Be Somebody Not A Nobody

Be Somebody Not A Nobody

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What would you rather be a somebody or a nobody? I think most people really have a desire to be a somebody, and a somebody that is liked and admired by others. The question is do you really know how to be a somebody, or do you really want to remain in the shadows of life?

Sometimes, it is difficult to know just what to do to actually be a somebody that people would want to know, trust, and respect. But, there are a few simple ways that one can have his or her presence felt in a good way.

See The Good
One way is to be known as a person who always sees the good in every situation. This is a person who knows that life always will throw curve balls no matter how much you try and prevent it from happening. But, this is the kind of person who takes everything in stride and always looks for a solution to the issue. This kind of person is known as a doer not a complainer or one prone to use excuses to stop them in their tracks.

Helping Others
If you are a doer, you will be a somebody, a person that people will come to, will count on, and a person to be admired for their ability to move forward no matter what is going on.

A somebody is also a person who does not wait to be asked to do something whether this might be in a work situation or otherwise. This kind of person is the first to respond by saying that they can take on whatever needs to be done. This is the kind of person who makes things happen and does it well. If you are this kind of somebody, you will certainly be noticed and respected.

If you are a somebody, friends that could use a little help will call you. If you are this kind of person, you do not mind in the least of giving up your time or energy to come to a friend’s assistance. You will be valued because you not only say you care but you actually demonstrate it time and time again.

Being a somebody puts you out in front of life not behind it. You are able to decide what is important and what is not. You do not seek wealth for the sake of wealth but know how to use wealth, if you have it, to help the most people most often.

Don’t Be A Nobody
Many people who want to be a somebody, cast a faint shadow in false pretense pretending to care when they really don’t, or pretend to argue for what is right and just but are the first ones who will do whatever is necessary to come out ahead. These are the same kinds of people who pretend to be a friend but are the first ones to find an excuse not to help you, or say they are far too busy right now but call them another time. This person is a nobody not a somebody; a somebody is genuine and means what they say and follow through with the appropriate action.

You do not have to go out of your way to be different than you already are if you have within you the strength of character, a genuine person who really cares for others and shows it in all they do and how they behave. You do not have to be perfect either to be a somebody for each of us has our own faults but we try and correct these as we can, as best we can.

You can be a somebody if you want – you do not have to pretend.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“There are people in our lives we will always trust and put our faith upon, when the time arises.” Akanbi Adedamola

“Be thankful for each new challenge, because it will build your strength and character.” Author Unknown

“Character isn’t inherited. One builds it daily by the way one thinks and acts, thought by thought, action by action.” Helen Gahagan Douglas

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