Christmas Poems Page 5

The Christmas Star
Poet: Julie Hebert, 2012

Christmas is a magical time,
For young and also old.
The season brings so much to see,
And so many stories are told.

The biggest story of the holiday,
Is of the Christmas star.
Sitting out on Christmas Eve,
We are reminded who we are.

Christmas is about one thing.
Not presents or of toys.
Christmas is of joy and peace,
And happy family noise.

Christmas is the spirit of happiness,
And of being with those you love.
It is a time to give thanks and show your love,
And in times of need, look up above.

Christmas became because of one,
And we have him to thank.
Next time you see that star shine bright,
Say a prayer for Jesus sake.

The Christmas star is a presence,
One in which is a thrill.
Although it seems impossible now,
He stands among us still.

He Stands Among Us Still!
Poet: Nancy Byrd Turner

High in the heavens a single star,
Of pure, imperishable light;
Out on the desert strange and far
Dim riders riding through the night:

Above a hilltop sudden song
Like silver trumpets down the sky--
And all to welcome One so young
He scarce could lift a cry!

Stars rise and set, that star shines on:
Songs fail, but still that music beats
Through all the ages come and gone,
In lane and field and city streets.

And we who catch the Christmas gleam,
Watching with children on the hill,
We know, we know it is no dream -
He stands among us still!

All That is Christmas
Poet: Julie Hebert, 2011

Christmas is more than just presents,
It's love and harmony.
Together with friends and family,
Laughing and being funny.

We sing so many carols,
That we can't forget the tunes.
Christmas is so very exciting,
Especially in the afternoons.

Mornings are about Santa,
Exchanging our lovely gifts.
But afternoons are about loving,
All those who we feel fit.

Christmas Is . . .
Poet: Julie Hebert, 2011

A time of blessings and happiness.
A time of caroling and songs.
A time for giving thanks.
A time for presents for all.
A time of good cheer and friendship.
A time of love for all.
A time for helping others.
But most of all Christmas is a time to stop and thank God for all that we have.

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