Grrrrh Life’s Mountains

Grrrrh Life’s Mountains

Author: Byron Pulsifer, ©2012

Everybody should have a daughter. If you want to really put your patience to the test, develop nerves of steal, and make yourself prematurely gray, you just have to get one of these.

Difference Between Boys and Girls
And, if you want to be the one who is always there at their beck and call, well, that me. It is much different with boys. I am not at their beck and call but there is something about that little rascal girl that keeps me on a string just like I was a pet puppy or something. I’m surprised I don’t bark because I have sure learned how to sit.

A Funny but True Story
The funny thing though is how life’s mountain seems to take on a different pitch and steepness when they move out. It seems, that for a short while anyways, one gets to delve into a normal life doing what you always wanted to do, going anywhere you want without having to put up with all the moans and funny faces a daughter makes at you when she hits those teenage years. And, just dash me to the wolves when my wife and I got up to dance to the Beach Boys at an outside concert when she went with us along with one of her teenage friends. To see the look on her face, you’d probably thought that I just became a scary, hairy monster right out of the deepest darkest hole. I’ve never seen two young women bolt out of the stadium leaving behind a trail of sparks just like a drag racer right off the line when the light turned green. Oh, the joys of a daughter – you just have to get one!

The Years Go By
As the years went on, she met a great young man, got married and had her own daughter. Well, my granddaughter is just the cutest little bundle you ever did see and she is one full of life and a fantastic, infectious smile. She is a real live wire and as time has rolled on, she is now at the great old terrible twos but in Nanna and Gramp’s eyes, she does do no wrong. She is just a normal little girl developing all those keen senses of adventure and a genuine zest for learning new things. But, what does the daughter think?

Well, have you ever heard that word payback‘? Well, guess what? Our cute little granddaughter is driving her off the deep end at times, and keeps her mother hopping around like one of those energizer bunnies you see on TV. The minute she sits down, she’s up again chasing after baby – baby who is just exploring every nook and cranny and finding that climbing on things brings a whole new world of possible discoveries. We were just on the phone with the daughter this afternoon when her little one did something to set mother off again. Well, you know what we heard over the telephone – a grrrrh! That’s right – a grrrrh! Did you ever hear a mother grrrrh? Well, truth be told, I should have learned to grrrrrh when she was living with us – maybe I could have just scared her into behaving – yeah right.

Wouldn’t Change A Thing
Well, there is a lot that one could say about daughters and a lot of things that a new mother could say about her daughter. But the one thing I’ll say is this: I’d never replace, for a minute, all those years of her growth, quests, pouts, moans or funny faces. I appreciate every moment and still do. And, I know my daughter will value her own daughter’s growth as the years go on. It is a special joy, a special appreciation, to have such a wonderful daughter and granddaughter in one’s life – appreciate what you have for time goes by far too fast.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“To a father growing old nothing is dearer than a daughter.” Euripides

“Sisters, mothers, and daughters share a special bond that lasts a lifetime. “Catherine Pulsifer

“Patience takes faith. The one who has real patience rests in the knowledge that all things will work out eventually.” Jillian Hall

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