The Greatness of a Tree

The Greatness of a Tree

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The majesty of the trees that surrounds me are strong and mighty. Their limbs branch out high reaching upwards to the sky playing in the wind and being bathed by the rain. All their stately growth though was not as it started but as it grew.

The greatness of a mature tree did not happen overnight. It did not grow in a mighty fashion without challenges of sun, heat, pests, or freezing temperatures. It was not mighty as it began its journey but came to be mighty having outlasted many challenges.

The Growth Of A Life
Such is also the statement of life for those who grow and mature and become great do not do so without having to go through countless challenges along the way. We never grow without the sunshine of warmth, positive thoughts, guidance from those who care and help us to meet challenges head on, from the rain that must fall so we know how to deal with adversity and failure, and from learning to give back just as much as we receive.

We Need A Solid Root System
Part of the greatness of the mighty tree lines within its own fabric. It is the core of the tree that sustains life as it continues to expand its yearly rings of growth. And for each ring of life, further branches continue to sprout bringing with them all the leaves that absorb the goodness that also continues to sustain its life. And, as a tree, people develop further and further with the strength of their inner core where each year rings of maturity flourish as long as its branches of life bring forth additional nutrition through its leaves.

Reach Out To Others
Each life must be grown on a continuous basis for not to means that growth is limited and can even wither from lack of nourishment. Our branches are those that extend our humanness to others with our leaves as our hands reaching out to take in and also sustain.

We cannot continue unless we have sun as in the warmth of our relationships and we cannot give shade unless we can give to others from the umbrella of our leaf cover as in helping to quit the spirit of others.

A Majesty of Humaness
The greatness of our lives is measured by how we live each day not by how we only extend ourselves on occasion.

Each day is a new opportunity for greatness as the dawn unfolds and our leaves spread outward to absorb. Each day allows us a fresh beginning to grow more and it is only a matter of time that our wisdom extends to those who can use our guidance.

Inspirational Quotes for Reflection:
“The true test in life does not occur when all is going well. The true test takes place when we are faced with challenges. Some people have a positive attitude towards life only when all is well. However, when the going gets tough, their attitude changes instantly, and they become very negative or are consumed with self pity.” Catherine Pulsifer

“There is a winner in you. You were created to be successful, to accomplish your goals, to leave your mark on this generation. You have greatness in you. The key is to get it out.” Joel Osteen

“You’ve done it before and you can do it now. See the positive possibilities . Redirect the substantial energy of your frustration and turn it into positive, effective, unstoppable determination.” Ralph Marston

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