25 Authenticity Quotes, Inspirational Words of Wisdom

25 Authenticity Quotes

Here is our collection of inspirational and wise Authenticity Quotes to help remind you to be your true self and to own it!

To live an authentic life is to be an individual who strives to be different from the crowd and lives life via their own rule book. Living authentically will open many different doors, each one taking you on a path filled with adventure and possibility, you just have to be prepared to take more risks and trust your intuition.

When you are authentic, you aren’t afraid to live your real truth taking each step with honesty and pride. You will ever only be truly happy when your spirit is free from restraint to live authentically and by the beat of your own drum.

So now is the time to spread your wings, stop holding back and decide today is the day you are going to start living the unique, authentic and beautiful life you were blessed with and we hope these quotes will inspire you to do so!

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  1. If you are hiding something from yourself, then your authenticity is just a veneer.
    Polly Campbell, How to Live an Awesome Life: How to Live Well, Do Good, Be Happy
    Be Youreself Quotes
  2. Regardless of the specific decisions we make throughout our lives, at the heart of each one is the chance to examine ourselves; to make changes that increase our sense of possibility and accomplishment; and to have a life of authenticity, purpose, and inspiration.
    Matt Walker, Adventure In Everything
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  3. We need to break habits that hold us back from our authentic lives.
    Katrina Mayer, Wholarian Vision: How to Remember Your Connection to Everything
    Habit Quotes
  4. We need to appreciate the unity of authenticity, morality, and happiness.
    Xunwu Chen, Being and Authenticity
    Unity Quotes
  5. The authentic person has natural feelings and is free from artificial ones.
    Livia Kohn, Living Authentically
    Feeling Quotes
  6. To live in YOUR truth is to live in health. Honor your authentic self and all will fall magically into place, one feather at a time.
    Cynthia Brennen, Living, Loving & Unlearning
    Health Quotes
  7. But courage is what ultimately allows us to live most authentically. It allows us to choose freedom, rather than staying caught in complacency and fear.,
    Ezra Bayda, The Authentic Life: Zen Wisdom for Living Free from Complacency and Fear
    Courage Quotes
  8. When you honor your most authentic self…you are allowing your light to shine and touch the world.
    Cindy Trimmm, The 40 Day Soul Fast: Your Journey to Authentic Living
    Light Quotes
  9. Authenticity requires knowing the truth about what you care about.
    Michael Patrick Lynch, True to Life: Why Truth Matters
    Truth Quotes
  10. To be authentic, growth must find a source that rises, again and again, in spite of everything that pushes it down!
    John Paul Lederach, The Moral Imagination: The Art and Soul of Building Peace
    Growth Quotes
  11. For each of us there is the opportunity to emerge reborn, authentically unique, with an enlarged capacity to love ourselves and embrace others.
    Charles Taylor, The Ethics of Authenticity
  12. To live in grace is to be fearlessly authentic and tender, knowing the great breath of divine grace wafts through every moment.
    Marcia Beachy, This Divine Classroom
    God’s Grace
  13. My motto is, ‘Be fearlessly authentic.’ It’s easy to want to change so that others accept you, but the right people will like you just the way you are.
    Jordan Matter, Born to Dance
  14. To be authentic, we have to be aware of who and what we are, what we can and cannot do.
    Rob Elkington, Exceptional Leadership by Design
  15. Becoming more authentic is a grand concept and is far more than avoiding doing bad things like lying and cheating.
    Karissa Thacker, The Art of Authenticity: Tools to Become an Authentic Leader
  16. Second, the secret to authenticity in life is humility.
    The Swindoll Study Bible NLT
  17. Each person has the right to make life authentic, autonomous, and purposeful.
    Cultural Issues in Education
  18. Recognize that the Authentic Self is, by its nature, an agent of change.
    Ric Giardina, Your Authentic Self: Be Yourself At Work
  19. We need to stop looking for permission to live authentically.
    Ananya S. Rajan, Get Real! Fighting the Mythic Woman Finding Your Authentic Self
    Live Life
  20. Confidence is a belief in your authentic self, which means that you trust who you are and your ability to make the right decisions.
    Zachary Wong, The Eight Essential People Skills for Project Management
  21. Your authenticity is your own. You must look then to yourself to shape your own unique authentic life.
    Doyle Doyle, Being You: How to Live Authentically
  22. The authentic person’s inclination is towards openness and transparency with others, but they are not fools. They will refuse to be dragged into needless arguments with people who have no intention of seeing a different point of view.
    Stephen Joseph, Authentic: How to be yourself and why it matters
  23. Each one of us is an artist creating an authentic life. With every choice, every day, you are creating a unique work of art.
    Sarah Ban Breathnach, Creating Communication
  24. Authentic success is knowing that if today were your last day on earth, you could leave without regret.
    Sarah Ban Breathnach, Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort & Joy
  25. When we allow ourselves to be accountable, we are making a decision to live life authentically for all to see.
    Sophia A. Nelson, The Woman Code: Powerful Keys to Unlock Your Lifeaccountability

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