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"When faced with a problem, look at the problem in a different way, change your thinking and you may find a positive solution."
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"When we train our minds to radiate positive view points, we will see positive results in our lives." John Vaulkner, Accountability: 8 Thoughts to Manifest Mental Focus at a Momentís Notice
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"In addition, since brain waves can be a reflection of emotional states, appreciation may also have a positive impact on how you perceive the world around you and your relationship to it, as well as on how you feel." Noelle C Nelson.; Jeannine Lemare Calaba, The Power of Appreciation: The Key to a Vibrant Life
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"Now I know that every thought we think can be a choice we make. I know now that I can retrain my mind to think in ways that bring me positive emotion and therefore positive results." Brooke Castillo, Self Coaching 101
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"The power of coaching only exists when you learn that coaching is only successful through positivity." Tom Mahalo, Coaching: Coaching For Success, How To Unlock Answers Using Powerful Questions And Achieving Your Life Goals
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"There are great blessings in adversity and obstacles. See them through a positive lens and they will lead you to where you want to go." lance dale, A Shot of Positivity: Overcoming Obstacles
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"At home we don't structure our comments positively, as we generally try to do at work. And yet we know that people, our families included, respond much better to positive, optimistic, and hopeful comments than to negative ones. " Adam Hamilton, Love to Stay Book
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"Read a little something every day; gain a little positive along the way." Pam's Mom
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"While words may evoke positive feelings, family members, friendships, and a connection with yourself also bring rich rewards." Amy Dean
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"The sad truth is that we live in a negative world. As a result, positive words become even more important." Eric J. Aronson, from Dash
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"You are never really stuck. There is always something you can do." Cindy Francis
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"What far too many people forget is that there's always a positive angle to every situation, no matter how dire or miserable or horrible it may seem at first glance." Alex Uwajeh, Taming the Tongue
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"Positivity attracts positivity so it's important to train yourself to think positively and seek for positive solutions and outcomes." Poppy Fingley, A Happier Life
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"Having money might not buy happiness, but how you spend it could actually make a difference." Ian K. Smith, M.D., happy Simple Steps to Get the Most Out of Life
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"Therefore if you are training your subconscious to think positively you are going to react to situations in your life in a positive manner because your conscious mind thinks that this is what is normal for you." Riley Stevens, 50 Ways to Change Your Life in 50 Minutes
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