Short Love Poems Page 7

Short Love Poems Page 7

Love Is Ever. . .
John McLeod, ©1988

Love is ever where the heart will find it
No matter how unlikely seems the place,
Love will wrap each moment warm around it
And wear a gentle smile upon its face,
Love, itself, is without limitations
For it alone will find its place of rest,
Thus, finding Love, reject all imitations
And smiling know how well your days are blessed.

Respond To Love
Poet: John McLeod, ©1982

Respond to love wherever you find it
No matter its shape or its form
In the still of the night
In the heat of the day
In the midst of the dark and the storm
For believe me my friends
In His dear love alone
This world’s truth and wisdom are found
In the way that we live
The more love we give
The more love there is to go round!

An Old Man Recollects
Poet: John McLeod, © 1975

I think of all the girls I ever knew
Not one was quite as beautiful as you
Nor arms that held more intimate embrace
Nor eyes nor lips, nor softly smiling face,
Were in this age of more perfection made,
A timeless loveliness that would not ever fade.

And yet, thought I, though time removed all care
Still there could never be one quite as fair
As you, were I such priceless gems to find,
No glittering jewel could cause a love so blind
As struck my sight, a gray-grown world before,
And led my eyes to love’s enchanted door.

Stay in my memory’s eye, for time has flown,
Along with all the lovely maids I’ve known,
And casting pebbles in a deep pool brings
Such recollections, as with spreading rings,
I caused the source, and watched the ripples play
Their lifetime out upon a lake, and fade away.

Thus, fading, are the pictures in the mind
As when, with age, less clearly are defined,
The days of youthful zest lost in the years,
The breasts I kissed, the lips, the happy tears,
Such hours we spent of magic, pleasure-kissed,
I vaguely see through veils of silent mist.

Too soon does Life’s experience pass by,
The twinkling of a bright eternal eye.
That glimpses for a moment love’s strange scene,
Dreamlike, almost though it had not been.
And now, alone and just a little tired,
A full life past, and lived as I desired,
I think of all the girls I ever knew,
Not one was quite as beautiful as You!

Frames From Grebo . . .
Poet: John McLeod, ©1984

Love, where have you gone
Slipping through the gentle morning air
Light on your golden, shimmering hair
Burnished at dawn,
Swaying and falling, cascading
To frame a perfect face,
Beauty that needs no masquerading
Time flown, and place . . .

But memory’s treasure
Holds dear the image sweet
A few most precious flowers.
Love makes complete!

Nothing Like . . .
Poet: John McLeod, © 1984

There’s nothing like a good old hug
To make your feathers glisten
A friend to share the moments with
To talk with and to listen
So be assured, this Friend
Who loves your presence and society
Restrains his hugs (in this localle)
Preserving, thus propriety.

Yet, all this said, you know he cares
And always will, no matter,
With dulcet tones, this poet and clown,
Is just mad as a hatter!!

The First Snow
Poet: John McLeod, © 1970

The first snow fell today
And Spring like a half remembered love affair
Seems very distant, almost as if
It never really happened.

The first tear fell that day,
(After the sandwiches and tea,
China I think), dropping into the amber
With a scarcely discerned plop!

Decidedly I should have known
That the first tear would lead to the first snow
As surely as Spring mutates into Winter.

That I should not have understood
Was forgivable I suppose,
But there are some things
That words cannot convey . . .
I could not tell her, woman though she was,
That love, like snow, will often melt away!

Where Love Resides . . .
Poet: John McLeod, © 1981

Where Love resides
You’ll find the sunlight clear
Golden and warm
To guild each passing year

Where Love resides
You’ll find a rainbow too
Soft colours that enhance
And Hope renew

Where Love resides
There is no ‘Time’ as such
Gentle and true
Its own eternal touch

Love has such sunlight
Where no falsehood hides
Eternal colours true
Where Love resides!

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