The Humorous Foot

The Humorous Foot

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Is there never a good time for humor? I suppose you could say so if humor is extended at those times of terrible circumstances like a funeral or tragedy. But, for all other times, humor is one of those great extensions of warmth and humanness. I especially like to inject humor at times when I am far from enthusiastic doing what must be done.

Take the times I am working at our craft booth where the hours can be long, the air cold, or damp, and the visitors appear as if they just got out of the wrong side of the bed.

Use Your Smile
The easiest way to prepare to put a little humor into the lives of others, and to make life a lot more pleasant for you, is to start off by using your facial muscles to smile. The thing about starting with a smile is that you already start to disarm those who appear grumpy or unpleasant. But, in order to begin the entire humor stream, you must be prepared to stick your neck out with the very real possibility that it could be chewed off.

“Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.”
James B. Conant

But, my personal philosophy is quite simple: bring a smile, a sense of humor and openness with you wherever you go and you will be rewarded with warmth, a smile, or at the very least, a smirk.

It is always best to be the one extending your little humorous quips simply because you do not have to wait and hope that someone else will.

There Is Always A But
But, not long ago, I was traveling and had to pass through customs on my way to the plane. Being my usual witty and humorous self, I tried some friendly banter with a certain custom’s officer. Wow! I got shot down in flames quickly and without mercy. So, I guess I have to add ‘custom officers’ to the list of ‘no sense of humor’. Oh well – so I got shot down, but I survived although barely. I guess I should have clued in a lot earlier especially since I was told very clearly that I could not smile for my passport picture. I guess that meant that I would meet a lot of non-smiling custom officers – oh well, you can’t win them all.

Having Said That
But, I still firmly believe that a little humor goes a long way in life. We need to not only be able to laugh at ourselves, but to take a deep breath when we get far too serious far too often.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs -jolted by every pebble in the road.” Henry Ward Beecher

“Make allowances for your friends’ imperfections as readily as you do for your own.” H. Jackson Brown

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.” Irish Proverb

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