the snow so fiercely that you could barely see the car in front even with its taillights on. Then, suddenly, the car in front braked quickly and so did we. We came to a complete stop avoiding hitting the car in front, and then we saw it through the swirling snow.

Two vehicles had met head on in the blinding whiteout. There were a couple of other cars stopped but no police. I knew I had to go and see if I could help, and I told my sister to stay in the car. I got out, went to the accident and saw a young woman alone in the drivers seat obviously trapped from the force of the collision. It was still cold and frigid with the snow constantly blowing and whipping into our faces. Several men were trying to pry the seat back to get the trapped woman free but they were having no success.

I quietly spoke to the woman and told her that help was coming even though I didn’t see any nor did I know if the police were called or an ambulance. I couldn’t do anything for her except reassure her that she would be fine and that she would be freed in a few minutes. She was shivering uncontrollably and I was concerned about her going into shock. So, I knew I had to keep her warm but how? Then, I remembered our emergency heavy blanket and set off to get it. I told my sister, in very few words, that I was going to wrap the woman in our blanket.

I got the blanket, returned to the car, and wrapped her snuggling in its warmth. All she said was thank you. And, just at this point the police arrived. I figured that there was nothing more I could do so I told the woman again that she would be freed soon and would be just fine and that the police had arrived to help.

I left her wrapped warmly and returned to our car. The weather had started to clear so we decided that it was time to move on since the police had arrived and there were still several men still helping. We never saw her again; in fact, we didn’t even know her name or where she was from. My sister and I talked about our bad trip on several occasions later. Sooner or later, the conversation usually mentioned our faithful heavy and warm blanket often wondering what happened to it. We hoped that the young woman kept it and still has it.

Different Forms
Gifts come in all forms. Maybe, our blanket was a gift to another who needed it more.

Inspirational Quotes To Consider:
“Humanity is the best religion for human beings as we all have come as human beings; so our first duty is to attain humanity and practice humanity by giving love, ensuring peace and having self-control.” Anuragam Vatsa

“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.” Tony Robbins

“Being generous of spirit is a wonderful way to live.” Pete Seeger

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