Treasure Each Day

Treasure Each Day

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Think about how many hours we spend at work. Think about the number of years that you work in your lifetime. For most people, work accounts for almost half of their waking hours.

Are You Unhappy 50% Of The Time?
If you do not enjoy what you do, you will be unhappy for 50% of each and every day. On the days you go to work, you’ll have no enthusiasm to even get out of bed. As soon as you get to work, you can’t wait for the day to be over. Is this any way to live?

Are You Trapped
I have often heard from a variety of people in many different types of jobs, that they feel that they have no choice but to go to their workplace because they, in essence, feel trapped by circumstances. This feeling of being trapped is probably one of the most debilitating thoughts to hold as you go to work day in and day out never feeling that there is any option. This lack of options means that you are trying to live in a world without hope where what you do or have right now is going to be until the day you can retire.

BUT, if you enjoy your work, you’ll look forward to each and every day as another opportunity to add fulfillment in your life.

“If you love what you do, then it is no longer work. The money you earn is secondary when you love your work. Money can never buy happiness, or peace of mind.” Catherine Pulsifer

Are There Options
So, what options are there in a situation where you feel that circumstances prevent you from finding work that you would enjoy and look forward to going to everyday?

One circumstance that is more common than not is one where you have certain financial obligations, which may include a mortgage or children to feed and support. In this circumstance, it is obvious that you have to meet your obligations and it is not feasible to just quit and look for something better or more enjoyable. However, there may be options right where you work now that can lead to a better work environment.

An example . . . .

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