50 Self Esteem Quotes to boost Your Confidence

50 Self Esteem Quotes

Let these self esteem quotes remind you how you see yourself determines your level of self esteem. Be encouraged and inspired by these quotations.

  1. In order to achieve true self-esteem and self-confidence, you should be willing to accept that you’re more than capable – both of accomplishing the greatest of things and of making the biggest mistakes. Ryan Cooper
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  2. Low self-esteem arises when we listen to lies about ourselves. Richard Daly, God’s Little Book of Hope
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  3. True confidence will lead to greater success, but only because a confident person is someone who gives, not takes. Truly confident people do not need to prove anything. Beau Norton, Extreme Confidence
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  4. Self-confidence and self-esteem are the two most important aspects of your life, because these dictate your level of happiness. Nathan Smart
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  5. If your self-talk is negative, then your self-esteem will suffer. If your self-talk is positive, then your self-esteem will grow. Krista “KK” Weatherspoon, 50 Things To Know
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  6. There is no single psychological difficulty that cannot be attributed to a lack of self-esteem. And it is so because of all the judgments to which we are subjected in our lives. Pixie Walker, Inspiration
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  7. Notice when self-criticism starts to ring around inside your head. Low levels of self-esteem correlate to lower feelings of happiness, so try to put things into perspective. Lucy Lane, The Little Book of Happiness
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  8. You may sometimes find yourself thinking, ‘I’m not good/clever/witty/educated/fit enough.’ Some of these self-criticisms may be true, but part of being kind to yourself is celebrating what you are good at. Bernadette Russell, The Little Book Of Kindness
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  9. Once you discover how self-esteem works, you will begin to live your life to the fullest ... Genevieve Amor

  10. Once you discover how self-esteem works, you will begin to live your life to the fullest and learn to build a wall of confidence, preventing problems or feelings that may arise from low self-esteem, from ever happening again. Genevieve Amor, Self Esteem
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  11. The great thing about keeping a journal is you can see how far that you have come or how far you still need to go. This can help with confidence and self-esteem when you see the kind of steps that you have made or are making. Heather Rose, Depression Cure
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  12. If you are struggling with low self-esteem you are not helping yourself any by being anti-social. People need to be around people and have healthy and engaging social interaction on a regular basis. Christopher Quinn, Self Esteem Self Help
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  13. As long as you tried your best, you are not responsible for the shortcomings that befall you. Anthony Mannucci, Embrace the Infinite
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  14. Undue criticism, negative talk impinges like a bullet on the confidence and self-esteem of a person with already low self-confidence, whereas positive vibes encourage, help improve. Vinod Kumar Sharma, ‎Vishal Sharma, The Complete Professional Part-1
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  15. Low self-esteem is indeed the force that leads to fear of rejection, and this is due to the fact that when you have low self-esteem, you may feel unsure of yourself, your skills, your qualities, this leads to inappropriate behaviour towards others. Elias Berntsson, Bulletproof self-esteem
  16. Arrogance, vanity or a condescending attitude- all smokescreens used to hide low self-esteem. Anytime someone needs to emotionally hinder or destroy another person their own self-esteem is in great pain. Ike Smith,The Average Person’s Guide to Power
  17. It’s impossible to buy self-esteem or self-love.
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  18. Your self-esteem is like the fuel in a rocket that blasts it free of the earth’s gravity and into orbit. Brian Tracy, Advanced Selling Strategies
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  19. Building your self-esteem and self-improvement is not some kind of talent. It is a choice. The goal now becomes building and growing your self-esteem brick by brick. Your goal is to keep growing, stay positive and be grateful. Marion Rowe, Self Esteem
  20. Think of self esteem as a muscle; it never stays the same for any period of time. Like any muscle it either weakens or gets stronger. Debbie Bills, Take Command of Your Self-Esteem
  21. Wholesome self-esteem is cultivated by practicing skills linked to the three building blocks of self-esteem: unconditional human worth, unconditional love, and growth. Glenn R. Schiraldi, The Self-Esteem Workbook
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  22. Those with a healthy self-esteem and a high level of self-confidence are able to take risks in projects, giving it their all, and accepting when they have failed without taking a blow to their confidence or esteem levels. William Frederick Cohen, Out With Emotional Baggage and In With Freedom
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  23. Just remember, there are no quick fixes. But, by taking action just a little bit every day, you will build up a powerful reservoir of confidence, self-esteem, and discipline. Scott Allan, Rejection Reset
  24. If your diet causes you to feel negative, then you will display the negative qualities that come with it. These conditions can lead to low self-esteem, confidence, and fatigue which can become denials of your success. Elijah A. Grant IV; Derick T. Brown Jr., Win At Life
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  25. Self-esteem can be a combination of confusion about one’s identity and external events that can chew away at your confidence, things that go wrong, that make you feel like a failure. Rita Chester, Self Esteem for Women
  26. You need to have self-esteem to be able to adequately tackle the challenges that life throws at you. Minka Ferguson

  27. You need to have self-esteem to be able to adequately tackle the challenges that life throws at you. Minka Ferguson, Depression and Anxiety
  28. Confidence is also a vital personal resource, and it should be considered as important as self-esteem. It is more easily understood as being certain about your own abilities, trusting your skills, and being sure about your choices, actions, and behaviors. Carla Loving, Recovering From Control Issues
  29. Self-esteem is more than merely recognizing one’s positive qualities. It is an attitude of acceptance and nonjudgment toward self and others. Matthew McKay; Patrick Fanning, Self-Esteem
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  30. When we approach misbehavior discipline with a kind and loving attitude, we help to build up self-esteem in our children instead of tearing them down and degrading them. Rhonda Hart, Toddler Discipline
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  31. You may find at some point in your life that you have a position where you can influence another person or persons to have a greater belief in themselves than they do at present, or are people who you realize need a little boost in their own self-esteem. Catherine Pulsifer, What We Believe Becomes Who We Are
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  32. The nice person is seeking (but failing) to build their self-esteem through having others validate and affirm them; the kind person is full of happy, positive feelings, and these spill over into their dealings with others. Marcia Sirota, Be Kind, Not Nice
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  33. Dealing with the source of any self-esteem issues is critical to challenging the way you value yourself and speak to yourself. Rachel Robins, Feel Good About Yourself
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  34. Without high levels of self-esteem you are unlikely to see yourself as being worthy of success or happiness, and as a result will never truly try your hardest to achieve it. It will also give you the courage to keep going when things get tough, and believe in yourself when others say you will never accomplish something. Lucas Cunningham, Self-Esteem
  35. Accepting your weaknesses can significantly boost your self-confidence and self-esteem as you aren’t setting yourself up for failure, but rather you are concentrating on achieving success using your strengths instead. Andy C. E. Brown, Self Confidence
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  36. You see sometimes when we struggle with low self-esteem if you are struggling with who you are as a person, your morals will dip and you will not remain true to yourself. Andrew Wright
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  37. Self confidence, self-esteem and perseverance are the essential underpinnings of success. Byron Pulsifer
  38. When you have high self-esteem, you are not dependent on others to feel happy. You believe in yourself and you believe in your values more than anything. Angel Graff, Self Esteem: Self Confidence
  39. Your self-esteem can’t be permanently fixed by changing the things you think you need (ie. Money, appearance, relationships). That’s why when you work on the wrong things you think are affecting your self-esteem, the problems just come back. Alex Altman, Skyrocket Your Self-Esteem
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  40. If we are going to build self-esteem, we must get committed to our promises to ourselves and to others. David DeNotaris

  41. If we are going to build self-esteem, we must get committed to our promises to ourselves and to others. David DeNotaris
  42. What I think is happening is not that men value work less, but that fatherhood is becoming equally important. While work was once the only source of meaning for a man, fatherhood and parenting have become as important to his self-esteem as his work. Bruce Linton, Fatherhood
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  43. Now, don’t make the mistake of thinking that confidence and self-esteem are the same. Self-esteem is focused on your beliefs about your way of thinking, your looks, and your overall emotional makeup. Confidence, on the other hand, is your belief on how you will perform under specific circumstances. Mia Conrad, Self Help
  44. The fact is that self-esteem and your circumstances are only indirectly related. There is another intervening factor that determines self-esteem 100 percent of the time: your thoughts. Matthew McKay; Patrick Fanning, Self-Esteem
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  45. Most people enjoy some aspect of their work and gain a sense of self-esteem and respect from their workplace accomplishments and relationships. Graeme Falco, Building Wealth And Being Happy
  46. Self-esteem is a matter of balance. Too much can tip over into haughtiness, arrogance, and the inability to admit when we have gone wrong. Alan Schmidt, Confidence
  47. People with high self-esteem will do, try and achieve more in their life time. Whereas, those with low self-esteem can develop depression, anxiety and stress. Alex Altman, Skyrocket Your Self-Esteem
  48. The world will try hard to dismantle any positive messages we give our daughters. So it’s important our messages boost their self-esteem, self-image, and self-respect as much as possible. Michael T Wilkinson, A Father’s Guide to Raising Daughters
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  49. Onсе you build соurаgе уоu will lеаrn to ассерt punishment аnd rеwаrdѕ grасеfullу. Meiso, Confidence And Self Esteem
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  50. Emotions motivate (positively or negatively) your every action and they shape how you perceive others and how others see you. Tobin Burgess, ‎Kevin Pugh, ‎Leo Sevigny, The Personal Vision Workbook
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  51. All living beings are said to have “Buddha nature” or “true nature,” and once we become enlightened, we are no different from the Buddha Haemin Sunim, Love For Imperfect Things
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  52. In the end, no matter how hard this job of turning around your self-talk seems to be, it’s doable. You are not the first person in the history of humanity who will stop telling yourself derogatory things and will start living up to your potential. Michal Stawicki, Power up Your Self-Talk
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  53. Studies of young children show clearly that parents’ style of child-rearing during the first three or four years determines the amount of self-esteem a child starts with. Matthew McKay; Patrick Fanning, Self-Esteem

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