A Pearl Of An Idea

A Story About Passion and Ideas

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There are a host of ideas but few people ever follow through. There are also notable exceptions where a person has an idea, takes that idea, adds a little passion, and with further continued effort, makes the idea a pearl.

We Saw An Example
We were attending a craft show several years ago and as is our practice, we toured the entire show looking to see what was new or different.

As we turned a corner, we could hear a lady talking to a group of onlookers. As we approached, we saw what was being discussed. It turned out that she had taken a select number of very pretty and distinct shells gathered from a multiple number of beaches and cut and ground the best and prettiest parts to make jewelry. She was explaining to her attentive audience that native Canadian Indians had used these very shells as wampum – a type of native currency used to pay for goods purchased from traders.

Now, we have seen a lot of crafters come and go over the last few years and part of the biggest factor that they fade into the sunset is their lack of passion for what they do. They start out with the wrong idea – which idea is to only make money with little or no real passion for their craft whatever that may be. And, like everything we do not have a passion for, it is very easy to give up when it becomes too much work. Work without passion is work rather not done.

When we first met this lady, who we now call the pearl lady, she was just starting out. She told us that both she and her husband had left their respective day jobs and were now going to devote their full attention to their unique craft. A gutsy move indeed especially since making a living from a craft is a hard one as many artists and artisans have found over the many years.

She Took A Risk
As time went on, we started to recognize her distinctive jewelry products in more and more places including retail craft stores, museums, drug stores and in tourist shops. Her unique jewelry not only was distinctive but she had added even more creative additions to her full line of jewelry and had improved her presentation with new higher quality display boxes. She certainly had not faded into the sunset but, instead, had made her own sunrise.

Discover Your Pearl
What does it take to discover a pearl, a passion that transcends your life and becomes one with you?

Many people strive for years to know exactly what it is they would really enjoy doing but most never seem to be able to answer the question completely. Some try different things for a few years and then fall into the same old rut over again. They go from passion, to boredom in only a short time. Is it because they have not found a real passion, or is it that nothing they could possibly find would remain a passion for any great length of time.

In this situation, it may that the person who seeks a passion is not ready in that they have not determined what it is yet that would make them totally committed for a lifetime or at least for a great majority of their life.

My Advice Is This
You may nor yet know what it is that really gets your engine revving but that doesn’t mean you will never find it. Sometimes, I have noticed that several people I know have found what they really loved to do much later in their life when all those other demands have lessened somewhat.

Take for example, a person who has devoted most of their life to rising a family where responsibility for clothing, food, shelter and education have taken their time and energy. In this case, it is entirely possible that this person will now be able to devote their time, energy and resources to an interest that they have always wanted to purse but just could not because of the other demands that I mentioned earlier.

A Key To Success
Passion is one of the major keys to success and the pearl lady demonstrated just how far you can go and go.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“You should enjoy your work, so pursue something you find interesting, and if you work hard at it, it will turn into a passion.” Cary Bergeron

“Passion is in all great searches and is necessary to all creative endeavors.” W. Eugene Smith

“Successful people don’t just rest on their laurels. They continuously make adjustments and improvements in themselves, their craft and their strategies.” Skip Powell

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