Short Love Poems Page 6

Short Love Poems Page 6

Love Means
, © 2012

To be in love mean something different,
To each and every person.
Some is romantic and others platonic,
It’s never a condition of worsen.

Love is shown by a mother,
To children young and old.
Love is also shown by a friend,
This is something we all want to hold.

But the love that I feel is the greatest,
Is the love we choose to feel.
This is a romantic love,
That often makes us want to squeal.

Of all the ways we can love,
We all should allow in our lives.
It’s something that may not come right away,
So enjoy it when it arrives.

Understanding Love
Poet: Julie Hebert, © 2012

Love is definitely something,
I didn’t understand until,
One day I found myself,
In love and totally fulfilled.

I use to listen to songs,
Of people who were truly in love.
They always sounded so gushy,
I couldn’t see what they were talking of.

But now they speak to me,
A good love song can bring me to tears.
It’s because I relate this song,
To you who truly cares.

I want you to know now too,
That my love for you isn’t just lust.
I love you more than you’ll know,
And from me, I hope you can trust.

Love and Grace
Poet: Julie Hebert, © 2012

Sing me a song,
Of love and of grace.
For you are my love,
And I am your grace.

Together we fit,
Like a foot and a shoe.
You are the right size,
And I match right to you.

How did I survive,
Before I met you?
My life was so empty,
And now I have you.

Sing me a song,
Of love and of grace.
This song I will treasure,
Of us and this place.

Things Of Remembrance
Poet: Julie Hebert, © 2012

I think there should be,
A day to honor a friend.
If I had this day,
You’d be amazed at what I’d send.

I’d send you all the things,
That reminds me of us.
I know you’d think I was,
Making too much fuss.

I start with how we met,
And send you a pair of skates.
As on the day we met,
We were on the Northumberland Strait.

There would be many things to follow,
As our friendship has many things.
And so much of them reminds me,
Of the happiness our friendship brings.

You Know, My Friend
Poet: Julie Hebert, © 2012

To my dear friend of many years.
I can’t help telling you.
You are my dearest friend, you know,
And I plan to see it through.

We will be friends for many more,
These years will be just great.
Our friendship will go on, you know,
Right through the pearly gates.

And when we are up in heaven,
Looking down on those who cried.
I’ll know I’ll never be alone, you know,
As you’ll always be by my side.

So let’s treasure what we have,
And take it to the end.
I must tell you one more thing, you know,
I so happy you’re my friend.

One Day I’ll Express My Love
Poet: Julie Hebert, © 2012

My words get jumbled,
When you’re around.
I see you’re face,
And stumble to the ground.

I wonder what kind,
Of spell you’ve cast.
To make me want you,
Ever so vast.

One day I’ll approach you,
With courage in hand.
I will ask you to date me,
And that date will be grand.

I’ll smother you with roses,
And with poems that I’ve wrote.
They’ll say everything I wish I could say,
Face to face, but in a note.

You Are The One
Poet: Julie Hebert, © 2012

To me you are my everything,
The one I have always adored.
I would fight till death to protect you,
Then hand on over my sword.

I’d spoil you with romance,
Flowers, gifts and more.
I’d climb to the highest mountain,
Or swim to the furthest shore.

Whatever you needed you’d have,
You’d never be without.
You’d have everything you’ve dreamed of,
And you’d never have to shout!

What I am trying to say,
Is something I hope you know.
I love you now and forever,
This developed so long ago.

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