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We all need motivational times in our lives. Let these motivation quotes inspire you. To be motivated means we want to act, we have a passion for something. Here you will find motivational quotes for life, for students, for work, for many different situations. Thoughts that may encourage you!

"No matter what you employ as a method of motivation, one thing is for sure - keep true to your desire to put inspirational thoughts at the forefront of your day, your life, and your thinking."
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"In order to achieve your end goals, it is essential to find motivation to help you along your way. Nothing great is achieved without motivation."
Brian Night, Simplicity: How To Live With Less, Downsize, And Get More Fulfillment From Life
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Becoming a parent is not only a defining moment in most people's lives. Christopher Gavigan
"Becoming a parent is not only a defining moment in most people's lives - it can be unexpectedly motivating."
Christopher Gavigan
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"What motivates people to act kindly to family and strangers?"
Gerald Campbell, Kindness: The 8 Laws of Kindness: The Powerful Benefit That Leads Us To Success Through Loving Compassion
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"Jimmy Carter was an exceptionally smart man. He could also be very engaging; few failed to be dazzled by his memorably wide smile."
Julian E. Zelizer, Jimmy Carter (The American Presidents)
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"Write your motivational sentences in first person addressing yourself as 'I' and read it any time you feel like giving up or postponing."
Mark Thomas, Procrastination Cure
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"Unlike many people who start a new business, money was not my prime motivation- not that I was so well off that it wasn't a consideration; in fact, I had put my lifetime savings on the line."
Mary Kay Ash, The Mary Kay Way: Timeless Principles from America's Greatest Woman Entrepreneur
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"No one can completely comprehend the mind of what truly motivates one person over the next."
Louis Howard, Inside The Minds of Champions: Extraodinary Thoughts From Remarkable People
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. . .  humiliation that comes from such a failure 
can be a huge motivator to get better. Jonathan Harnum
"When you fail publicly, the humiliation that comes from such a failure can be a huge motivator to get better."
Jonathan Harnum, Practice Like This
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"People are motivated by self-worth, money; they want to be able to live better than their parents. They are motivated by providing and developing their children's character."
James Perdue, Persevere Past your Paralysis
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"In order to have the willpower and motivation needed to be consistent with the amount of effort you exert for productivity, you must limit or eliminate counterproductive habits while enforcing new habits that help productivity."
Mark Snyder, Productive Makeover Success: Simple Guide to Getting More Done in Less Time
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"You can surely motivate yourself to do something that you do not prefer to do by using positive public pressure as a form of motivation."
John Rogers, Motivation Secrets Book - How to Get Motivated Today And Turn Your Dreams Into Reality
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"Your success depends on your efforts, background and motivation."
Amy J. Blake, Self Discovery Journal: 100 Days Of Self Exploration
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"Stress was the majority of what we felt at that time. It was, and still is, the predecessor and motivational spark for quick and decisive decisions, like fight or flight."
James O'Donnell, How to Become Patient: How to Build Patience and Remove Impatience
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A goal you set yourself is far more motivating than one set by someone else. Jenny Rogers
"A goal you set yourself is far more motivating than one set by someone else."
Jenny Rogers, Manager As Coach: The New Way To Get Results
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"Trust turns rejection, abandonment, disappointment, and loneliness into motivations rather than a deterrents."
Iyanla Vanzant, Trust: Mastering the Four Essential Trusts
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"In addition to knowing about your emotions, strengths, limits and how others perceive you, it is vital to know what motivates your behavior and what is the stimulus that controls your reactions to various situations."
Lanze Thompson, Transcend from Management to Leadership
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"Motivation that is intrinsic, meaning coming from within, is always going to be much greater than extrinsic motivation, that which comes from outside sources."
Joe Zeller, How To Wake Up Early: For Super Lazy People
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"We all have different internal motivators and are more likely to accomplish a task when we tap into our own 'why' rather than a carrot or stick approach."
Dr. Rob Bell; Bill Parisi, Don’t “Should" On Your Kids: Build Their Mental Toughness
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". . . stress can be useful to everyone, as a motivator and a motivation to improve your situations at hand."
Jamaal Watson, Stress Management
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A little pat on the back goes a long way when it comes to motivation and encouraging repeat behavior. Jeff Hastings
"A little pat on the back goes a long way when it comes to motivation and encouraging repeat behavior."
Jeff Hastings; Greg Lucas, The Most Successful Failure in the World
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"Motivation can conquer procrastination. Generating enthusiasm and concentrating on the rewards of completion instead of the unpleasant- ness of the activity can raise the motivation to get on with the job."
Harold Taylor, Procrastinate Less and Enjoy Life More: A Procrastinator's Guide to Self-Improvement
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"In my experience, there is only one motivation, and that is desire. No reasons or principle contain it or stand against it."
Jane Smiley
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"Whenever you feel you are drifting away from your path, remind yourself of the motivation that helped to choose the path in the first place."
Kenneth J Hutchins, 10 Powerful Habits of Successful People
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"Don't worry about your future. God knows you completely, accepts you unconditionally and loves you wholeheartedly. You can trust Him."
Nicky Gumbel

"Never underestimate the satisfaction and motivation you can get from bearing witness to the happiness of others."
Antony Richard Pearson, How To Achieve Goals
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Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies. Mother Teresa
"Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies."
Mother Teresa
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"Mary Kay Ash understood that women and men think differently. She understood what motivates women and what their needs are as wives and mothers."
John Kawiecki
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"Effective supervision involves motivation from within the individual, not by externals."
Meir Liraz, How to Improve Your Leadership and Management Skills
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"Turn your desires into attainable goals that directs your thoughts, fuels your energy and motivates your hopes."
Jonathan Brown, Depression: How to Overcome Depression And Feel Happy Forever!
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"This is what motivates people to finally get married, believing that this person who makes them feel so good about themselves, is really the right one for them."
Cathy Pearson, How To Keep Your Man, And Be His 'One And Only'
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"It isn't always easy to motivate yourself to exercise, but it is necessary if you want to be healthy."
Amanda Thompson, The Perfect Husband For Your Wife - You!
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A lack of motivation is the number one killer of success. Philip Vang
"A lack of motivation is the number one killer of success."
Philip Vang, Master Learning Box: You Are Smart
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"Anthony Robbins said that, to be motivated to create changes in your life, you must realize and believe that your old habits and patterns are detrimental."
Kevin Johnson, Never Give Up: Motivational Stories of Determination, Perseverance and Success
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"Talk more frequently with people that bring out the best in you. They will motivate and support you to change."
Dianne Kane, Anger Management
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"Motivation is getting people, cheerfully, willingly and professionally, to do the things that the business requires them to do."
James Neal, Managing Motivation in 1 Hour
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"Successful people are very often early risers. From Richard Branson to Michelle Obama, and Tim Cook to Taylor Swift, all are known to get up early. Whatever their motivation, they've all used beating the alarm clock to become the elite in their profession."
Joe Hinchliffe, Average Joe's Success Rituals: 12 Disciplines for a Fulfilling Life
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I find inspiration and motivation through time management. Jason Thomas
"I find inspiration and motivation through time management."
Jason Thomas, Affirmation | The 100 Most Powerful Affirmations for Time Management
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"This visualization of success not only gives you more motivation to pursue your goal, you will also be able to plan ahead so that you will really be successful once you started acting towards its realization."
Mia Conrad, Social Anxiety: Overcome Social Anxiety And Shyness!
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"When you are changing the world with your innovations, that's all the motivation you need."
Dipanshu Sharma
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"Christmas motivates us to help others, to help the less fortunate. My prayer is that the Christmas spirit would stay with us all year long.
Kate Summers
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"When you believe that today is going to be a great day and that tomorrow will be even greater, you will set it up and see to it that it happens. You will make your predictions come true."
Dr. Irene C. Kassorla, Go For It!
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Favorite Motivational Quote:
"You lack the drive to push or motivate yourself. If you do not do something about strengthening your self-discipline, you will always find reasons for not focusing on what needs to be done."
Brian Karr, A Self-Help Cure For Procrastination: 5 Highly Effective Strategies To Get Things Done

Editor's Thoughts:
When I read this quote by Brian Karr it reminds me that while motivation is good, if I don't have self-discipline then it really doesn't matter what my motivator is. We all may have the desire, an interest or a wish, to achieve a certain thing. But if we lack self-discipline to do what we need to do then we are not really motivated?

Let me give you an example: I want to make more money. You may think "making more money" is the motivation, but truly it is only a wish. I am wishing for more money, but if I take no action, if I have no plan to do this, or if I keep putting off things until tomorrow, then I also have no motivation to see this through.

The difference between someone who is truly "motivated" to make more money, and the person who "wishes" to make more money is the motivated person will take action, they will develop a plan and they will seek encouragement from people around them to achieve that plan that will result in making more money. They are disciplined in that they know they have to take certain action steps to achieve their end goal. They keep moving forward with a burning desire. They do not put off to tomorrow, they do it today. They have a clear vision of their success and that in itself is motivation to them.

Self-discipline means sticking to it even when you don't feel like it, it means being focused on the task, it means keep moving forward even though you do not have positive results, it means getting back up and learning from mistakes or things that did not work out. When you are doing this, you are truly motivated to move towards success.

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