Meaning of Wealth

Meaning of Wealth

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There are many unhappy people who have monetary wealth. But, does wealth always have to mean money?Wealth means different things to different people. We hope this positive thought will provide thoughts to reflect upon and make you consider the wealth in your life. Wealth is found in many ways and comes in various forms; it does not necessarily mean money.

“Thinking and believing that happiness is in achievements of all desires and expectations, we will spend the whole life in search of happiness without success, with all unnecessary stress and misery. ” Josh Brendan

Does Money Mean Happiness?
It can mean the quality of our relationships. There are many lonely people who have a lot of money but have no real friends. All of their money can not buy friends – that is, a true friend.

“To me, part of happiness is knowing that you have a true friend or friends that can help you through difficulties or challenges.” Robert Rivers

Health Is A Wealth You Cannot Buy
Wealth can also be measured in relation to our health. Even a financially, wealthy person with an incurable disease cannot buy health.

“Look after your health, stretch yourself physically and get plenty of sleep. A tired, sick and inactive body certainly isn’t going to do anything for your confidence, self-esteem or happiness.” Paul BaileySome of the wealthiest people can be the unhappiest. As the saying goes, “money does not buy happiness.”

Recognition Often Ignored
Many of us are wealthy in numerous ways although we simply do not recognize it. Enjoy the wealth you already have in your family and friends, in your health, in your freedom, in your knowledge, and most importantly, in yourself!

Weath Of Spirit Defined
Wealth can also mean that you have a spirit within you that is worth getting to know. That is, you are a person who people turn to when they are in trouble either in a personal or professional way.

You are the kind of person who people cherish in being a really good and genuine friend. You are a person of substance, which means that what you say you will in fact do without making up excuses as to why you cannot.

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