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A collection of volunteer quotes. Volunteers offer services that may otherwise not be provided without them. We hope these are quotes that you will share.

Why turn a vacation into a volunteer vacation? . . . First, the opportunities presented here are amazing . . . Second, your help is desperately needed. . . . Almost everyone who undertakes these projects returns home proclaiming that their vacations benefited them at least as much as they did the people being served. And when this happens to you, we hope that you'll then take the next step: share the experience. Doug Cutchins, Volunteer Vacations: Short-Term Adventures That Will Benefit You and Others
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But the thing all volunteer vacations share? They shed light. Pam Grout
But the thing all volunteer vacations share? They shed light. They give us a more realistic picture of the world.
Pam Grout, The 100 Best Volunteer Vacations to Enrich Your Life
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Many hands make light work, is an English Proverb. This proverb is so very true. Many volunteer positions know how true this is. When faced with any overwhelming job, if you have others helping you the task is not as bad!
Catherine Pulsifer
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Do you engage in an activity that is advantageous to you whether that be working in the backyard tending to your favourite plants, or engaging in a hobby, or simply taking it easy around the house? Or, you could demonstrate your willingness to serve others in need by volunteering a few hours at a local foodbank.
Byron Pulsifer, Encouraging Life
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Some people consider success as: ... having time to pursue the activities they enjoy; not being tied down to a 9 - 5 job; or having the time to help others or do volunteer work.
Catherine Pulsifer, All Is Going Well
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The building and the services they (hospice) offered to those people who were approaching death by cancer or other terminal illnesses were absolutely wonderful. A very caring staff was always on duty and volunteers were present throughout the establishment to help in any way they could.
Byron Pulsifer, A Lesson in Life
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I can't tell you how many times I have tried to change other people and I have failed. There was one person in particular with whom I am very close; this person was not happy with their life, they were bored and lonely. For years I tried to change them, to help them lead a more productive life. I tried to get them involved in groups where they had an interest. I tried to encourage them to call their friends and plan an outing together. I suggested getting involved with a charitable organization and volunteer their time.
Catherine Pulsifer, Change Yourself
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One thing for sure will outlast you and that is to extend help, compassion and caring to those you meet. This could be in a volunteer position where you are able to assist those in need; it could be as a volunteer in a hospital setting visiting patients; it could be your motivating influence on young people through a youth program or a young family relationship.
Byron Pulsifer, Positive Thoughts of Others
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Earl Nightingale was a motivational writer and author... His career started in the Marine Corps. His volunteer work at a local radio station paid off in later years when he and his wife moved first to Phoenix then Chicago to build what was to be a very successful career in network radio. He retired from radio and bought his own insurance company where he spent many hours motivating the sales agents to greater accomplishments.
Catherine Pulsifer
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When you volunteer your time, .... always give from your heart and give for the sake of giving. Heidi Catherine Culbertson
When you volunteer your time, donate funds, or provide acts of service, always give from your heart and give for the sake of giving.
Heidi Catherine Culbertson, Wisdom and Recipes: Things I Would Have Shared With My Daughter
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Some people are the first ones to respond when a neighbor loses everything in a fire. They offer shelter in their own homes, feed them and give them whatever clothes they have. Others, respond to the needs of the destitute and give of their time to volunteer in preparing meals at a dedicated center, or use their own vehicles to deliver food to anyone that is required.
Byron Pulsifer, Giving Is Fun
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A positive person is the one you meet at work, or casually and can easily tell them just in the body language they display... They are uplifting in their spirit, voice and attitude. They bring life to a gloomy day with their laughter, with their happiness, with their own special brand of wisdom. They are the ones that are the first to volunteer their help, their time, and their genuine demonstration of caring about all those around them no matter where they come from or what they look like.
Catherine Pulsifer, How To Recognize A Negative Attitude
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There is a woman that I know who is sixty-seven years young and who is daily ignoring the gift she has been given - a gift that thousands upon thousands would dearly love to have... Time and time again, many people have attempted to get her involved in a number of activities where she could give of her time and ability to help others as a volunteer, or in a club where she could participate with others as they go on outings or on short pre-arranged trips. But, all these attempts fail completely.
Catherine Pulsifer, A Gift You Are Given To Use
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Remember that your success does not have to be what the culture at the time declares as successful. Too much of the definition of success today seems to hinge on money, power or prestige. How about those people who positively influence a person to break away from crime and return to a law abiding life? What about those people who nurse you back to health? What about those who teach a young mind that they possess their own unique talents. What about those people who volunteer to help those who are less fortunate get back on their feet?
Catherine Pulsifer, One Secret of Happiness
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As a leader, it takes courage to do what is best for an organization, volunteer group, or family. Honestly, it takes courage with any relationship.
Alex Bricker, Insight: Understanding Your Motivational Gifts
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Yes there are a lot of organizations that need your help... One way is to check your local newspaper for organizations that are looking for volunteers. You should be able to find a large number of organizations and you should also be able to find almost any type of need from cancer to abused children to seniors to food banks. These types of organizations can only survive and carry on their dedicated service with the assistance of caring volunteers.
Catherine Pulsifer, You Can Certainly Help
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What is it about those people who seem to get more done, or participate in volunteer organizations, or contribute energy to helping others develop skills outside of their normal working hours? It is simply the ability to organize their available time in such a way that they can accomplish what they need to or want to.
Catherine Pulsifer, Time Will Continue To Tick By
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... for a moment let's talk about how that care and love goes well beyond your work environment. This same care, respect and thoughtfulness extends as you walk throughout your day. It is embodied by the respect shown for those who are less fortunate; to those who need your strength and support when faced with difficulties confronted in a life by the loss of a loved one; it is an expression of acceptance of others even when you don't agree with how they live their life; it is an outflowing of compassion to serve as a volunteer in situations that call for removing yourself from the confines of having abundance to share with others.
Byron Pulsifer, Only Valentine's Day Love
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When you volunteer your time, donate funds, or provide acts of service, always give from your heart and give for the sake of giving.
Heidi Catherine Culbertson
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