39 Photography Quotes, Inspirational Words of Wisdom

39 Photography Quotes

Photography Quotes
Be inspired by our collection of photography quotes. In this day and age, we are all photographers in our own right due to the advancement in smartphone cameras and with outstanding beauty in every walk of life, it’s no wonder we are all so obsessed with taking the perfect photo. So take a moment to appreciate the value of a good photo and snap up our collection of photography quotes.

  1. Photography isn’t about perfection.  It’s about capturing images that will be pleasing to you and those you want to share the pictures with.
    Marilyn Banyai, How to Take Good Pictures
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  2. Contrary to popular belief, greatness is not achieved by purchasing the newest camera or lens.
    Tavis Leaf Glover, Photography Composition and Design
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  3. At its core, photography is about capturing light.
    Phil Ebiner, Photography Masterclass
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  4. To a certain extent, photography involves being in the right place at the right time, but it really helps if you already know where the right places are and when the right time is likely to be.
    Jo Bradford, Smart Phone Smart Photography
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  5. In short, great photographs are never about photography but seem to be about life, and not, generally, the small things in life.
    Brooks Jensen, The Creative Life in Photography
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  6. Some cultures believe that a photograph can steal your soul and they might be right since that’s the goal of a great portrait.
    Brian Smith, Secrets of Great Portrait Photography
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  7. …may your photos reflect your beauty and the beauty in those you love in a way you never thought possible.
    A. R. Knight, Smartphone Photography
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  8. Photography is not what’s important. It’s seeing. The camera, film, even pictures, are not important.
    Algimantas Kezys
  9. Yet when properly conceived and conducted, photography can accomplish much that is positive.
    Howard Zehr, Little Book of Contemplative Photography
  10. Photography has altered and shaped the path of my life like a close friend and mentor would, encouraging and challenging me, pushing me on to new heights.
    Rachel Lerch, This Side of the Lens
  11. It takes years of practice, but modern cameras are so technically foolproof it’s tempting to think that you can pick up a camera and make great photographs from the get-go.
    Bob Holmes, Advancing Your Photography
  12. There is a natural cycle to photography, as there is to all parts of life.
    Marc Silber; Advancing Your Photography
  13. One of the things most photographers will tell you is that they love photography because it allows the photographer to incorporate so many other fields of study.
    D. James Smith, Photography
  14. It was not until the birth of my first child that I entered the world of family photography, my children being the best motivation to read books, take courses and practice.
    Hector M.Melendez, The Art of Family Photography
  15. It’s worth noting that there is much money to be made with photography these days since all websites websites have a need for pictures and picture suppliers simply can’t get enough.
    Dwayne Brown, Photography
  16. Road trips will inevitably offer amazing vistas and breathtaking views. Shooting through the windshield can yield surprising results.
    Tracey Clark, ‎Andrea Scher, Expressive Photography
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  17. It’s easy to delete extra pictures, but it’s impossible to recreate a moment.
    Tony Northrup, How to Create Stunning Digital Photography
  18. Practice, practice, and more of practice creates perfection.
    Elalaoui Youssef, Settings for Studio Photography
  19. There are many different ways that we might see and feel about the world, and they lead to different pictures and styles.
    Helmut Mohelsky, Seeing with Your Own Eyes
  20. The good news is, like any skill, the more you put into learning and practicing, the greater the improvement you’ll see…
    Tim Boyer, Learn the Art of Bird Photography
  21. Photography is about personal vision.
    Jennifer Wu; James Martin, Photography Night Sky
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  22. The world needs more colour, more bright shades. Clear away the grey skies with this bright cheerful splash of colour, photographs to take your breath away and put some much-needed colour into your life.
    G. S. Parker, Colour Me: Volume 4
  23. Photography is a way to share the world and my life with all those who see my images—to share my joys, my pain, my love, my emotion, my travels and the way I “see” life as it happens around me.
    David McKay, Photography Demystified
  24. A good photographer isn’t someone who knows a lot about photography, but someone who goes out and takes pictures, learning from experience as they go along.
    Graham Gawthorpe, My iPhone and i
  25. I am pleased to see the look of joy and satisfaction on my students’ faces when they capture those once in a lifetime moments in the lives of their children and families, or when they make a beautiful portrait of a friend.
    Ron Nichols, Picture-Taking for Moms & Dads
  26. My camera has taken me all over the world but, much more than that, it has taken me into myself and allowed me to share what I am feeling.
    George Lange, The Unforgettable Photograph
  27. More than your money, photography requires sincere passion. With sincere passion for the art alone, everything else will follow, and will drive you to your success.
    James Stanfield, Photography
  28. Everyone has room to grow and improve. If you haven’t had any training in photography or artistic composition, you’re probably not seeing the potential great photos right in front of you.
    Troy A. Hill, Learning to See Better Vacation Photos
  29. As photographers, we are confronted each and every day with a wide array of choices.
    Harold Davis, Creative Black and White
  30. Like you, I love photography for its own merits, and I view technology as just another tool to help me get the images I see in my mind’s eye.
    David D. Busch, Sony Alpha a7R IV Guide to Digital Photography
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  31. Photography envelops science, art, application and practice.
    Jonathan Cooper, Photography
    Moving Forward
  32. A home-based wedding photography business is an easy choice for those who enjoy being creative and have a passion for taking pictures.
    Kristen Jensen, How to Start a Home-based Wedding Photography Business
  33. But to me, well, beauty is absolute realism, of what is there in truth. Most every painting I have ever seen as too much of what I call “fuzz and blur and obfuscation”.
    Archimedes Plutonium, Science of Art, pictures, painting, visual graphics, camera photography, movie camera, computer images
  34. When I see old photos of me on the beach I don’t look too bad… but it’s hard trying to breathe in for such a long time when I spot the photographers!
    Gary Lineker
  35. On his seventy-fifth birthday a photographer said: “I hope, sir, that I will shoot your picture on your hundredth birthday.” Churchill answered: “I don’t see why not, young man. You look reasonably fit and healthy.”
    William Manchester, The Last LionWinston Churchill Quotes
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  36. Photos can capture our memories in print, but our memories are always with us in our minds. So as you start this day make positive memories to store away.
    Catherine Pulsifer
  37. Basketball is like photography, if you don’t focus, all you have is the negative.
    Dan Frisby
  38. We do not effectively communicate in one sphere just as we can’t enjoy the tremendous beauty of a scene by simply looking at a photograph.
    Byron Pulsifer,
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  39. For every cry there is a hug,For every tickle a laugh.For every song there is a dance,Great memories in photographs.
    Julie Hebert, Supermom
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