This Is A Challenge

Most of us do not think of this as a challenge. But studies have shown that it is a challenge for the majority of us. Do you have issues with this.

Not About Time Again

At times we seem to be bombarded with how to use our time. Here is a different thought about how to look at your time. We hope you find wisdom in the writing.

To Be Young

How do we stay young. Does buying all the latest products promising youth keep us young. Is there happiness in staying young

Reflection Of Life

There are times in life when we and those we care about face difficult times in dealing with the loss of a love one. Here find our thoughts about a friend who was facing such a difficulty. No amount of wisdom will take the sorrow away, but may time heal.

The Tonic Of Life

Here find tonics that you can prescribe for yourself to live a happier life. May the wisdom
in these words encourage you to live each day!