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Find inspiration in these dream quotes to reach your aspirations. Don't let your dream be only a hope or a wish, turn your dreams into goals and make them a reality.

"Don't let go of your dreams. If you have determination and belief in your dreams, you will succeed in spite of your desire to let go.
Determination   |  

Most dreams are held captive by other people's opinions.
Jelani Daniel, King of Quotes
Overcoming Other Peoples Opinion   |  

dream "Intrinsic motivation comes from within you and is powered by your own dreams, aspirations, wants and wishes."
Joanna Jast, Laser-Sharp Focus
Motivation Quotes   |  

"Always remember that you mustn't let others know about your dreams until you achieve them. After that you can share your success story with others to inspire them as well."
Sampath Bandara, Positive Thinking: 3 Powerful Steps to Achieve a Massive Success in Your Life
Inspirational Quotes  |  

"Martin Luther King, Jr., had a dream - a dream that all people could live together in peace and be treated equally. And though he died over forty years ago, his dream lives on."
Bonnie Bader, Who Was Martin Luther King, Jr. (Who Was...)
Martin Luther King Jr.   |  

"Always be dedicated to your work and success will follow you, as this is the only way that makes your dream come true."
Amara Abid, 50 Things to Know About Living a Life of Luxury on a Budget
Work   |  

"Sometimes its easier for someone to live in fantasy land dreaming about their life being successful. Other than actually taking action to make that idea come to fruition."
Alex Altman, Time Is Money
Quotes about Life   |  

"We're all great at having 'safe' dreams: ideas we like to play with, assured that we will never have to do anything about them."
John Lees, How To Get A Job You Love
Attitude   |  

"Life is too precious and fleeting to stay unhappy. Find supports. Allow yourself to dream. You deserve absolute happiness and peace."
Charlene Richard, The Art of Saying NO with Grace and Respect
Happiness   |  

"There is a difference between a dream and a goal. A dream is a gift you want to be given. A goal is something you work to achieve."
Brian Knapp, Creative Pursuit
Achievement  |

"One of the primary ways the newly departed soul uses to reach people who love them is through the dream state."
Michael Newton, Destiny of Souls
Love   |  

"Perhaps the best example of how your mind creates its own virtual-reality game is the everyday, garden-variety dream."
Pam Grout, E-Squared
Example   |  

"A dream with no action may be great for happiness in sleep, but torture in wake."
Dale Roberts, Your Goals & Your Dreams: 108 Inspirational Quotes to Uplift, Motivate & Empower You
Action   |  

"Your habits are the key to creating the life that you've seen in only your wildest dreams."
Amy Pendergrass, Productivity: Stick It!
Habit   |  

"My goal in life became about accumulating wealth for myself in order to give it away. I had to increase my talents and capacity to achieve greater dreams and goals."
David Khalil, Principle 7: The Power of Giving
Wealth   |  

"Daydreaming allows you to build a brand that will be consistent with your goals and dreams."
Amy Dix, Brand New You
Goals   |

"I can now state my dream without five hundred internal voices jumping in with comments, putdowns and questions."
Jenny Clift, The Music Inside
Questioning   |  

"Well, the one thing that has a huge impact on whether you pursue your dreams or not is your mind."
Benjamin Smith, Mindset: How Positive Thinking Will Set You Free
Dreams Can Be Achieved   |  

"I am grateful to people who push boundaries, who do things differently, and who trust in miracles, dreams, and big possibilities."
Emma Wright, Feel Good Friday
Miracles   |  

"Despite the many versions, one thing is common; success is the fulfillment of a dream, an achieved desire, or a victory over a life battle."
Rowena Cauba, Happiness
Success   |  

"Dream bigger than you think anyone else will let you. Nobody's in charge of your thoughts, just go for it."
Strange Flow, the Extreme Motivation Book
Dream Big   |  

"While many serious types of people attribute dreamers as little more than listless eccentrics who need a good grounding in reality as we know it, there have been incredible contributions to the systems of thinking that are now the foundation of this changing reality as we know it, and they have come from dreams."
Michelle Hunt, Creativity: Innovation: Simple Proven Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Creative Writing
Change   |  

"Despite what we've been taught, we don't have to be rich, famous or distinguished to make our dreams come true."
Sharon Cook and Graciela Sholander
Dream It Do It   |  

"Set out each day believing in your dreams. Know without a doubt that you were made for amazing things."
Josh Hinds
Doubt  |

"If you're going to be thinking, you may as well think big."
Donald Trump
Positive Thinking Quotes   |  

"Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the action stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living."
Anais Nin
Positive   |

"Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they've got a second. Give your dreams all you've got and you'll be amazed at the energy that comes out of you."
William James
Perseverance   |

"Each sunrise gives hope to your dreams and light to your plans."
William Ngwako Maphoto
Hope   |  

"Daring to dream means daring to live."
Robert H. Schuller, Success is Never Ending Failure is Never Final
Dare   |  

"The loss of a life is not nearly as devastating as the loss of what could have been, of the dreams left unfulfilled and lingering passions undiscovered."
Seth David Chernoff, Manual For Living
Passions   |  

"Before I am crucified, let me quickly say that fulfilling the dreams of our parents for our lives is not terrible, if the dream is in line with our dream."
Jide Adeniba, You Can Have It If You Really Want It
Mother Quotes   |  

"Deep down inside every one of us we carry dreams and desires that take us to success and fulfillment. But at times, life has a knack for taking us on the wrong roads, following the desires of others."
Ravindranath Jayaratne, The Power of your Future
Time   |

"We've got to have a dream if we are going to make a dream come true."
Denis Waitley
Good Quotes   |

Famous Quotes
"The building blocks of life are basically anything and everything you can use to reach your dreams."
Patrick Sverns, Thought Symbols
Believing In Your Dreams   |  

"The only thing that will stop you from fulfilling your dreams is you."
Tom Bradley
Do Dreams Count   |  

"It is almost impossible for you to reach for your dreams, to be truly yourself, if you have a low self-confidence."
Charles Lamont, Power of Self Confidence
Confidence  |

"Many people dream of a life that is challenge free and stress free but what they don't know is if they did have a life like that they would be stunted and literally bored to death."
Raymona Brown, Complete Equation For Personal Happiness
Stress  |

"Reading books written by others who have accomplished what you hope to achieve not only provides guidance, but is an excellent way to maintain your enthusiasm toward your goal. If someone else has reached their dream, you can do it to!"
Deanna Cosso; Romuald Andrade, Success Cloning: The Ultimate Guide To Copy The Success Secrets Of The Top 1%
Book  |

"When you experience a large shock, you may reassess your life or your dreams, and realize that you aren't living the life you imagined or wanted."
Sullins Stuart, Experience the Now: How to Increase Your Level of Consciousness
Experience  |

"Most personal development and success material will mention the importance of goal setting if you want to achieve your dreams."
Joe Hinchliffe, Average Joe's Success Rituals: 12 Disciplines for a Fulfilling Life
Thoughts on Persoanl Development  |

"Everyone can be happy every day in the process of implementing his dream. What is required? The feeling of progress."
Vanessa Angel, How to Set Goals and Achieve Them
Happy  |

"Motivation is the fuel that drives you towards your goals. It comes from desire, and from a vision of your ideal future. It is the emotional energy that pushes you along your journey to actualizing your dreams."
James Adler, Motivation: Boost Your Motivation with Powerful Mindfulness Techniques and Be Unstoppable
Future  |

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