Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained

Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained


For many of us, we see a future quite different than what we currently experience.

Why Is This?
Simply, we are frustrated, dissatisfied or just plain fed up with where we are, what we have, or whom we are working for. While these feelings roll around in our mind every day, the wish to change becomes even stronger to the point where we desperately hope for some miracle. But, as we also know, miracles are probably less than the chances of winning the lottery. To wish for changes in your life is no better than playing that long shot at the gaming table, the horse races, or the lottery pool. If you think that positive and needed changes in your life will happen this way then your chances to experience those changes are remote if not impossible.

Those Who Wish
Over the years, I have known literally hundreds of people who wish for a better life but either don’t know the basics of how to change, or, even worse, are so risk adverse (or simply afraid to begin to change) that they would rather endure their current situation with all of its problems and frustrations than take a measured risk to change. They would seem to be more willing to expend wasted energy on complaints, whining, or continuing to believe that the world owes them more than to take ANY steps to alter their life.

Those Who Compain
The whiners and complainers even go further to reinforce their plight by spending countless hours recruiting any one than can to their way of thinking so that all they change is to grow an ever greater circle of fellow whiners. And, soon all they have managed to change is to build a resource of like minded people who they can count on to reinforce their negative posturing whenever they need to help confirm that what you have now is all you’ll ever have.Positive change begins with relinquishing the chains of past experience, past careers, past relationships or past complaints. Change for the better commences with the desire to do, to start taking steps towards that vision of a new life. But, desire is only uncharted intent not unlike the desire to sail your ship to the nearest safe harbour but not knowing which way to sail.

A Plan of Action
Desire needs to be turned into a plan of action that clearly shows you which steps to take, how to take them, and when. One of the best ways to guarantee that your new future will NOT be attained is to take the approach that thousands of people take at New Years. That is, make a resolution to change that is devoid of any action steps, measured targets, or a true commitment to follow through. Have you ever made such a New Years resolution only to find that in a few short days or weeks it is nothing more than a very faded memory?

Lasting Change
Now, let’s be honest. To make lasting change in your life whether it be to begin a new career, start a business, reduce your debt, pay off your mortgage or whatever means that some sort of work is involved. This work means effort, continuing commitment, and the grit to keep moving forward when it becomes a lot easier to quit. It means that reaching a goal or target isn’t going to be easy – after all, if it were going to be easy, you would have done it long ago. Every action step you plan to take needs to be taken, not skipped, not put off till you feel like it, or when you’ve got the time. You need to keep your vision of what your future will look like clearly in view, as well as what your life will look like IF you don’t carry on with your plan.

Let’s also be totally candid about making positive change as it relates to your friends and family. If your current friends, family or colleagues are more negative than positive, are more likely to suggest you’ll never make the changes, are more likely to suggest you’re wasting your time, or don’t have the skills to make your desired change, avoid them! I’m serious. And, if you can’t avoid them, search for new friends or like-minded people in clubs, groups, teachers, adult trainers, or develop an Internet blog for positive thinkers, or those making positive changes.

Why Is This Important?
To make the effort, to chart a new course, to take a risk on a new career building strategy, or to start a brand new business is challenging enough without having to listen to those who have no words of encouragement when times get tough, who offer only the same old way of thinking, who are willing to spend more time whining than doing, or who are jealous of your desires because they are too lazy, too scared, or too willing to keep doing what they’ve always done and get what they’ve always got. You have to make a clean break with past friends, acquaintances, or colleagues whose only major characteristics is a knack to find the negative in everything, who relish in condemning everyone who isn’t like them, or who excel in providing every reason imaginable that you are not meant to have more, or be more.

You Must Be Committed
To make positive change requires lasting commitment, lasting commitment requires measurable targets, measurable targets requires detailed action plans, detailed action plans requires a goal you desire, desire requires a positive attitude to change your life, and the option to change your life requires WORK.

Are you ready to make positive and lasting change in your life? Then, take action right now – not tomorrow, not next week – today!

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“What far too many people forget is that there’s always a positive angle to every situation, no matter how dire or miserable or horrible it may seem at first glance.” Alex Uwajeh

“A proactive person is someone who tends to initiate change rather than reacting to events.” Jeffrey Morales

“Don’t lose sight of your goals and commitment. The road to success can be long and hard, but it will all be worth it in the end.” Paul Bailey

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