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The Difference Between Pessimist And Optimist Page 2

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Change Is Needed Right Now
If you tend to be a pessimist, there is a serious life choices to make to start and change your life right now – not tomorrow or next week, but right now. Take a page out of the optimist’s manual for life; see how they react, how they think, and how they respond to making each day more rewarding.

The optimist looks forward to each new day as another opportunity to keep moving forward. If you are more pessimistic than optimistic, wouldn’t you rather look forward to each new day rather than feel that each new day continues to drag you down deeper and deeper?

Change A Habit To Create A New Life
If you are a pessimist right now, there are a couple of things that you will want to consider doing right now to start the change process to become more of an optimist. I know that changing a habit, a pessimist is a habit after all, is to look around at the characteristics of those you associate with right now on a regular basis.

If you do not know exactly whom I mean, just think about the people you talk with when you are feeling down or negative and those who do not say anything to try and change your mind. These are the negative influences in your life and these types of people will never help you become a different and positive person.

An Opportunity to Gain Takes Effort
They will continue to drag you down to their level of despair or negativity. I realize that eliminating these people from your life will at times be very difficult but without taking this action, your progress towards being an optimistic person will never happen.

Choose to be an optimist rather than a pessimist.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“The optimist lives on the peninsula of infinite possibilities; the pessimist is stranded on the island of perpetual indecision.” William Arthur Ward

“When I made the decision to stop complaining and whining about everything, things started to change.”Ron Walker

“You are everything that is, your thoughts, your life, your dreams come true. You are everything you choose to be. You are as unlimited as the endless universe.” Shad Helmstetter

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