How To Attract Positive Energy

How To Attract Positive Energy

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Do you attract positive energy? If you don’t know how, then read on to learn how to attract positive energy in each day of the year.

The Greatest Demise

The greatest demise of many thousands upon thousands of people in each day of their life is the feeling or belief that negatives, or bad things, or unlucky me things constantly hound their every step. For these types of people, each morning they awake is not filled with a sense of awe but, instead, a sense of gloom. However, for some of these thousands of people a sense of awe casts it’s rays of light upon them on the weekend.

And, unfortunately, for thousands upon thousands, the weekend is no different than each other day of the week with a sense of gloom far outweighing the awes.

Is There A Way To Change

So what does this mean? Is there a way to change from doom to light, from unhappy to happy, or from negative to positive?

To begin to formulate the “how to” attract positive energy in your life, I would like you to contemplate the meaning for each point in the following list. My view is that contemplation, that is, thinking about how a statement personally affects you is one of the best starting points for any positive change in one’s life. Why do I say this?

Simply put, active thinking engages the gears of the most powerful tool there is for positive change and that tool is your mind. The more your mind connects, strains, reflects, synthesizes information, actions or behaviors the more apt you are to encourage your own personal transformation or positive changes in thinking and behavior.

So, the challenge to you is to think, digest, contemplate, and dissect each statement in the list below that talks about the “how to attract positive energy”.

1. Start your day with quiet reflection on each blessing you already have.
2. Listen to gentle or uplifting music rather than news, traffic or weather reports
3. Treat everyone the way you want to be treated
4. Abandon your desire or need to control every issue, circumstance, or person
5. Learn to find the positive in every circumstance rather than focus on the negative
6. Deal with the issues of today not those that are possible in the future
7. Arise with positive expectations for the day ahead rather than with concern, tension or dread
8. Be prepared and willing to eliminate negative influences in your life
9. Recognize your self-worth instead of seeing yourself as inadequate or undeserving

Let The Positive Outweigh The Negative

Every day, without fail, there is a host of negatives in the world around us. Some of these negatives are passed down by family and friends, and some are in every conversation you hear between co-workers, or those you just happen to hear at the coffee shop, or around the water cooler.

Just Ask Yourself

How many times have you engaged in negative thinking, negative conversations, or personal complaints? If you look at the above list of ways to embark on changing your worldly view of putting positive change in the forefront of your everyday life, you will start to recognize if you contribute to your own negative thinking and behavior.

On the other hand, how many times have you heard positive conversations, conversations of gratitude expressing thankfulness for what we have, of what we can do, or the choice of options that are available to us but are more often than not taken for granted? The idea of being grateful for your many blessings starts at the beginning of each and every day.

For those of us who are blessed to live in a democracy of boundless opportunities should surely outweigh any thoughts that we are hard done by or that we do not have opportunities, chances and the privilege of engaging in a multitude of various kinds of work without infringement or harassment.

We are fortunate to live in a democracy where free choice to do, to have, to be what we desire is available. The sad situation, however, is that most people have lost sight of available options by falling prey to negative messages from those who choose NOT to make the most of countless opportunities.

Positive Energy Mindset

What is really interesting to understand is that you can develop a mindset of “creativity” not “competitiveness”. This concept was clearly explained in a book written in 1910 by Wallace D. Wattles, called “Science of Getting Rich”. Napoleon Hill also wrote about aspects of the power of the positive mind in his book, “Think and Grow Rich”, first published in 1937.

Moaners and Complainers

Despite information available to the contrary, it would seem that a lot of people would rather complain and moan about what they don’t have, can’t do, or wish they could have or do without exercising even one action that could start to turn their lives into a positive.

Sure, there are obstacles – sure there are challenges – no one ever said that you’d get everything you wanted for nothing.

The real fact is this – you can do what you want, have more, be more, but you need to develop a vision, an outlook of possibilities, an outlook of positiveness not an age old path of seeing a problem in everything you view.

Simple Truth

By forming a thought or vision in your mind, you connect to a source of energy that can create what you’re thinking about. If your thoughts are negative, you’ll probably attract negative events into your life. You will see the bad, not the good. The reverse is also true in that thoughts of creating a positive life find their origin in a positive mind.

Think about positives in this way: if you think there is a ghost behind a tree, then, for you, it is a reality but, if you think that there is not a ghost behind the tree then your thoughts and actions mirror exactly what you think in that there is no ghost. To think in a positive way means that you will react and act in a positive way.

Here is an example from everyday life that you can witness for yourself. You can attract positives by being positive just by simply smiling and saying hello to everyone at work. When you smile, in all likelihood, you will receive a warm response in return.

Be A Positive Mirror For Others

Just for a moment let’s talk about your self-worth. To believe you are worthy or a person who has worth simply because they are a human being that can think and express themselves is meritorious. To view yourself as unworthy of being able to contribute to others or to the society around you is to demean your value as a person. And, with the inner acceptance that you are a person of worth can also help others to see that they are also of worth.

This expression of self-worth that flows through your positive actions and behaviors is to plant a seed of positive actions into others. For example, as stated above, if you smile and say hello to everyone you meet, you are telling and demonstrating to that person that they are worthy of attention.

Every person no matter from where they come, or what occupation they have or don’t have is a person of worth. To many people, more than you probably realize, a simple act of kindness, compassion or acknowledgement sparkles their day; it says you care, that you see them as worthy of your attention. If you do not agree with what I just stated, turn the tables and put yourself into someone else’s shoes and see how you would like to be ignored. It’s not a good feeling is it?

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:

“You can complain because roses have thorns, or you can rejoice because thorns have roses.” Ziggy

“The more positive you think, the more positivity you attract. A positive person has the ability to light up the mood of everyone around just by entering a room.” Robert Smith, Positive Thinking

“However, I am also aware that almost any effort towards positive change has a much better chance of success than continuing to do the same things that have gotten us into our present situation and circumstances.” M. A.Dixon, The T.A.S.S.L.E. Plan

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