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"Have the courage to follow your dreams rather than accepting where you are today."
Dream   |

"Have the courage to say no. Have the courage to face the truth. Do the right thing because it is right. These are the magic keys to living your life with integrity." W. Clement Stone
Life   |

"It is important for us to remember that life does not give us courage. Life gives us opportunities to practice the actions needed to accumulate courage." Russell Mosley
Opportunity   |

The opposite of fear is courage
"Some people think the opposite of fear is the absence of it. It is not. The opposite of fear is courage." Dr Rodriguez
Fear   |

"By enhancing our ability to talk together we can create the lives that we desire, for ourselves and for those whose lives we touch. If one of us finds the courage to talk, then another does, then another, this domino effect could even change the world." Sarah Rozenthuler, Life-Changing Conversations: 7 Strategies to Help You Talk About What Matters Most
Communication  |

"In a world where it's easy to find cynicism, resignation, negativity, and constant complaining, it sometimes takes a radical act of courage and self-care to focus on inspiration and what truly matters. Mike Robbins, 365 Inspirational Quotes: A Year of Daily Wisdom from Great Thinkers, Books, Humorists, and More
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"Fear can cripple us, or it can make us more courageous. It is resilience that makes the difference." Eric Greitens, Resilience: Hard-Won Wisdom for Living a Better Life
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"Every time you have the courage to face your fears, you become a stronger person." Barbara White
Courage or Not   |

"Have the courage to do what you love, be what you love, and give what you love, regardless." Chris Walker
Love   |

"Keep your fears to yourself; share your courage with others." Robert Louis Stevenson
Sharing   |

"Courage comes while we are facing challenges and because we are facing challenges! Courage takes our hand as we step up." C. Cooper
Challenge   |

"Courage is the quintessence of virtue, the foundation of faith, and the reason behind almost all success." S. Wickham
Success   |

"Courage means going forward without doubt. If you believe you have courage, you have courage. " M. Nowak
Doubt   |

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9 ESV
God   |

"When we are constant in prayer, we give ourselves courage to be patient in our tribulations." Shane DeCreshio, Pope Francis: The 50 Prayers Of Pope Francis
Prayer   |

"Similarly the only gaze that strengthens, and gives you courage to not give up, is to keep your eyes upon Jesus and trust in His Word to give you the strength and the wisdom that you need." John Krohn PhD, Holding on to Faith when God is Silent
Wise   |

"As a leader, it takes courage to do what is best for an organization, volunteer group, or family. Honestly, it takes courage with any relationship." Alex Bricker, Insight: Understanding Your Motivational Gifts
Leadership  |

"I know there are many like me that have felt the pain of knowing there is music in them, but not having the courage to watch it play out in the world." Sandra Bell, Lunchtime Joy Magnet
Quotes about Taking A Risk   |

"We are then faced with a choice: go forward with the virtue, or give in to the fear. That is where the virtue of courage comes in. Courage faces the fear, and moves on anyways." Ethan Hunter, Maya Angelou: 24 Powerful Lessons And Insights From Maya Angelou
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"It can sometimes take a lot of courage to own up and admit to making a mistake, especially if it's one that has had financial or personal implications for other people, or the company you work for. By admitting to the mistake as soon as possible, you're demonstrating real confidence as an individual." Paul Bailey, Your Little Steps to Self Confidence for Life
Confidence   |

"Being courageous and fearless is almost an essential trait in business; yes, that previous marketing plan didn't pan out, but if you don't have the guts to make changes and stick to what once worked, you will be left behind by your competitors who are willing to take those risks." Justin Chua, 7 Baby Lessons For GIANT Breakthroughs in Love, Life and Entrepreneurship
Change   |

"Count your smiles instead of your tears; Count your courage instead of your fears." Author Unknown
Smiles Are Sunshine For All  |

"You can have many values and principles you live by in your life but you also need the courage to employ them in your daily living." Joseph Parker, The 33 Golden Rules: Successful Management by Winston Churchill
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"Courage - Brave leaders take risks, fail, acknowledge mistakes, fall down and get back up again." Christian Motley, Leadership Philosophies From Unsung Leaders
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