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"We cannot overcome fear if we allow fear to overcome us." Theo Gold, Confidence: Become Unstoppable!
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"There is no fear in admitting mistakes or what went wrong. The coach will help me identify a solution." and Byron Pulsifer
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One of the biggest fears that a lot of people have is the fear of missing out, of regret. "I could have done this" or "I wish I would have done that." Ben Gothard, Achieve Greatness: How to Find Your Purpose
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"No matter how your child is feeling, what they may have done or how embarrassed they may feel, a child should always feel they are able to approach a parent without fear and talk about anything that is on their mind. Communication is a key element when raising a child." Sara Deedley, Positive Parenting: Build Confidence and Discipline for the Little One you Love and Care About
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"My fear is that more people know what we Christians are against than what we are for. Do they know what we believe? Do they know what we think about Jesus Christ?" Greg Laurie
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"Take time to analyse your fears, recognize how and why you have them, then come up with ways of overcoming them." Natalie Dawn, Success: A Simple 5 Step Approach To Gain All Your Dreams And Desires
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"Fear is a negative response to the unknown or a perceived threat, but it is not of God. God does not want us to be in fear, ever." Becky Van Volkinburg, God's Word, Your Voice
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"Fear is a major factor that holds people back from going for many things." Wendy Hearn, from Use Your Unique Abilities to Shake The World
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"Procrastination is, in fact, an emotional issue, not a time-management issue. It is about the fear of success and the fear of making a mistake." K. Collins, Quit Talking, Start Doing!
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"By facing his fear and then following his heart and vision, Dyer achieved the success he wanted and the financial security for his family." Adam Green, Wayne Dyer: 88 Greatest Life Lessons, Inspiration And Best Quotes By Wayne Dyer
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"Doubt fuels fear." C. P. Fagan, iDoubt: When Faith Falters
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Reduce fears and anxieties by doing something about them and youíll definitely reduce your stress and frustration, or you can eliminate them altogether. Melinda Bauer, Managing Emotions
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Fear has much to do with control. In fact, we tend to fear what we cannot control. John Stange, Overcoming Negative Self-Talk: with the truth of the Gospel
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It is a fact of life that the best way to get over your self-doubt of a fear is to walk into it. Douglas McGehee, Fight Fear Now
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Successful people accept the fact that they are afraid and move forward in spite of fear.† Demond Jackson, The 101 Most Powerful Success Quotes for High Achievers
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