Beauty Quotes Page 2

Beauty Quotes Page 2

  1. Every woman in every generation grows up with idealized images of beauty. Vivian Diller, PH, D., face it
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  2. Do you want to get a promotion? Do you want to get in better shape? Whatever it might be, there is a beauty to it. Kevin Cole, Potential: The 5 Pillars to Unlock Excellence
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  3. Most of us have lost touch with that part of ourselves, that inner child that appreciates the beauty around us. Josie Cluney, Finding Purpose
  4. We as a species, are lost within our own storm. We do not take the time to truly understand the beauty of life and the importance of simply being. Elm Valle, Soul Ascension
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  5. The beauty of our planet is made manifest, enhanced immeasurably by the juxtaposition with other worlds. Brian Cox, Wonders of the Solar System
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  6. Oh, just think about what we are missing! We are missing out on the refreshing scent of pine and freshly mown grass. We are missing getting caught in a shower of pink blossom in spring and being dazzled by the dusky beauty of roses in late summer. Sarah Ivens, Forest Therapy
  7. Look for the beauty that’s deep within, not on the outside that decays with time. Betsy Pritchett Encouragements
  8. Beauty is a gift of love that emanates and illuminates; it and bounces beauty to the world. Brian C. Nixon, Beauty (and the Banana)
  9. The universe in all its diversity and beauty is a gift to be explored and appreciated. Ted V. Foote, ‎P. Alex Thornburg, Being Disciples of Jesus in a Dot.Com World
  10. Beauty is in the air in your pathways and in the bush trees, in the gardens beautifully decorated with pretty flowers that look so neat. Marcelle Hinkson, Mother Nature’s Ordinance
  11. Beauty is often deceptive, and sometimes the prettiest things prove the most deadly. Michael Largo, The Big, Bad Book of Botany
  12. But there’s one group of creatures that is so ethereal, so unworldly, so bizarre, and so elegant as to call into question all our assumptions about beauty�not to mention purpose, menace, and importance. I refer to the annual bloom of billions upon billions of jellyfish. William Dietrich, Natural Grace
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  13. Awe of God, as Queen Sheba displayed. King Solomon was walking in his destiny, he was walking in his workmanship created in Christ, to do good works, and these good works, unveiled the beauty and awe of the Lord to the world. Derek Gross, The Unveiling Wonders of God
    God Is Good
  14. Let peace open into our hearts and make us thrive for beauty and grace. Anika Graham, Peace
    Inner Peace Quotes
  15. While inner beauty stays permanent like an ocean. By all means, hold strong to your inner beauty.  Edmond Mbiaka

  16. While inner beauty stays permanent like an ocean. By all means, hold strong to your inner beauty. Edmond Mbiaka
  17. Activities such as walking reduces stress, decreases cardiovascular health risks, and allows a person to appreciate the natural beauty around them. Glen Mizrahi, Simplicity
  18. As you awaken to your divine nature, you’ll begin to appreciate beauty in everything you see, touch, and experience. Wayne Dyer, The Invisible Force
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  19. Strange ideals of beauty have affected art since art began, or at least that is what my Art History teacher taught in one of her lectures my freshman year in university. Kristin N. Spencer, The Truth About Godly Confidence
  20. Outer beauty is like a decade; it doesn’t last forever. While inner beauty stays permanent like an ocean. By all means, hold strong to your inner beauty. Edmond Mbiaka
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  21. Feeling beautiful is more important than being pleasant to the other person’s eyes. Beauty is perspective.Tracey Taylor, Motivation for Women: Hunting for Happiness and Beauty
  22. Walking with them, I discovered that no matter how flawed we are, God does not throw us away. If we allow Him, He can work through our weaknesses to glorify Himself and bring beauty into our lives and the lives of others. Wendell E. Mettey, On Which Side of the Road Do the Flowers Grow?
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  23. For stop being a critic, you must first start looking at positive and beautiful things around you. Marvin Ryan, Self Esteem
  24. beautyYou can’t focus on the present and fully see its beauty if you’re too hung-up on the past or worried about the future. Matt Morris, Mindfulness: How To Live In The Present Moment
  25. If we are indeed to be humble, not only before God but also towards men, if humility is to be our joy, we must see that it is not only the mark of shame because of sin, but it is also apart from all sin in being clothed with the very beauty and blessedness of heaven and of Jesus. We will see that Jesus found His glory in taking the form of a servant. Andrew Murray, Humility: The Beauty of Holiness
  26. The world around you is God’s way of saying: “Here’s what I am.” Its depth and wonder help you see just how unfathomably beautiful and perfect He is. Caleb Breakey, 4 Absurd Decisions God Wants You to Make Today
    The Pumpkin Christian
  27. I truly am awestruck at his beauty and his power. I am thankful to know the truth and for the Lord to reveal his glorious beauty. Andrew Wright, Christian: How God Blows Me Away!
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  28. Men and women are now partnering in the travail to bring forth God’s purposes – this is a very beautiful thing in God’s eyes. Faith Marie Baczko, In His Image
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  29. Fortunately, for the shy person and the caterpillar, a time comes when they must struggle out of the restrictions of their cocoon if they are to fully enjoy the rest of their lives as beautiful, social butterflies. Miriam Kinai, Boxed Set 1 Christian Self Help Series
  30. On the other hand, there are many among us who, while living in the middle of a beautiful relationship with God, are afraid to enjoy even the fruit he personally provides. Dr Wilson Jay Tyree, Lost and Found
    Anxiety To Be Overcome
  31. When a person tries to explain anything wonderful or beautiful to us, we give our entire attention, to try to understand what is said. Robert Woeger, God
    Happiness and Perceptions
  32. Like an empty temple or a clay jar we are nothing apart from God; yet as we are filled with the glory of His presence we share in His life and begin to radiate His love, beauty, character and power. G B Woodcock, One with Christ | Series Three
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