The Poor Me Syndrome

The Poor Me Syndrome

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For those who think that they are owed a living, a better job, or a bigger home or a flashy new vehicle, I have some bad news. That bad news is that you are not owed any in life. And, for those who think that they are not lucky and that is the reason others are getting ahead, I also have some bad news.

The real facts are these: luck is what you make yourself, and that luck comes from being prepared to take advantage of any opportunity that is available.

Don’t Catch This
Unfortunately, there is something that is going around and you must ensure that you inoculate yourself from it – it’s called the ‘poor me syndrome’. Now, for some, they already have build up an adequate immune system that fights or wards off this syndrome but even the best prepared can fall victim to its trap from time to time. Even those who, at first glance, have enough, that is, a great home, car, family, health and so on, may be its’ victim.

Let Me Explain
Several years ago, there were two friends who had attended the same high school and graduated at the same time. One decided that the best way to success was to go on to university and then onto graduate school to obtain their degrees that would allow the to obtain a well paying position within the government.

The other decided that the way to success was not to work for somebody else but to go into business. He decided that short course as a barber would get him started so that any money he could save would be invested into real estate.

Fifteen Years Later
The one who decided to go onto university had a successful career in government, owned his own home fully, had a growing family, had his health and was considered by many of his friends as very fortunate and well off.

The other who decided to . . . . .

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