35 Good Morning Quotes

Be inspired by our collection of good morning quotes. Sunrise is the most beautiful and wondrous time of the day for many. The world awakens from its slumber and people wake up to see in the beginning of a brand new day.

So get your running shoes on, boil the kettle and take a moment to read through our collection of Good Morning Quotes.

  1. So, you've begun tending to areas of neglect, and you are beginning to feel clearer inside. It’s like taking a nice breath of cool, crisp morning air.
    Richard. L Haight, Inspirience
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  2. Morning folks have the time to organize, anticipate, and prepare for their day.
    Hal Elrod And Others, The Miricle Morning For Couples
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  3. Getting a good start in the morning is the difference between having a mentally and physically good day and a terrible day.
    Sumit Gautam
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  4. Finding Joy in the tiny things -- that the morning atmosphere, a cup of java or the beam of sunlight -- should be a part of what motivates one to get up daily.
    Kaori Gallagher, Ikigai
    Sunshine Quotes

  5. History is replete with observations about the importance of morning and its influence on the rest of our day.
    Joe Polish, The Miracle Morning for Addiction Recovery
    Morning Quotes

  6. To say good morning, is a hope for a new sunshine in a cloudy winter.
    Nabil Toussi
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  7. Every morning is not just a new day. Every morning is a new life. From this morning, you can start living your new life.
    Various Authors, Your Guided Meditation Bestie
    New Beginnings

  8. What if you could become the master of your mornings and establish a routine that supports you not just in waking up but also in defining and creating the life you want?
    Dr Rob Carter And Others, The Morning Mind
    Life Goals

  9. Once you get a good start first thing in the morning, you will realize that half the battle for any upcoming challenge during the day is already won!
    Shining Universe Energy Books, Depression; 101 Powerful Ways To Beat Depression, Stress, Anxiety
    Challenge Quotes

  10. It’s time for you to win every morning! When we win our mornings, we win the day.
    Hal Elrod And Others, The Miricle Morning Entrepreneurs

  11. How you start each morning forms your mindset and the context for the rest of your day. Start every day with a purposeful, disciplined, growth-infused, and goal-oriented morning, and you’re virtually guaranteed to crush your day.
    Hal Elrod And Others, The Miricle Morning For Transforming Your Relationship

  12. Once you get a good start first thing in the morning, you will realize that half the battle for any upcoming challenge during the day is already won!
    Shining Universe Energy Books, Depression; 101 Powerful Ways To Beat Depression, Stress, Anxiety
    Mental Health

  13. Greet each day with the salutation, "Good morning life! I hold you in my heart. As I face the day, may acceptance, courtesy, respect and love be honored as beautiful gifts, and I thank you."
    Gifts Of The Spirit
    Healing Quotes

  14. When I looked out in early morning, opening the sliding doors on the corridor, I saw the morning moon very faint and beautiful. I heard footsteps and people approached—some reciting Sutras.
    Donald Keene, Anthology of Japanese Literature

  15. The first key to waking up is to understand this: your first thought in the morning is usually the same as your last thought was before you went to sleep.
    Hal Elrod And Others,The Morning Miracle For Teachers
    Life Is Beautiful

  16. Mornings are the key to all of it. Mornings are where you take control and chart the course for the life you truly want.
    Hal Elrod And Others, Miracle Morning Millionaires
    Goal setting

  17. I once heard someone describe the morning as the seed that blossoms into what becomes your day.
    Linnea Dunne, Good Mornings

  18. No matter if this before or after your morning routine, set aside time to practice mindfulness before beginning your day by meditating.
    Samai O, Mindfulness In Everyday Life
    Mindfulness Quotes

  19. Every morning presents an opportunity for a fresh start. When we wake up, we can choose our mindset. If the previous day didn’t please us, we can try something new today.
    Ashley Ellington Brown, A Beautiful Morning

  20. The gift of more time in the morning, so easily given and so easily missed.
    Allan Jenkins, Morning

  21. I, alone between heaven and earth, enlightened by—and enlightening—the morning star.
    Bonnie Myotai Treace, Wake up

  22. Practicing a morning routine also helps promote good habits and— sometimes—break bad ones.
    Amy Schmittauer Landino, Good Morning Good Life

  23. There is magic in the morning as the sun kisses the earth.
    Judy Luca, Good Morning World
    Live Life

  24. Cool, crisp mornings and evenings. There is just something about the fell, the smell and the taste of autumn air that makes me think of apples and bonfires and hot dogs.
    Tammy Samples , Joy In The Mornings

  25. Good morning! Where is your focus today? Are you more concerned about the trials in your life or the blessings?
    Regina Flegler, Morning Blessings

  26. Indeed, learning to use mornings well is, in our distracted world, what separates achievement from madness.
    Laura Vanderkam, What Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast

  27. Remind yourself in the morning that you can achieve the goals that excite you and create a life you enjoy living.
    John Marcus, Morning Meditation

  28. May I remind you this morning that although your faith may be under attack by Satan, the battle doesn't belong to Satan.
    Mark Agan, Morning Meditations

  29. Today I will appreciate who I am and what I have.
    Amy E. Dean

  30. I will discipline myself strongly to be a shining example of humanism today, as I proudly adhere to high moral and ethical standards for the benefit of my own life and those around me.
    Barbara Kopitz, Morning Meditations

  31. God bless you, and give you health, happiness, and hope, the real comforters of this nether world.
    Thomas Jefferson

  32. We always hear how breakfast is the most important meal of the day but instead I would say that our thoughts in the morning can be our most important thoughts for the day!
    DuBois, Good Morning Coffee Buddy
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  33. So, you woke up this morning, and your loved ones get to see you another day. Embrace it, because another day after this one isn't promised; it's hoped for
    T McCuen, Smile: You Look So Much Prettier When You Do
    Friday Quotes

  34. Today's blessing is to focus on expanding- expanding a little farther. Pushing today to get to the best level you can.
    Tessa-Marie Shillingford, The Morning Blessings
    Wednesday Blessings

  35. For years, I worked in several organizations and one behavior I always did in arriving at work was comprised of two things at the same time. The first was to say good morning and the next was to smile as I said it. By the time I got to my work area, I had smiled to over twelve people. Now, I admit, there were a lot of mornings when I really didn't feel like smiling or even to say hello. But, I did anyway and the interesting result was that by the time I reached my work area, I felt better.
    Byron Pulsifer

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