If Only Someday

If Only Someday


You are ready to make the final move – to get into gear, to rev up the mental engines and take on all comers. Sounds like a car race doesn’t it?

But It Is Not
How many people rev up to get going but then something comes up and gets in the way. Oh well, there is always tomorrow.

Okay, now is the time to consider getting that special course material out of the way before the weekend arrives, but wait. My favorite program is coming on TV, and then I forgot that I promised to meet the rest of the group at the restaurant tomorrow night just after class. Oh well, I can always catch up on the material later.

Put It Off Today
I have met hundreds of people who have made putting off today what can be done tomorrow a science. They have turned the word procrastination into a favorite destination spot and they are marvelously adept at making sure they keep practicing their art.

Some people are so good at it that they should probably call the cops and complain that the thief of life has once again hit their house and stolen hour upon hour, dream upon dream, and good intention after good intention. May be we should appoint a special police force just to catch these thieves because there seems to be a lot of them around.

Yes, that good old procrastination is alive and well and securing more members by the hour. Pretty soon, I bet it is going to be bigger than Google with its millions of users. In fact, I bet it will run circles around the best membership campaigns anywhere in the world.

I am thinking about designing a special logo just for those procrastinators so that they can wear it on their t-shirts, stick it on their golf clubs and plaster it all around the bumpers and windshield of their cars.

And, I also think it would idea if there was the development of a course curriculum at all schools starting with grade school and continuing up to and including universities so that the finer aspects of procrastination could always be taught well and completely. There is also the possibility of developing local groups or chapters and then expanding these chapters across the globe so that fellow procrastinators could communicate on a regular basis unless of course, it is better to put off writing until a later date, or maybe not at all because you are far too busy putting off other important things.

It Is An Art
The art of procrastination does take practice though so do not despair if you do not fully succeed all at once. After all, anything worth doing is going to take hard work and it is best to have a plan to follow so that you do not get derailed at any point. Sure, there are going to be setbacks in your life as you strive to master the art of procrastination; they are going to be times when you find that your action betrays you because you gave in to accomplishing something that couldn’t be denied like having to go to work so you had enough money to pay for food. You need food, I realize this but you can’t keep working if you truly want to procrastinate. The best you can do if you just have to eat, is to get up as late as possible by continually hitting the snooze button, and then you will have no time at all to have a coffee or make a lunch to take with you to work.

The art of procrastination takes effort, work, dedication and perseverance so just realize this isn’t going to be a smooth road to mastery. I have faith in all of you who are on your way in developing a future full of putting things off and let me tell you why I am so supportive.

Better For The Rest Of Us
I salute all you procrastinators out there and hope you keep growing in vast numbers. The reason I do hope so is for one main reason. The more of you there are, the easiest it will be for the rest of us to get ahead, to move quickly and with perseverance to capture those dreams and make them all a reality.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“Time is the one thing we all have in common, but it is also the one thing that we all use differently.” Catherine Pulsifer

“Procrastinating a certain task can be easily solved by only telling yourself that you’ll work on something for a few minutes.” Alex Altman

“Remember, once you have started your journey towards change, the only things that separate those who succeed and those who do not are perseverance and determination .” Ian Tuhovsky

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