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"Even when you are hurt being kind to others will help the hurt."
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"Kindness and helping others will return to you when you least expect it, and maybe when you need it."
Catherine Pulsifer
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Kindness is the sunshine in which virtue grows. Robert Green Ingersoll
"Kindness is the sunshine in which virtue grows."
Robert Green Ingersoll
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"We treat people with kindness because itís the right thing to do."
Galit Breen, Kindness Wins
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"To treat ourselves with the same kindness, caring, and compassion we would show to a good friend, or even a stranger for that matter. Sadly, however, there's almost no one whom we treat as badly as ourselves."
Kristin Neff, Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself
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"It doesn't matter what religion you believe in, how old you are, what color your skin is, if you're male or female, or what corner of the earth you live on - kindness is a universal language that everyone can speak."
Michael J. Chase, am I being kind
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"I prefer you to make mistakes in kindness than work miracles in unkindness."
Mother Teresa
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"Often we forget the importance of kindness and it's time to bring this back into your life because that leads to moments when you appreciate life more than you can ever imagine."
Nathan Smart, Self Confidence: Overcome Fear, Stress and Anxiety - Acquire Habits to Love Yourself and Increase your Self-Esteem
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"Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up."
Proverbs 12:25 (NIV)
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"Nice thoughts said aloud, a gentle touch, a kind smile, or a sincere thank you are just a few examples of the little things that matter so much."
Marko Petkovic, 47 Little Love Boosters For a Happy Marriage
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"Being kind also means you are being strong. Others are equally as deserving of happiness."
Kelly Stone, Dear Every Kid: daily confidence reminders
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"Kindness is an example of how our bonds with those around us represent our encounter with God."
Estella Eliot, Positively Christian
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"Because of God's kindness, people can reject God but still receive the benefits of his common grace, including the enjoyment of loving relationships, natural and artistic beauty, and pleasure."
Randy Alcorn, God's Promise of Happiness
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"Think about yourself and the people who surround you most often. What kind of words are you speaking?"
Grant Dean, Practical Step to an Awesome Life through changing your words
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"If you claim to be a follower of Christ, you are compelled to practice compassion and kindness."
Ken Black, 12 Steps to a Christian Alpha Male Character
Compassion   |

If you want to romance your woman, the key here is to tap into that emotional center through small, random acts of kindness.
Denise Brienne, 250 Romantic Ideas For Couples: Volume 1
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All humans respond to kindness and warmth the same way, regardless of age. Respect begets respect. Love begets love.
Iovana Yao, Parenting: Forgive Me For Yelling At You!
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The reality is that this is how you know if you're getting closer to God: more kindness, more gentleness, more joy, more peace, more patience.
Matt Brown, Awakening: How God's Great Move Inspires and Influences Our Lives Today
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Today, do a kind thing for your spouse without mentioning that you've done it. This could be anything. Big or small.
C.J. Kruse, Her 28 Day Marriage Challenge
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Make your life be a great one, one of positivity, unlimited dreams, and, never forget, be kind, you can't always rewind.
Jason Hall, Captain Dad's Treasure Map: A Guide to Parenting, Life, and Love, a Little Outside the Box!
Life   |

Don't shy away from passing on a kind word to a stranger.
Anna Everitt, How to Make Friends Anywhere
Friend   |

Kindness, not judgment, is a far better remedy in healing ills.
Eleze "Lisa"Thomas-McMillan, Living Fulfilled...The Infectious Joy Of Serving Others
Health   |

To heed God and His angels, to consistently press through to step in the right direction, to achieve good, to perform kindness, and to show love is to enter into the good fight.
Amberly Ruck, It is I, Wisdom
Angel   |

Focus on the things that lead to lasting love, like communication and kindness, and stop putting all your attention on qualities that don't matter.
John Noel, Finding Mr. Right
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Be kind to everyone - even those who aren't nice to you! Never get in office politics gossiping about those you resent or hate.
Jane John-Nwankwo, Never Be Intimidated: A Motivational Book For Success
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Love is, in my view, the major source of joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.
Michael Caputo, The Fruits of the Holy Spirit
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When we come across something less desirable, we have the opportunity to consciously use our power to infuse it with higher vibrating energy: love, forgiveness, compassion, listening, kindness, joy, acceptance.
Molly McCord, Conscious Messages
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If you succeeded in building the attribute of generosity, then you likely exhibited your innermost kindness and gentleness in the process.
Rohen Phoenix, Confidence
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The world survives only on love; the bestselling books of all time will all outline this very principle of treating people with kindness and respect.
Josh Austin, Habits: Extraordinary Habits for Ordinary People
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Can you hop on social media and find two people who need a kind word? Just offering our presence to another person is a gift of generosity that cannot be measured.
Jessie Clemence, Stressed: A Devotional for the Rough Days
Generosity   |

People are generally willing to help if you seek it and make them realise the value of their kindness.
Kristina Dawn, Confidence: Confidence And Self-Esteem
Who Shall We Help   |

It is the very nature of God to be filled with kindness and truth.
Bill Vincent, Glory: Revival Presence of God
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Kindness is the twin sister of joy - we cannot have one without the other.
Heather Shore, God Uses Deeply Wounded People
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Selfless acts of kindness often result in some amazing things.
Evan Tarver, The New Meaning of Rich
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Random acts of kindness can bring joy to both the giver and the receiver. Try to do at least one each day this week.
Vee Freir, Learn To Stress Less
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Redesign your morning routine to include meditation/silence, exercise, journaling, gratitude and a random act of kindness. Watch as your life transforms before your very eyes.
Zephan Moses Blaxberg, Life Re-Scripted
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