Grandparents Day – The Date, Wishes and Quotes

Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day is a day to recognize, honor and celebrate our Grandparents. Grandparents play an important role in our lives. The wisdom and the knowledge they share with their grandchildren will influence the child’s life forever. Being a grandparent is different than being a parent; usually, they have more patience and time than when they were a parent.

A grandparent will get down on the floor and do silly things that they would never have dreamed of doing until they became a grandparent. No matter what is going on in their lives they will make the time for their grandchildren.

So this day, which originally started in the United States is a day to thank our Grandparents, a day to appreciate all they do in our lives. Below find wishes for a Happy Grandparents Day, a collection of Grandparents quotes, and a poem for your Grandparents.

When is Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day is celebrated at different times in different countries.

France – March, First Sunday
United States – September, First Sunday after Labor Day
India – September, First Sunday
Philippines- September, Second Sunday
Canada – September, Second Sunday
United Kingdom – October, First Sunday
South Africa – October, First Sunday
Hong Kong – October, Second Sunday
Germany – October, Second Sunday

Happy Grandparents Day

Wishes for a Happy Grandparents day to the people who are special to you. Take the time to send a card or email with a handwritten note – it will mean more than you realize. Use our wishes to express your thoughts!

Thank you for being there always, your support and encouragement mean so much to me.

Kisses and hugs are sent to you both.
Kisses and hugs are sent to you both.

My life would be incomplete without you in it. You are the best Grandparents a person could have.

Thanks for spoiling me with your love.

There are people in our lives that make a difference. You guys have made a huge difference in my life, thank you, love you!

When I think of both of you, I think about smiles, love, and fun.

I thank God for both of you. He blessed me when he gave me you as Grandparents!

May your day be amazing. May your day be filled with love. May your day be one that you feel as special as you have made us grandchildren feel. Happy Grandparents Day to you both!

You guys are more than, GRAND, you are the BEST.
You guys are more than, “GRAND”, you are the BEST.

Today I am grown but I still love you both – to the moon and back, forever!

To my Grandparents…the memories you both have given me…the love you both have given me….the wisdom you both have given me…the laughter you both have given me…I wish I could give you as much as you have given me.

My Grandparents are awesome, amazing, super, fantastic, wonderful and more – Words can’t describe how great and how much you both mean to me. Have an awesome, amazing, super, fantastic, wonderful Grandparents day!

The two of you have been my mentors, my best friends, and my biggest supporters. Thank you both for all you are and all you do.

How lucky I am to have two people like you guys in my life. Whether it was a cut knee, an argument with a friend, a disappointment you guys always made me smile, and always made me feel loved.

Your guidance, your knowledge, and of course, your love has always meant so much to me. You make my life special. Happy Grandparents Day!

Growing up, you made me feel like I was number 1 in your world – you were always happy to see me and always happy to hear from me. Well, let me tell you now that I am grown up you guys are number 1 in my books!

The praise you gave me, the expectations you set
Always made me want to do my best.
You helped make me what I am today
You’re the best Grandparents in every way!

You both bring sunshine into my life on cloudy days. Wishing you a day full of sunshine!
You both bring sunshine into my life on cloudy days. Wishing you a day full of sunshine!

No matter when I came to your house you always had a special treat. But better still was how special you always made me feel. But today is the day I just want to say, Happy Grandparents Day to the most special people in my life.

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Grandparents Quotes

Share these Grandparent quotes with your grandparents to help express your thoughts about them. Also, great to share with a new grandparent!

Grandparents are vitally important in the family because they give what every child needs – companionship with adults who finds them fascinating and lovable.
Dr. Judith Rolfs, Secrets To Being A Super Grandparent

Grandparents, like heroes, are as necessary to a child's growth as vitamins.  Joyce Allston
Grandparents, like heroes, are as necessary to a child’s growth as vitamins.
Joyce Allston

Being a grandparent is one of the joys of getting older. It is such a great time of life I wish I had aged earlier!
Catherine Pulsifer
Funny Quotes

Imagine the impact if 30 million Christian grandparents were given a biblical vision for their place and purpose in the family.
Josh Mulvihill
Christian Quotes about Life

When I think of how different the world is today from the way it was when my grandparents were growing up, it seems as though just about anything that feels permanent could change beyond all recognition over all that time.
Wayne Gretzky, 99: Stories of the Game
Quotes about Change

Grandparents are the glue that will hold this world together.
 Chrys Howard
Grandparents are the glue that will hold this world together.
Chrys Howard, Rockstar Grandparent
Cute Quotes

Children love to learn about the past and naturally question their elders and grandparents to learn about what life was like in olden days.
Arthur Kornhaber M.D., The Grandparent Guide

Parents are in training; Grandparents have mastered the skill.
Kate Summers

Grandparenting offers all the best things about parenting without the accompanying weight of responsibility.
Jerry Schreur; Jack Schreur, Creative Grandparenting

It’s wonderful to have a day that celebrates the importance that grandparents have in their families and in society…..grandchildren. Yet, even more important than a one-day celebration is the legacy that these grandparents are leaving behind in young lives.
Dr. David J Merkh, The Grandparents� Legacy
Inspirational Quotes

Grandparents have guided and nurtured children for millennia. 
Andrew Adesman
Grandparents have guided and nurtured children for millennia.
Andrew Adesman, The Grandfamily Guidebook

It brought tears to my eyes as I replayed memories of my grandparents and how I am a wiser person because of the seeds of healthy living they planted in me during those early windows of opportunity.
William Sears, MD

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Grandparents Poem

A poem to express your appreciation and love to your Grandparents.

To The Best Grandparents Ever
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2019

This day is to recognize both of you,
Thank you both for all you do.
You both are so special to me
I remember the days I sat on your knee.

I love you forever and more
For you both I do adore.
You always are there for me
You have lots of patience I see.

The wisdom you always share
Lets me know you always care.
You are a teacher and a counselor too
I always listen to you.

My life is better because of you guys
You both are so wonderful and so wise.
Happy Grandparents day I do say
I love you more each and every day!

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We hope you have found the perfect wish or quote to wish your Grandparents a Happy Day. The most important thing to a Grandparent is that you find the time to call them or visit with them. So on this special day make the time to let them know how much you appreciate and love them. By doing this you will make their day a happy one!

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