Funny Inspirational Quotes 194 to 220

  1. Life is like a ten-speed bike. Most of us have gears we never use.
    Charles M. Schulz
    Quotes about Life   |  

  2. Tension is a habit. Relaxing is a habit. Bad habits can be broken, good habits formed.
    William James
    Stress   |  

  3. May your home know happiness, each room hold laughter, every window open to possibilities.
    Home   |  

  4. Until God opens the next door, praise Him in the hallway. Nicky Gumbel
    Faith   |  

  5. I was brought up to respect my elders, so now I don't have to respect anybody. George Burns (at 100 years)
    Respect   |  

  6. Fire and swords are slow engines of destruction, compared to the tongue of a gossip. Richard Steele
    Gossip   |  

  7. Who learns and learns, nor acts on what he knows,
    Is one who ploughs and ploughs, but never takes the time to sow.
    Author Unknown
    Knowledge   |  

  8. Everyone has an invisible sighn hanging from his neck saying, Make Me Feel Important! Never forget this when working with people. Mary Kay Ash
    Famous   |  

  9. A smile is a powerful weapon; you can even break ice with it. Author Unknown
    Smile   |  

  10. Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven't planted. David Bly
    Success   |  

  11. He knows nothing; he thinks he knows everything - that clearly points to a political career. George Bernard Shaw
    Work   |  

  12. A study of economics usually reveals that the best time to buy anything is last year. Marty Allen
    Inspirational Quotes  |  

  13. People never lie so much as after a hunt, during a war or before an election. Otto von Bismarck
    War   |  

  14. Why hoard your troubles? They have no market value, so just throw them away. Ann Schade
    Adversity   |  

  15. You can give without loving, but you can't love without giving. Amy Carmichael
    Love   |  

  16. Everything is changing. People are taking their comedians seriously and the politicians as a joke. Will Rogers
    Change   |  

  17. In the old days, if a person missed the stagecoach he was content to wait a day or two for the next one. Nowadays, we feel frustrated if we miss one section of a revolving door. Author Unknown
    Patience   |  

  18. You can tell the size of your God by looking at the size of your worry list. The longer your list, the smaller your God. Author Unknown
    God   |  

  19. The shortest recorded period of time lies between the minute you put some money away for a rainy day and the unexpected arrival of rain. Jane Bryant Quinn
    Time   |  

  20. You cannot be anything if you want to be everything. Solomon Schechter
    Funny Quotes about Life   |  

  21. Speaking without thinking is like shooting without taking aim. Spanish Proverbs
    Positive Thinking   |  

  22. I don't think God put you on this earth just to make millions of dollars and ignore everything else. Chris Amundsen
    Helping Others   |  

  23. Today's opportunities erase yesterday's failures. Gene Brown
    Opportunity   |  

  24. Establishing goals is all right if you don't let them deprive you of interesting detours. Doug Larsen
    Goals   |  

  25. Lost time is like a run in a stocking. It always gets worse.
    Anne Morrow Lindbergh
    Greatness  |  

  26. My father taught me a good lesson: Don't get to low when things go wrong. And don't get too high when things are good. Robert Perish
    Good   |  

  27. Patience! The windmill never strays in search of the wind. Andy J. Sklivis
    Motivational   |  

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