Christmas Poems Page 4

Christmas Poems Page 4

Born In A Manger
by Catherine Pulsifer

Born in a manger
Was that of a Savior
How little did they know
How heaven and earth were a glow.

This baby he did grow
And lived to thirty-three you know
But the influence of His presence
Gave us all the best present.

He taught about love
About the kingdom above
For our sins He did die
A gift we cannot repay.

Lord Jesus we thank you
Your presence is true
Our love for you is great
And at Christmas we celebrate.

A Time for Joy
by Catherine Pulsifer

A time for joy
For the girls and boys
Xmas brings hope
Of all good things.

Decorations and trees
Turn the lights on please
Good friends and family too
Presents and surprises for you.

A day to reflect
A day of respect
For all you have been blessed
Let your joy be expressed.

May this Christmas bring
All special things
May you find happiness and joy
May you even receive a toy.

If Only
by Catherine Pulsifer

If only every day
Held the spirit of Christmas day
To capture that feeling always
Year round would be the best way
If only every day
We would be so kind
To our fellow man
Year round would be the best way.

If only every day
We share and give
So that others may happily live
Year round would be the best way.

If only every day
We expressed our love
And thanked God above
Year round would be the best way.

A Holiday Wish
Poet: John Kendrick Bangs

When Santa Claus doth visit me
With richly laden pack of toys,
And tumbles down my chim-i-ney
To scatter ’round his Christmas joys,
I trust that he will bring the kind
That can be shared, for it is true
Past peradventure to my mind
That joy is sweeter shared by two
I never cared for solitaire.
I do not pine for lonely things.
I love the pleasure I can share
Because of all the fun it brings.
A selfish pleasure loses zest
With none to share it with you by,
And shrinks the longer ’tis possest,
While joys divided multiply.

At Christmas Time
Poet: Mary P. Pringle

At Christmas time the fields are white,
And hill and valley all bedight
With snowy splendor, while on high
The black crows sail athwart the sky,
Mourning for summer days gone by
At Christmas time.

At Christmas time the air is chill,
And frozen lies the babbling rill:
While sobbingly the trees make moan
For leafy greenness once their own,
For blossoms dead and birdlings flown
At Christmas time.

At Christmas time we deck the hall
With holly branches brave and tall,
With sturdy pine and hemlock bright,
And in the Yule-log’s dancing light
We tell old tales of field and fight
At Christmas time.

At Christmas time we pile the board
With flesh and fruit and vintage stored,
And mid the laughter and the glow
We tred a measure soft and slow,
And kiss beneath the mistletoe
At Christmas time.

O God and Father of us all,
List to Thy lowliest creature’s call:
Give of Thy joy to high and low,
Comforting the sorrowing in their woe;
Make wars to cease and love to grow
At Christmas time.

Let not one heart be sad to-day;
May every child be glad and gay:
Bless Thou Thy children great and small,
In lowly hut or castle hall,
And may each soul keep festival
At Christmas time.

Poet: Julie Hebert © 2016

There is something each of us knows quite well,
We do them every year.
Traditions passed down throughout the years,
When holidays are finally here.

Christmas time especially,
We pull out our favourite things.
We can hardly wait until our kids are old enough,
To participate in these things.

And once we’re able to pass them along,
We can only hope they’ll do the same.
Traditions are very important to us,
Just like passing on our surname!

But just like us, our children do to,
Love traditions and all that they hold.
They want nothing more than to pass them along,
Traditions will always be told.

We do them every year. Traditions passed down throughout the years, when holidays are finally here. Julie Hebert

Christmas In The City
Poet: Adalbert R. Kretzmann

Give me a light to shine on city streets,
Give me a word to make men live again,
Give me a note of love where hate has been
Give me the grace to be a child again.
Give me Thy Christmas Hope.

Grant me a shrine for Mary’s Child,
Grant me the vision of the Father’s Love,
Grant me the gentle shepherd’s heart,
Grant me humility and love.
Grant me Thy Christmas Grace.

Speak through my lips for all to hear,
Speak from my heart of the Savior’s love
Speak from the deep, repentant depths,
Speak for the fear-filled heart and sore.
Speak of the Peace of God.

Sing in the ranks of heavenly choirs,
Sing in the churches of our reigning Lord,
Sing in the tongues of every land,
Sing in the hearts of all redeemed.
Sing of the Son of God.

Bring in the shepherds from the fields,
Bring in the poor and needy of the earth,
Bring in the wise men of all time,
Bring in the gifts of wisdom, truth, and love.
Bring Him your inmost heart.

Stir up the songs of Christ and hymns of hope,
Stir up thy soul with penitence and grace,
Stir up thy heart to answer love with love,
Stir up all powers in welcome to thy King.
Stir up pure Christmas faith.

Anna’s Prayer
Poet: Greta Zwaan, © 2004

Anna lived a life of service; Anna’s heart was God’s alone;
She had rested in His promise, words that were God’s very own.
She was certain she would see Him, she would gaze into His eyes,
How that moment would be treasured, precious Saviour, holy, wise.

Many years she prayed and fasted, waiting for this wondrous birth,
Always looking, always waiting, that was her desire on earth.
That’s why all those years she tarried in this sacred, holy place,
Just to have one look at Jesus, touch His hand and see His face.

Anna trusted God would honour all He’d said in years now past,
He was true and He was holy, this great love would always last.
Then the dream she’d so long cherished was fulfilled when Christ appeared;
Carried by His mother, Mary, precious Baby, so endeared.

Anna’s heart was filled with wonder as she softly touched His cheek,
“This wee child will bring salvation unto all who search and seek.”
What a privilege, what an honour, to have seen the promised One,
She was satisfied and happy, all she’d prayed for had been done.

“Now I’m ready to see heaven for I’m weary, getting old,
Take away my earthly shackles, let me join the heavenly fold.”

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