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  1. Experiment and failure, "making mistakes," is a necessary part of creative thinking. John Lees, How To Get A Job You Love
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  2. When you make a mistake or face criticism, focus on what your brain is telling you. If it is overwhelming negative and hopeless, insert positive thoughts like, "This is a learning opportunity," "I'll do better next time," and so on. Joseph Taylor, The Prepper Mindset
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  3. One of the many reasons why we tend to look at our own mistakes as not so big of a deal but then attack other who make the same ones is because we tend to look at ourselves through rose-colored glasses, but then use a magnifying glass to see others. Christopher Goodman, The Best Life Lessons
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  4. No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who is not trying. Pravinee Hurbungs
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  5. You make mistakes, mistakes don't make you. Maxwell Maltz
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  6. I don't judge past experiences as mistakes because I know they have led me to where I am today...to now. Lily Sanders, Truth To Triumph
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  7. Not only can you and I be free from regret but we can live out the purpose of our lives in spite of the mistakes of our past. Laurie Driesen, Beyond Regret
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  8. There is always something to take away from everything you experience, see and hear, including your past shortcomings and mistakes. D.D. Tai, Mind: How To Pleasure Your Mind Everyday
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  9. It takes a bit more maturity to take the blame and admit you made a mistake. Christian Olsen, Marriage Tips
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  10. Expect that the both of you will make mistakes and expect that marriage needs to be worked for in order to have a marriage that will last till the end. Anna Parker, Marriage Help
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  11. The largest mistake that most people make is getting married, noticing these dramatic differences, and just hoping that everything will resolve itself on its own. Cathy Pearson, How To Keep Your Man, And Be His 'One And Only'
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  12. However, what if you soon learned that failing was just as good or even better than succeeding and that you should make as many mistakes as possible because it is in those situations that you learn the most about what you are doing and about yourself. Raymona Brown, Complete Equation For Personal Happiness
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  13. And to improve our resilience we may need to do battle with perfectionism - the urge to get things right all the time and thus usually feeling dissatisfied with our less-than-perfect results - and change our attitude towards mistakes. Paul Z. Jackson, Your Lifepass To Creativity and Confidence
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  14. It's a common mistake that sometimes leaders only managing their followers rather than actually leading them. Resulting in being bogged down in details rather than providing a solid direction and achieving results. Khalid Imran, Leadership: Mastering Leadership Skills
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  15. A lot of companies these days are making the mistake of focusing on the business at the expense of the product! Warren Phan, Top 25 Internet Billionaires and Their Inspiring Stories of Success
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  16. Most people make the mistake of setting several goals at once, so they move in different directions... and that doesn't lead them to their destination. James O'Donnell; Rayne Hall, Mental Strength
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  17. The biggest mistake most people make is that they try to get to success directly. Edmund Ronen, Unlock Your Inner Achiever
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  18. Human beings tend to learn from their mistakes and experiences; and you should do so, as well. Acquiring confidence does not happen overnight. Hugo Reynolds, Confidence
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  19. Seeing how others answer typical interview questions can also be a reliable way to learn how to avoid making some of the most common mistakes. Jenny Rogers, Facing Redundancy
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  20. Therefore, regardless of your past mistakes or your present life situation, you can still pray with confidence and God will listen because He is merciful. Miriam Kinai, Christian Self Help Series
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  21. One of the ways we can acknowledge our growth is when we can forgive ourselves for past mistakes. TiTi Ladette, The Pink Elephant in the Middle of the Getto Workbook
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