Short Love Poems Page 5

Short Love Poems Page 5

Only Love
Poet: Lamar Cole

Love can sometimes be fresh.
Love can sometimes be new.
Love can sometimes make you happy.
And sometimes make you blue.

Love is the light that radiates from your eyes.
Love is your image floating in the skies.
Love is true.
And darling, the only love for me is you.

Happy We Will Be
Poet: Sam Shore

How my life has changed
Since I met you.
No longer do I feel blue
When I am with you.

May together we will experience life
And take challenges in strife
For together you see
Happy we will be.

Love’s Promise
By Jacqualine Williams Rippy

I promise to love you, as you – always
And for tomorrow, if it should ever come
Until the sun shines no more
And the moon has lost its glow
When Alpha and Omega rest side by side
Only to hear his majesty’s calling
And we as one take that last walk
Towards eternity.

Poet: Jacqualine Williams Rippy

A heart symbolizes warmth
and the beauty it bears within,
A cross acknowledges hope
For broken hearts to mend,
A sweet satisfies one’s cravings
And yearnings from a far,
My love encompasses all
No matter where you are.

Why Did You Have To Leave?
Poet: Jenny

The tears wouldn’t stop
When I heard the news.
The pain filled my soul
As you slipped away.

Why did you have to leave?
Why couldn’t you stay just a little longer?
I asked God why
But the answer never came.

I prayed you would come back
But I knew you wouldn’t.
Why did you have to leave?
Why couldn’t your heart get better?

The hurt beat like a drum
When you went to heaven.
The sorrow flowed through my body
When your hands let go.

Why did you have to leave?
Why couldn’t you hold on?
I hoped it was only a dream
But I never woke up.

I wished I could bring you back
But it was only a wish.
Why did you have to leave?
Why couldn’t God have let you stay?

I will never know the reason
Why God took you away.
The pain may dull as the years pass
But my love will never fade.

Each Day As I Awake
Poet: Cookie

Each day as I awake and think…
Today I’ll be just fine….
I know that in my heart and soul…
It’s going to take some time…
I do the things I normally do…
And try to seem OK…
But thoughts of things that hurt me so…
Are there throughout the day…
I try not to let them take…
Control of my heart and mind…
But its so hard to try and forget…
The things left behind…
It shouldn’t be that hard you know…
Those things I am talking about…
And a lot of endless DOUBT…
So, why is it so hard for some…
To keep hold of all the things.
That made us so unhappy,
and never made hearts sing…
OH well I guess in time I will…
Get over all this wonder…
And when I do I WILL BE BACK…
Oh I will make it, you bet I will…
I will soon realize…
That LIFE FOR ME will never be.
ANYTHING BUT a disguise…
I will look up at the sky and stare…
And know that in my heart.
When I fall in love again…
It will be a brand new start….
And when I do, you better know…
That this time it will be…
A love that makes me happy.
A love that I can see

Because Of You
Poet: T. R. Fonio

Because of You I cried today,
Because of You I prayed.
Because of You I cursed my God,
Because He took you away.

Yet I know in fact it wasn’t Him,
That let you suffer so.
A God of love and a perfect world,
Would never have let you go.

But Nature is cruel with a streak of mean,
That knows no bounds of age.
She takes the good as well as the bad,
In peace and in fits of rage.

I’ve seen Her destroy a thousand lives,
With a single swipe of Her glove.
I’ve watched Her take the only man,
That my Mother had ever loved.

But God is blameless, He can’t listen to some,
Disregarding the plea of others.
How could He act on all of our prayers,
Without thinking of His own Blessed Mother.

We’ve leaned too heavily on spiritual beliefs,
Our thinking must take a new course.
Luck of the draw, right place wrong time,
We’re subject to Natural force.

So pray if you must and hope if you will,
But those who surround us are it.
Given to us through fortune and fate,
This may be all that we get.

Because of You my children I held,
And spoke of how much I loved them.
Because of You I kissed my wife,
Knowing my vows are solemn.

Because of You I’ll take each day,
Make the most of what it can be.
Because of You I’ll try to discover,
The goodness in those nearest me.

Because of You I cried today,
For all of those who have gone .
For all the things I never did say,
I pray that we meet beyond.

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