25 Affirmation Quotes, Inspirational Words of Wisdom

Here is our collection of Affirmation quotes to help catapult you towards success!

Every day when we wake up in the morning, the first few thoughts that enter our heads are the most powerful. It is these thoughts that can shape our day in a positive or negative way. If we make a conscious effort every morning to wake up and gift ourselves with a positive affirmation, these words will be at the forefront of our minds when we face the day and all the challenges that lay ahead.

Affirmations are a vital part of living a happy and prosperous life. An affirmation is a sentence filled with positive words that will inspire you to think positively about yourself or challenging circumstances. Life can be hard work and sometimes we get sucked into a downward spiral of negativity, this is when affirmations are the stimulation we need to rewire our thinking. So when you are having a bad day just remember this; An affirmation a day keeps negativity at bay!

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I am highly driven and motivated to succeed. I am on the path to abundance. I am creating a wonderful life for myself.

Becca Anderson, Badass Affirmations

Abundance Quotes

One day at a time… and life becomes sublime.

Louise Hay, Power Thoughts

Life is Good Quotes

I have a good life and the more I become aware of all that is good around me, the happier I feel.

Gilly Pickup, The Little Book of Affirmations

Happiness Quotes

Today I will be pleasantly surprised. I am free to make my own choices and decisions.

Nicholas Mag, Conquer the Day


I choose love. This is how I level up.

Stephanie Jameson, The Happy Empath’s Little Book of Affirmations

Love Quotes

I am visualizing a perfect world where everyone is living in harmony and experiencing their life purpose to the fullest.

Jack Canfield, Success Affirmations

Harmony Quotes

I am capable enough to achieve all my goals quickly and easily.

Venkataramana Rolla, Everything about Affirmations and Effective Usage

Never attack. By attacking, all understanding is lost. Express love.


I breathe in love and flow with life.

Louise L. Hay, ‎Alberta Hutchinson, The Affirmations Coloring Book


The problems that I face in this now, have already been dealt with in the other.

Ayana Dardaine, Hope Is Your Name


I focus positive energy on an issue until I get results.

Sharon Elaine, The Book of Affirmations

Positive Energy

My growth is entwined with my positive state of mind.

Jennifer Williamson, Morning Affirmations


I love watching how my positive statements dissolve negativity in others.

Charlene M. Proctor, The Women’s Book of Empowerment


I will find as much joy in today as I want to find. I will try to remember that each moment is sacred and full of promise.

Karen Casey, A Life of My Own: Meditations on Hope and Acceptance


Today’s Affirmation: I choose healthy, supportive, and nourishing reactions.

Brook Noel, Good Morning: 365 Positive Ways to Start Your Day


Daily Affirmation: Today is a day of victory for me. I choose to be victorious in everything I do AND say. Whatever challenge I face today it will not overwhelm me or hinder me.

LaDon Vinnett-Thompson, Time for an Attitude Check challenge

Challenge Quotes

I reject all feelings of low self-esteem. I reject all feelings of low self-worth.

Ashlynn Fields, Affirmed: 30 days of affirmations for women

Feeling Quotes

Affirmation: Today is the best day of my life! Today I will complete everything on my to-do list. Today I will try something new.

Crystal Ermon, Master Your Energy

Each morning when I wake, Happiness is a choice I make.

Tania Joy Antonio, The Affirmation Station

Good Morning Quotes

I am loved and supported and I don’t have to go through life on my own. I can ask for help and comfort when I need it, and will give it back to others when they need it in return.

Katie Piper, Start Your Day With Katie


I affirm with my mind that I have the power to heal myself. My mind chooses the thoughts that create my future moment by moment.

Louise L. Hay, Love Your Body

Healing Quotes

My best is always good enough and everything else is worthy of forgiveness.

Jennifer Williamson, Sleep Affirmations


I choose to change my challenges to opportunities.

Dr Purushothaman, Affirmations To Affirm


My positive attitude, confidence and hard work draws in new opportunities.

Nicholas Mag, Decisive Affirmationsconfidence


My body is a vehicle of energy. I will only allow positive energy to enter and negative energy to exit.

D’Lisa DarLuz, Just in Case Shit Happens

Positive Attitude

When I open my heart, my mind is free.

Ani Trime, Ani Trime’s Little Book of Affirmations


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