Selling Our Business

Selling Our Business


Have you ever thought that you had finally made the right decision only to find out later that it may not have been the right decision after all? Well, life isn’t perfect – who ever said it was. Things happen, circumstances change and challenges arise for all of us. No life is ever just the way we planned.

Our Story
Some of you many know that my wife and I moved to the country about eight years ago after leaving our corporate jobs and starting our own businesses. The house we bought wasn’t in the best of shape but it had a certain appeal since it was in a great area and not that far from the city. It needed a lot of tender loving care, as the expression goes, and we certainly poured a lot of sweat, toil and money into making it a very comfortable home.

Over the next few years, we started two separate businesses and thankfully both businesses flourished. We really didn’t expect that to be the case, it just seemed to happen. I’m not saying it wasn’t a lot of work or anything like that. For those of you who own your business, you know full well the time, dedication and hard work to make a business prosperous.

But . . .
But, isn’t there always a but, the location we chose could not get high-speed Internet connection. You see, we needed high speed in order to properly work at our websites. No matter how hard we tried, no matter whom we called, we were left with a satellite connection which is fine for surfing the web but not for developing websites.

We All Have Them
Trials and tribulations. We all have them but sometimes they are a blessing in disguise. In our case, we also knew that sooner or later we would have to move closer to the city, as we wanted to be closer to our grandchildren. So, we decided some months ago to buy a little piece of land that would only be a few short miles from the city. But, that was last year and we haven’t done a thing, but there was the hope that we would move there some day in the near future.

As fate would have it, and as tribulations go, the Internet isn’t providing the service we need.

What Do We Do
So, what do you do? Moan, complain, write letters, and speak to anyone who will listen? No. What does that get you? Nothing at all.

The solution is obvious but not something that was necessarily planned this soon to happen. We are going to sell our home and our glass business even though we like it here. But, sometimes trials and tribulations are for the best. It seems that destiny had a plan long ago for us to move closer to the city and here we are ready to make that step.

Things Don’t Go As Planned
Now, a new wrinkle has developed that will probably see us here in our country location for maybe even two more years. You see what I mean. Not everything that is planned will come to you when you want it, or, in some cases may not come at all. So, we shall take a wait and see attitude for the next little while but will not give up our opportunity to move when the time is right. That’s the other funny thing about life. Not everything is on a secure timeline where some things happen sooner than expected, and some things end up being delayed.

Never Lose Hope
Trials, tribulation can lead you down a new path, a new beginning, a much more satisfied life if you understand how to turn each of these conditions into hope and action.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise.” Oscar Wilde

“As we learn to be more grateful for the blessings we have, we tend to be more positive.” Stephen Shaner

“Every day is a new beginning. Treat it that way. Stay away from what might have been, and look at what can be.” Marsha Petrie Sue

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