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Impact Of Christmas Shoes Song

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There is a very sad song that talks about a poor little boy who wants to buy a pair of shoes on Christmas Eve for his mom who is dying. A stranger helps the little boy by paying the rest of the money owed because he did not have enough. The little boy thanks him and runs off to give his mom those shoes.

The point of this song is quite clear when you think of the true meaning of Christmas. There are so many children who have so little but their parents do without just so they might have a little cheer for themselves at Christmas.

A Troubling Situation
Several years ago, we were introduced to another environment where there are many young people who have very little and some who come from broken homes or worse are living on the street. But, even more unfortunate, these young people all became involved in drug abuse of one kind or another. And, often these young people get help from a treatment center. There are many centers for those willing to get help.

As it happened, our nephew was one of these young people who went for a dangerous journey on the wrong path of life. And, while he was more fortunate than many others with a supportive family, it was through his confinement that we came to be acquainted with many of the heart breaking stories of other young people. Some of these young people were as young as twelve years old already hooked on illicit drugs where their life was going on a deeper and steeper decline.

A Difficult Christmas
Catherine and I were upset that these young people were destined to be alone at Christmas without the possibility for many that they would not receive one gift no matter how small. So, we decided right then and there not to let this happen.

We went back to our home and started to put together thirty small presents of one kind or another that would be suitable to either a young man or woman. And, after we gathered these small presents together, we contacted the treatment centre administrator and asked her if she would mind giving these presents to all the young people at Christmas and leave it up to her to decide who got what. We also asked that we not be identified in anyway with the intent that these young people simply know that someone cared enough to include them in their thoughts.

Help Those Who Have Litte
Each one of us who is fortunate not to have to deal with despair or lack of caring at Christmas can do much to help those who have so little. And, it doesn’t have to be a huge commitment either.

The smallest of gifts whether that be by way of a present, or your attendance, for example, at an old age home, or a treatment centre if permitted where you can simply visit, or if you play an instrument a small recital. To include those less fortunate at Christmas in your life means so much to those whom you touch. We all have the opportunity to impact the lives of others by making a difference by giving our time, love, and money.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“Small acts of kindness can make a difference in other peoples lives more than we can imagine.” Catherine Pulsifer

“We can do no great things, only small things with great love.” Mother Teresa

“You choose to ignore negativity; you choose to love, help and give generously. You choose long term dreams over immediate gratification. You choose to live a great life.” Rahul Badami

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